PRESS RELEASE - Please help us share the news that APD Botched Investigation of 5/23/18 Knife Attack on @quinneaker. We have to be aware of the problems of the system before we can create solutions!

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Garden of Eden Founder Quinn Eaker Stabbed Multiple Times On His Own Land

Assailant Walks Free After Another Botched And Bungled Operation From The Arlington Police Department

[ARLINGTON, TEXAS, May 31] -- Quinn Eaker, founder of the humanitarian project the Garden of Eden that feeds tens of thousands of free meals a year, clothes, shelters, educates, and provides healing space for people in need, was stabbed 8 times by a homeless man for whom he had provided refuge.

Eaker, 35, is in stable condition, despite being locked in a police car for more than 30 minutes while he bled without care.

Assailant Heath Archer, who first pepper sprayed Eaker before repeatedly stabbing him, called the police then disappeared for 2 hours before showing up with an unexplained wound to the forearm that was unsubstantiated by witness accounts.

Archer remains free, despite Eaker’s request to press charges and file a restraining order.

In an appalling and unjustified turn of events for which no probable cause has been presented, Eaker was arrested and removed from his own property.

In yet another example of gross misconduct on behalf of the Arlington Police Department, the ensuing investigation of the incident was a laundry list of rights violations: search without a warrant, arrest without reading rights, coercion, intimidation, manipulation, lying, failure to properly secure a crime scene, trespassing, failure to follow due process, and failure to conduct due diligence.

Eaker was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and has since been released on bond.

Unfortunately this is not the first or worst of the Arlington Police Department’s gross abuse of power as they repeatedly target Eaker with corrupt and unlawful attacks, such as the the bogus SWAT raid on the property and terrorization of its residents in August 2013. This latest grievous injustice is another illustration of malicious intent from the City of Arlington, which is already facing an ongoing $5 million civil suit from residents of the Garden of Eden.

Significant portions of the investigation were videoed, photographed, and witnessed by residents of the Garden of Eden and will be released as public record on the censorship resistant Steem blockchain, as well as used in lawsuits against Heath Archer and the Arlington Police Department.

The Garden of Eden is a non-profit and sustainable community dedicated to building a better world for all.



We have had numerous requests asking how people can be of service to help @quinneaker and our community @gardenofeden, and we are extremely grateful for that support!! Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Send good vibes! Prayer, dancing, meditating, chanting - anything you do to activate that light & love force of LIFE, please send some to @quinneaker for a speedy, easy healing!
  2. PLEASE SHARE these posts by resteeming on the blockchain and through other media outlets!!
  3. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in fiat using the Donate button at the top of our homepage:
  4. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in crypto through a free and instantaneous transfer here on the Steem blockchain, or send

    BTC 1MkEBgUSSd41jGzeAHP4HPhoFRLeb2UU4H

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    EOS or ETH  0x8F7bd2F6Cc132c62C3E9D7CC7f9aaB2c0ED84491
  5. We need a civil prosecutor AND a criminal defense lawyer! If you are an honorable lawyer or have a great recommendation for one, please contact us. 


For now, instead of giving away all of our resources towards helping others and providing free food, clothing, and shelter to anyone as we have for the past decade, we are now redirecting everything we have towards keeping Quinn out of jail.


Wtf!!... so sorry to read what happened, I'm in shock!

@quinneaker stay strong. Heal and get better soon. You are in my thoughts brother.

I know your loving energy will add great power to the mix @nanzo-scoop! Standing together we are stronger. We too are in shock, but will use this situation to make the truth be known. There is much to see!!! Blessed by your support dear one!

Thank you Brother~
Some tough and dark times, though it is in these times where we are tested and our futures decided. It is in these times where it is most important to see the big picture and make wise choices for the future.
I am healing and almost back to strength. Keeping high vibe spirits and remembering all I have to be grateful for.
Friends like you are one of those~

wtH! This is wild man, I wish you a speedy recovery Quinn! wow

I don't even know what to say.

I've blogged a lot about police and political mal/nonfeasance and corruption.... so this does not surprise me.

Thanks @saramiller for sending info along.

There are so many of us that know of the corruption, but most without a voice or proof to substantiate that knowing. Gratefully, the Arlington Police Department is making their own bed and showing their true colors. There is a LOT to be seen, and we intend to make help them show it! Thank you for your support @barrydutton. Coming together shines our light even brighter!!

I went to bed troubled by this and actually part of it was how it was censored and I was so late to find out.

