INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..." BEYOND THE SURFACE " No. 37: Volcano beyond the surface

Hello @everlove what a joy to see you're posting again, sure you have a little more time for collaborative art. Good start, great friend

Well when I saw that image, to edit I thought of a volcano erupting that hot sensation, that opaque orange said woow that I have to give it life and give it an unexpected turn, so I draw a volcano right in the middle of that great image. How I stay

Here are some steps of how I did it

This edition was made with Paint Tool Sai, I recommend them to make drawings

Thank you very much for starting the long-awaited, collaborative art contest. I must say that I love to participate and collaborate with art. Greetings to the great artists of Steemit.


A volcano!!! What a great idea. There is definitely a lot beyond that surface!! I love how the foreground is so potent and directly behind the volcano is more muted. That really makes this stand out!

I also appreciate your showing us your process. It's always fun to see how tools are used and can spark new creation in and of itself.

Glad I'm back too @indimar---and that you are too!