INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..." BEYOND THE SURFACE " No. 37 --- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON!

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I've been very side tracked with the stabbing of @quinneaker,
keeping up with the almost rainless garden,
sorting, inventorying and packing seeds for the @gardenofeden seed bank,
and in consideration of selling the home and property
where my life has been for 22 years.

The winds of change are upon us.
We breathe and let it blow right in our face!

Alas, I have had many requests for another
It is time again to come out and play!

This is our 37th Collaboration!

745 Masterpieces have already been created
by 163 Steemian Artists.

Let's do it again!!!





DEADLINE Wednesday, July 18,  2018 at Midnight CST to be included in the FINALE post.

*~*~*~*~*~ DETAILS ON HOW TO PLAY! ~*~*~*~*~*~

Everyone please give special attention to No. 7!

1.  PERMISSION GRANTED:  Important!   --  If you play you are automatically granting permission to have your art used in some other way (perhaps a show, in print, as a gift, or otherwise at my discretion).
2.  USE MY OFFERING  as the base for the collaborative piece.
3.  TRANSFORM IT as many times as you wish! - Print the image or do whatever it is you do to add to/or alter it, (i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing, adding other photographs, collaging, altering it digitally or however you wish . . .or perhaps even adding a tune, poetry, a story, a gif, a video, a book, or other imaginative play).  If you use anyone else's art (photographs, poetry, sound, etc.)  in your artwork, you must give credit to the artist or your contribution will be excluded from the finale and exhibition opportunities.
4.  MAKE A POST ABOUT IT and share your process (not required but of course preferred).
5.  MAKE THE FIRST TAG OF YOUR POST  #CollaborativeArtJourney
6.  SHARE YOUR LINK and IMAGE/WORK in a comment below.
7.  SUBMIT YOUR ART for possible inclusion in a Steemit Art Exhibit (probably ArtAtSteemFest3). To avoid last minute submissions, only CAJ art submitted via this form will be considered for this special opportunity.  (Read about the importance filling out this form here.)
8. POST IN THE CHATROOM  "Art-Collaborations-Links-and-Creative-Inspirations" if you want.  Other collaborative works are also welcome there.  Please use this chatroom ONLY for collaborative work.  No individual posts please.
9. INVITE others/COMMENT/UPVOTE/RESTEEM this post and others too - but only if you want to!
10.  PAYING IT FORWARD  - I will be donating rewards from this post to our cutting-edge community @gardenofeden where I am a full-time volunteer. I encourage you to get a taste of the GOE vortex here.


I love that we are bringing such great value to this platform,
and doing it with our passion and energy of connected creation.

Invite a friend to join our artists community.
Let's really make an amazing gallery again this time around!


Please be certain to submit your forms
for the year-end finale (see step 7 above)...and...

stop by in support  of Artists In Bloom,
where we are creating an art gallery for our Steemit children.
Spread the love to our budding artists,
or submit a child's art to our Gallery No. 12.



Print  exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest in Lisboa.
Video of our 473 masterpieces shown at ArtAtSteemfest
Steemian Collaborative Art Journey - What the Heck Are We Building?

Finale of Depths of Eternity - 33 artists and 33 masterpieces
Finale of Stretched Thin- 20 artists and 22 masterpieces
Finale Take Action - 39 artists and 50 masterpieces
Finale of Dream Weaver - 25 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Wrinkles in Time - 22 artists and 25 masterpieces
Finale of Angles of Light - 23 artists and 24 masterpieces
Finale of Aspects of Existence - 27 artists and 31 masterpieces
Finale of Slice of Forever - 23 artists and 30 masterpieces
Finale of Spot On - 22 artists and 24 masterpieces
Finale of Frozen in Time - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Division of Unity - 11 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Expansion - 14 artists and 16 masterpieces
Finale of Ribbon of Hope - 17 artists and 18 masterpieces
Finale of Reflections of a Blessings - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Tangled Webs We Weave  - 23 artists and 27 masterpieces
Finale of Power Spirit   - 23 artists and 26 masterpieces
Finale of Life Stands Still   - 18 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Ingrained - 18 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Beyond the Veil - 18 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of Sliver's Edge - 12 artists and 14 masterpieces
Finale of Shadow Mandala - 19 artist and 28 masterpieces
Finale of Ethereal Presence - 17 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of On the Ball - 9 artists and 10 masterpieces
Finale of Wisdom of the Ancients- 17 artists creating 36 masterpieces
Finale of Rejuvenation- 20 artists creating 27 masterpieces
Finale of Do You See What I See - 14 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of Shattered Rainbows - 17 artists creating 31 masterpieces
Finale of All Fired Up - 18 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of No Strings Attached - 17 artists creating 29 masterpieces
Finale of Artist's Eye - 16 artists creating 21 masterpieces
Finale of Midnight Sky - 7 artists  creating 8 masterpieces
Zentangle Art Collaboration - 4 artists creating 3 masterpieces
Building community through Art Collaboration - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaboration using Ned's Head - 5 artists creating 4 masterpieces
Collaborating with @opheliafu:  Madam Kali - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaborating with @opheliafu: Bird on a Wing - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece


See what else we've been up to at the @gardenofeden here!