If I had not actually msgd Miss Sara about her 2nd profile etc -- I'd still not know.

Pls. give Quinn my best.

For what it is worth as a human being, and activist.... I am so sorry for this.

But not in the least surprised.

The stabbing is indeed disturbing to the core. The censorship and intentional, diabolical action on the part of our public officials is extremely alarming, especially that it really is no surprise!!

I will give your best to Quinn. We greatly appreciate your support, energy and awareness of these matters. Thanks for being you @barrydutton!

Grateful that Quinn is Super Human! I would have been milking the whole situation but he just keeps on going. This man is really like no one else imaginable.


I'm super grateful to be a part of his life and the Garden of Eden

His progress in physical healing and getting stronger emotionally and mentally through these tough times is a testament to his character and his abilities. Turning trash into treasure is one of his specialties. I'm gratefl to not only bear witness, but to be a part of these important moments of real change.

Grateful for your gratitude and helping hands @loveon.

I will resteem this one!!!!
Everybody has to wake up and act!!!!
It’s not all shiny and glory in this duality of life!!!!

The shit has to stop!!!!
Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu
Steem on and aum lovely spirits!

It is super valuable that we take advantage of these times of difficulty and make something great of them. It is time to shine the light brighter and make the truth be seen. There is much to act upon. Thanks for your comment @akashas.

True words!
So rise and shine
Love and light

The darkness of unknown has to go...!

Hugs 🤗

There's no time like the present!!!

Blessings to Quinn and all the GoE residents in these extraordinary times. The startling Yin and Yang of this situation is confounding. Your unbeatable undefeatable spirit will carry you far. Love you all 🌈🌴🦋💚🌞

One breath after the next, carrying the light wherever we go. Together we can make a difference and make change that benefit us all. These are indeed extraordinary times. We appreciate your presence and support @sallybeth23.

Wow. Unbelievable the police are literally this stupid. I wish Quinn a speedy road to recovery

Just "doing my job" can lead to very incompetent and irresponsible actions. Gratefully this is the opportunity for them to see their own incompetence and dishonor.

I'm astounded by the atrocity this represents, but not by the tenacity Quinn and his team are displaying in the face of this.

This incident will be alchemized into something that will be of benefit. Standing up to such malicious intent and dishonor is best done together. The support from our family, friends and greater community is of great value. Thank you for your presence here with us @snake73.

Nice post .. very good

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Omg, why all these fights against quinneaker and the entire garden of Eden?

How can anyone call a dangerous and life threatening wound like this an aggravated injury.

What is wrong in righting the the wrong system of government quinea is doing?

When are we going to value justice over injustice?

Oh, so sorry quinnea, I know you to be a fighter, I'm sure you are coming out of this.

It is my sincere prayer for you that the healing hands of God rest and abide with you to give you a speedy recovery in Jesus name.

May the justice prevails.....

I urge everyone reading this to at least resteem it so that it can get to the right set of people on time, quinea must get justice and the garden of Eden shall be freed from all this assaults and attacks...

I stand with quinea and the entire garden of Eden.

This is ridiculous, I can't just look at the wound again. Despite the cut and wound they still have the gut to lock Quin Eaker up , that's total nonsense.

I hope they realize and get deal with by this one they have caused.

Wish @quinneaker a speedy recovery, come back stronger brother.

I don't know what to do and what to say about this political things! For me, the country needs a very tough leader and his/her heart belongs to the care of their people. If the leader is tough enough, other branches of government will follow him with fear!

And another thing is, these people must have their own common sense and heart to people!

My question is:

What are they thinking of before and after their duty? Are they have a conscience? Or maybe they don't believe in God?

Because, if you have no fear or no God in your heart, you will do all things bad and no love and care for people! You will do whatever you want to do! I hate this cops without common sense and heart!

It a sad state of affair when police get away this this shit. Not this time though. Sending Reiki vibes to you all 💯🐒

Thank you very very important to share a news that many of us will be very happy or thank you very much and this is very important and news is shared with us.

I am so verry sorry you are having problems with the local cops! We feed the homeless in Tulsa, and they pretty much leave us alone.

They do take the blankets and clothing we pass out, and throw it out in the dump! We passed out 50 blankets about two weeks ago; in six more weeks , half will be in the landfill!

They will not allow the homeless to use the public parks either, But this is the Idiot Mayor's policy, not the cops.

I hope you win your lawsuit, and maybe then they will let you alone!


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