Winners of ARTchallenge#23 Announcement!

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Hello everyone!

Thank you, everyone, for the great entries!!!!!!!!!

Participants should give an interpretation to a surreal painting of Rene Magritte

enter image description here
Rene Magritte


THE THIRD PRIZE (20 TRAIL + 2 SBD) GOES TO: @edxserverus

I think the girl is embarrassed to appear in public but she feels
satisfied with her figure and does not feel sorry to show it. she is
beautiful and feels beautiful, but she intimidates that others do not
see her as she looks herself


ArtChallenge 23 - The difficulties of adolescence

As a teenager she was painfully shy.

She reached puberty early. Her breasts became big, and at the word
'breast' she always blushed with shame. It seemed to her that the
class would giggle because of her big breasts.

A little later, in addition, her thighs became big and deep. She was
very ashamed of her femininity, even hardly ever looked in the mirror.

She never went to parties, did not wear bright dresses, avoided making
the acquaintances and even communication with boys. If any boy talked
to her, she shrank up and did not answer, but went away.

Everything changed miraculously, when she grew up and became an adult.
She realized herself as a woman! Beautiful, sensual woman, with
luxurious breasts and thighs, with long blond hair...

She became to pride herself on her femininity, and she was walking
along the streets, proudly raising her head, attracting attention with
her magnificent shapes and luxurious hair.

She fell in love with a nice guy, got married with her beloved and
gave birth to a wonderful daughter. Her big breasts and thighs were so
useful when she was gestating her daughter and feed her at the breast!

Now her daughter is a teenager. But will her daughter be shy,
diffident and timid? She takes great pride in her daughter and does
everything to help her daughter to avoid the difficulties of


"It is me, can’t you see?" / Artquest - Trail 23 (Artchallenge)

This wonderful piece of art work by Rene Magritte requires an enticed mind to decrypt its hidden reciprocal wonder. This original piece of work dates back to 1935 entitled Les Liaisons dangereuses. In its very nature, the artist portrays the delicate femininity of a young woman expressing herself in a stifled society (during 1935 era).

“It is not a mirror, nor a piece of glass. It is me, can’t you see?”

It is neither a mirror nor a piece of glass. But it has a golden border. I will call it "the reveal". The woman holding it possibly naked, but careful enough to cover her feminine areas. The reveal exposes a part of her breasts, the wonderful child bearing hips, and her buttocks attracting the attention of the audience.

“My breasts are supple, so does my body. I long to express myself as somebody”

The artist was careful enough to give the audience some evidence, that the exposed image belongs to the same woman holding that image. It is the colour of her hair that holds the tale. The pale colour of the skin is another indication that it is the same person.

“It is me can’t you see?I just want myself to be free”

There are 2 facets to this image. One, the reveal reflects the nature of the woman who needs to be free. It is not just in terms of the physical sense, but also branches out to the aspects of psychology and personality as well. It is simply being able to express herself freely.

“But I am scared and worry myself,
Can you make myself embrace”

On the contrary, due to her very quarry nature, she needs protection and needs to be protected. This is significantly portrayed by the woman holding the reveal covering her feminine parts of the body.

By using this art work, the artist gives the audience a glimpse of the very nature of the society. It is the audience that needs to be able to decipher the hidden message of this art work.




Who won but didn't get VoiceShares please also let me know!!!

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enter image description here

I already have interesting picture for ARTCHALLENGE #19 and it will differ from previous ones but I don't know about deadline as I might travel next week. But I plan to make announcement tomorrow.

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I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, @steem-trail (STEEM TRAIL Team), our invited judges @looftee, @paolobeneforti, @silviabeneforti, @surpassinggoogle, @ezzy, @lpfaust, @nature-sauvage, @throughwindows, @whd, @snooway, @sumsum and our supporters @ogochukwu, @looftee and @lpfaust.

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Always yours, @aksinya.

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Thank you so much @aksinya for selecting this wonderful painting, and for selecting my entry :-)


Congratulations! and new one will be in 1 minute!

Thank you very much for considering me.


Congratulations! and new one will be in 1 minute!

Congratulations to the winners!


new one is here)))