I'm truly grateful to have you all to return to
and for all of your loving support from around the world.
Thank you all for being here with me!


This is my contribution! Thank you so much @everlove for another collaborative art journey!! Just found out about the story surrounding the great ordeal of recent events. Sorry that some people and the system can be so stupid and cruel. Best well wishes to all in this difficult time.

This is really breathtaking @havok777! If all that is beyond the surface, just imagine how hard it is to keep all that in! Super fun, vibrant and expressive. Love it!!! Thank you for participating again with such a great contribution.

And thanks for the well wishes. All positive vibes are welcome!

It was my pleasure to participate once again! I got a nice curation from someone, also someone else has made a promotional post about me! The collaborative art journey always gives me such good exposure! Happy!

YAY!!! So glad to hear that. That makes it a win win situation for us all.

Would you share the promotional post link with me?

I hope everyone visits your post to see all the images you created---what a vibrant gallery @havok777!

Excellent editions @havok777 very good

Thanks so much for the appreciation!

What a beautiful and colorful edition friend @havok777 to my impression I see it as an eye with multicolored iris and the center of the eye is beyond the surface, what a good edition

I love this too. Fun interpretation @indimar!

Thank you, love your interpretation as well!

Just have to add this one in too @angel50. They are both really great images!!! The first one is very peacock-ish, and the second feels more angelic and in motion.

Great contributions. So glad to have you back @angel50!

Really like that! Mandala/fractal looking! Wow!

Really beautiful looks like the tail of a peacock

"Emergent Fly'---but of course!!! A very interesting perspective and right there all along! Thanks for bringing some fun to the journey @paomrp. Now we also have a fly amongst us!

Nice job! My first thought is that it looks like the petals of an orchid.

I agree @merej99!

Look! You did it! I love the unique direction you took with this image @yizus. The many layers give it a lot of depth and the center like a portal to what's beyond--especially with those rays of light coming through. I love this contribution. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

There is a lot of life in this image @airam05. The movement really makes it feel mystical, as the depths of the waters can be. I'm so glad you've decided to join us and to bring your own special touch. Thanks for being here.

A volcano is something I hadn't even considered,but I see you carried it out quite well. It's great how you used the intensity of color to add so much depth to your image. Thanks also for sharing your process. It's fun to see the evolution of the image from start to finish.

Blessings to you @indimar. So glad to have you here.

Thank you friend @everlove sorry the delay jejeje and been busy these days

I too have a lot on my plate and not as prompt as I have the inspiration to be. But alas, it is all in good timing and we're here together. Success!

Whew!!!!!! Feels like I'm traveling at super speed into or out of the sunset and sunrise at the same time. This is a very impactful piece. I love all the motion and your choice of colors. Not only super fun to look at, but makes me feel I'm in it.

Thanks for this fine contribution @mariabarreto.

Oh friend @luisveco88!!! I see you!!! What fun you bring to this collaboration. I love how that eye is so sleekly placed and integrated into the background, even though the contrast of the white stands out so potently. The curve of the eye makes it feel like it is floating in liquid in motion. Fun idea! So grateful for the present!!!

At first glance I saw these as seashells on the banks of a small little puddle. I love your use of my image, especially with the contrast of the black with the rest. Thanks for joining us on this journey @lisangel. Glad you found us.

Two exceptional transformations @luisrigual.

The first one above reminds me of those little boxes with all the pins in it that when touched conforms to the shape of the toucher. It even has a metallic feel about it.

This second one is super striking, especially with your description of it. I also really love the way the image dwindles off into the background with somewhat of a smoke-type essence.

GREAT contributions! So very glad you are back to play with us!

Another very fun expression coming through you @jlufer!!! I feel I'm still metamorphosizing so this one really speaks to me!! I especially love the part of my image you chose to make the wings. Great choice of texture.

As always, it's great to have you here bringing such beautiful energy into the space. So glad to see you on my blog again.

Hi @everlove
I saw your message on SteemChat and had to come out and play. ❤️

YAY!!!! You're back! So loved receiving this gift from you this morning--and oh what a great one it is indeed! This has many layers of depth, not only in the image but in the meaning. Being open takes us on the path beyond the surface, the hills to climb, the holes that suck us in, wings to fly in transformation of ourselves. And the background you used for this image is perfect!!!

