INVITATION - ARTISTS IN BLOOM Gallery No. 12 - Sharing Children's Art Here on Steemit!!!

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We've already included the artwork of 67 individual children,
and completed 11 galleries.  

Our 11th Finale highlighted the following five artists:

Alexangel, Marijo, Chantis, Angel Luis, and @reyareyes.

Check out the FINALES of our first eleven galleries -
No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4,  No. 5, No 6, No. 7 , No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, and No. 11.

~*~*~ Here is your INVITATION for Gallery No. 12 ~*~*~

All forms of creation are encouraged-- the sky is the limit!
(Visual arts, dance, music, singing, cooking, dressing....all forms of design.....!!)

Here's what to do:
- Inspire any child to create, or get inspired by their creation
- Make a post featuring the best possible photo of their work,  
show us their process and give us their name and age too if you wish
- You can use the above banner in the post
- Use #artistsinbloom as your first tag
- Paste the link and a photo/video/gif (etc.)  of their work in the comment section of this post
- Deadline: Sunday, July 15, 2018 at Midnight CST
- IMPORTANT POTENTIAL EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY!!!  If you/the child wishes for the child's art to be on exhibit - perhaps at Steemfest3 or otherwise -  it is mandatory that you fill out this form giving permission to print/use/distribute their works in whatever way I see fit.  Filling out this form will also automatically enter their art for possible inclusion, as well as provide all the particulars necessary to give them credit for their contribution. Art that is not submitted through the form, will not be eligible. Be sure to submit the image, that if printed, will show the best example of the child's work.  To see last year's exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest, check out my link here.   This could be a potential reality again--with the children's art included!


I am honored to help spread the joy of creation,
and to support our children who are our hope for the future.

I'm grateful you'll be joining me!

May we all be blessed to see the world through the eyes of a child!


We've had some very potent events take place at the @gardenofeden.
And...awesomeness is also unfolding in powerful ways.

See what we are up to at

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Yay!!! This is awesome work! Wow--amazing, especially for a 10 year old drawing from her imagination. Love love love this! Thank you for sharing @steemflow!