Great piece @merej99! And great to have you here with your creative spirit. Much love to you my friend.

hello, this is my first entry for this contest

I really love the movement you gave this image @douglasbig. It's interesting that it feels very liquid, yet has shape, as if it is held within a sphere. I love what you did here. Very moving!

Very appropriately named and such a fun contribution @opiman! So very grateful for the energy infused into this collaboration. Very sweet piece new friend!

Hello, I am very pleased with your comment, and I am encouraged that you liked it, the presentation and the title; They represent a set of connected thoughts. greetings to the whole community, and thanks again for the reception.

Isn't it great how we can individually express ourselves and still together do something that has so much personal flair. Each contribution is really a gift to us all. Thank you for sharing yourself with us @opiman.

OMG You did that soooo fast!! At first it reminded me of a spider, and then tipped on its side a reflective butterfly. I love the contrast, the way the circles come together, and the fluid feel as if it was in water. Great job! Thanks for bringing on the goodness--and so quickly!!!

Hehehe, yes my friend, I think it was very fast, what happens is that editing for me is how to draw with the fingers hehehe

Love that idea - to tunnel beyond the surface! Great!

Oh so much madness there is that lies beneath the surface--lies---as in not telling the truth~!!! Thanks for sharing the fun and for giving us something to appreciate. So glad you came back to play.

jajajaj my madness is contagious ... but I'm glad you have fun with my publication... Saludos @everlove

You did it!!!! So fun is your work @pyrowngs. I super love that you combined both of these initiatives and came up with something awesome for both! I love the details and color scheme you chose. Sweet contribution @pyrowngs!

Bam! Had to jump in again my friend @everlove :) I hope all is well with you and @quinneaker, truly terrible what happened to him, but a blessing he is healing and survived such an incident, and best of success on selling the land and property!

YEAHHHHHHH !! @verbal-d is back and with a super powerful expression. Love your way with words...right up there with your music. Creation really is enjoyable in so many forms. I'm very grateful you've added your energy to this iinitiative @verbal-d. It's always a blessing to have you on my blog! Thanks for being you, and for sharing yourself with me!

Thank you so much my dear friend, it is indeed a blessing to be back in the mix. I caught the CAJ literally just in time before the deadline :)

So very glad you did @verbal-d. It's always a blessing to have you here spicing up the show! I'm not really too big on deadlines. As long as you make it before I do the finale post, you're good. Just need to give a deadline so people have some time to aim for. You're always welcome here.

I'm really sorry about what happened and I really hope everything will be in the better way. I hope you haven't sell home and property :( All the best to you and yours, dear Everlove!

We do not need to sell our home, as we will not be pushed out or scared away. But our plan is to do something even grander, and the funds from the sale of our present homestead will help us fund it. May the Universe bring us the perfect scenario to help us progress in whatever way is most beneficial.

Thanks for all the love @silviabeneforti. So grateful to see you here.

Hello @everlove what a joy to see you publishing good content and encouraging all the great artists, tomorrow I let my entrance I will prepare

Oh yes!!! That's what I'd like to hear and see! Give us some real creation @indimar!!

And thanks, I'm glad to be back.

Of course, if friend God bless you and shed many blessings for you and yours

Ohhhhh so well received. Thank you @indimar!

I am very sorry for what you are going through dear friend @everlove. I wish with all my heart that they do not have to sell the property that they have spent so many years of their lives.
I appreciate the nature that you have to organize another collaborative art, we will see what we can do to accompany you.
I wish you a wonderful evening

Thanks for all your support and loving energy @jlufer. I feel we are on this planet to bring about change that benefits us all. I presume this is an opportunity to stand up to this dysfunctional world we have created, let it be seen, and do something way more benevolent to leave for our children.. It isn't easy, but it is essential. Perhaps we will find a place where our way of life will be less tread upon.

I'm always grateful to have a contribution to this collaboration from you. You bring a very cheery aspect to this community. I'm excited to see what you will do!

My contribution.

It has been a while. This is rough and rushed (as usual) but I wanted to join in, so I have allowed her to be imperfect.

Flawsome - Beyond the surface.


Hay @everlove
How are you?
Forgive my long never visit your wonderful works.
the art of making us realize the beauty of a life. shows us the beauty of a masterpiece. A priceless art is art that is able to vibrate the soul of each of the beholder.
From the beginning until now I continue to follow your work great.
I want to berparstipasi this is my art work, maybe you can check

Thanks for this @everlove

It's beautiful that you appreciated the works of this child so much. I host an initiative for sharing children's art called Artists in Bloom. Perhaps you'll join us?

Hi, I'm new and I love that image, I'll see if I have a good job editing the original design and editing something in my style

I believe that would be a blessing @yizus. Show us what you've got!

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