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Today will be an interesting surreal artist from Poland: Igor Morski.
One of his works I liked to get acquainted with him.

enter image description here
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I want to thank everybody for participation. You can't even imagine how you impress me all the time. I am very happy that I have started this artchallenge as it gives me and, I hope, others so much. It is almost like to read short stories. And they are so different. And talented.

The task was to give the interpretation to the surreal painting by Vladimir Kush who is called Russian Salvador Dali:

enter image description here
Vladimir Kush

And you killed me with your versions in good way. It was extremelly difficult to be a judge again, so if anybody wants to help me next time you are welcome!)). This challenge was judged by me and again my husband. And we decided to add honourable mentions. And even with mentions it was extremely difficult. Really! God! You are all so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would add 2- 3 more mentions but I would like to keep some STEEM for the next challenge.


Honoroubale Mentions - 5 STEEM


I think that Vladimir painted here one destructive relationship and
here's why. Male and female in this painting are connected only at
their root chakra, and we know that chakra represent our primal,
animal urges meaning that this couple got attracted only physically,
but not spiritually. In addition to this, they both hold their own
space, their dreams and hopes to themselves, without connection. Their
relationship, their ''dance'' will eventually cut through all the love


Together we can cut through anything.
Separate we are cutting each other to pieces.
Separate our love for one another decreases.
Together we are paired to have offspring
Separate we die > never to create our masterpieces.


Two halves, essential parts of the whole. The yin and the yang. The
masculine and the feminine. Walking together and alone above it all.
Life in balance—supported by common core values. Raising hands in
exaltation, opening our hearts, while slicing through the rules and
all of the ideas we have had about life and especially relationships.
Everything we thought we have ever known is reinvented as we come
together, raw, vulnerable and real. Showing up to each other as our
authentic selves we create the world of our dreams. Dancing as one the
experience of a harmonic, heavenly existence.


They can never go far from each other but what little distance they can achieve is always closed back up before long. Every time they return to each other, something is destroyed (cut up) in the process but they can’t help their combined nature. Together they are scissors, separately they would be knives.

I also highly recommend to check the post and listen to the song! It is amazing! Thank you!!!!!!
ARTchallenge @aksinya - NEW - #2 Poem turned into song and video to sing along - by @wordsword

Words remain on paper
Never tell the truth
They are just lies and promises
Made up in our youth
But we just keep on dancing
Come close and then we part
To cut up all the promises
We made not with our heart
And as we keep on dancing
Maybe one day well see
That all those cut up promises
Set us somehow free
Let's just keep on dancing
Let's risk to hurt our hearts
Before the dance is over
And our blades must part

I called it; Dance by a thousand paper cuts It's of course from the
saying; Death by a thousand paper cuts which means something like
writing down a thousand times; what your gonna do and how your gonna
do it, in the meanwhile not doing anything at all which is almost the
same as being dead, not having done not having lived.
This is how I see life. And of course relations, cause they are life
to me. We make in relations commitments on paper but they don't mean a
thing. They are only trying to solidify things which can't be
solidified. Because then they die. If you look at a marriage contract
for instance it is just a bunch of words on paper. Even the poem in
the painting itself, that describes really well how a relationship
might work, becomes useless the moment you make it a dogma or law, to
let the other live by, in the relationship. The relationship is always
a moving thing just like a dance. And if you start to dance in the
relationship you see that that IS the relationship, not the writing
down that you should; "dance" in a relationship, how to "dance", what
he should do, or she should do, that would be dying by a thousand
paper cuts without ever having the experience of life or should I say
love;). The painting describes this me....the pair is
actually two separate blades bound together, they have understood that
by attracking and letting go, it's possible to have a joyous live
together by dancing. They might have wrote down in their youth a lot
of wisdom's (which could have become dogma's) but they didn't die,
they got conscious that they needed to forget all the wisdom's,
dogma's and it could only be done by dancing...moving..cutting through
the wisdom's as a pair of blades which become scissors. And by just
doing that, they found that the seesaw movement of life, or love, is
the thing that keeps it joyous. If you accept that your idea or
ideology of an ideal relationship gets cut up, in other words; you get
hurt by the reality of the relationship, you might get the love you
never knew existed.....or should I say the life you never knew existed
;) .. Actually this has similarity
with another philosophy in my live. All the papers in the world,
written or even unwritten laws by humans that you need to obey or
die,... are useless. If you live your life in blind obedience you just
as well might be dead. That's how it feels for me anyway. I like to
live my life unbound by any laws, and finding out through living my
life, experience and trust, which things are good, and which things
are bad for me..or for me to do. Life's about testing, learning,
failing, learning, dancing, learning, fighting, learning....etc.
Living is not living by someone else commands/dogmas. I fight
that...... I might get hurt, but it's my freedom or I might as well
say it's life. (with words of course) Freedom is life... blind
obedience/slavery.... is death. This is my current philosophy . But
it's just a bunch of words on paper......where are the scissors;) P.S.
Maybe you find the song not classy enough for the painting..... Well
bad luck ;P. I could have also made a song called; We're screwed…...
in the middle! Imagine that hahaha.


THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #4 will be a surreal photo by Igor Morski:

enter image description here
Igor Morski

The RULES are very easy.

  • Write a comment with your interpretation of the photo I posted. I will be very happy if you want to make a separate post with the tag #artchallenge. Please don't forget to leave a link to your post in the comment to this post.
  • You can make up to 3 versions
  • End of challenge will be Sunday at 12:00 noon (UTC +3).


  • Winner - 30 STEEM
  • Second place - 20 STEEM
  • Third place - 10 STEEM


I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge.

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I will be also very happy to any support of the artchallenge! If you want to be a judge or a sponsor, you are very welcome!

Thank you again for your support! Let us have fun together.

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@aksinya you're bloody generous
despite that we're orphans from Steem G now you have still been doing this?
You're freaking awesome!


hahaha the best compliment I have ever got!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we are orphans after Steem G left us and HardFork made it even worse. But!!!!!!! I get more than money from it))))))))) And by the way you gave me the idea to write a post about it)))))))))))


@aksinya well at least you see the bright side or better to maybe write here - you are looking at the bright side ;)
so it works for you :D
good luck!

Thank you.
It's a very interesting painting you have chosen. There are a lot of good/inspiring artist in the world that I don't have a clue about :)
I'll make an entry but it won't be able to put in so much time as my last one, I have a lot of other things to do currently.


For me most of these artists are new too))) The more interesting it is!!!!! So we get acquainted with them together))). I will be happy if you take part again!

Thanks again and I'm already thinking up this week's entry!


Super! And you a master in interpretation! I am afraid that somebody can think I am too subjective.)))))))))))))))) But I am not. Your interpretations are just always soooo good. I just loved your phrase: Together they are scissors, separately they would be knives. Perfect!


:D Thanks! We've gotten so many great interpretations out of this contest that I think your objectivity is still intact. No worries!

congratiolations to all the winners and thank you so much for the new piece!

Here is my take on it:

He was gone one day
what shall I say?
We got by just fine
without the father of mine
Only when my husband left
I knew, father was a theft
He robed me of the ability to trust
I know my daughter must
break the circle


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good one!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you. I really like this challenge. :)

Upvoted and resteemed!


thank you very much and you are very welcome to participate)))))))))

A terrific post and challenge @akinya. I love the interpretations as we often find people who think like us and sharing our perspectives brings us closer together. Thanks for throwing this challenge out into the mix. I'm truly grateful we are a part of the same circles! Love to you! Resteemed and posted in the art challenge chat room!!


Thank you very much for your great entry!!!!!!!!!

Hmm.... I may have a go at this one. Have some inspiration unlike the last one where thoughts were go nowhere.


I am waiting for it impatiently))))))))


haha, please be patient. I'm getting ready to go out to AWS Summit for a whole day today.


Ok)) take your time)))))


Good job, my boy))) (You always make me smile))))


Thank you. Glad for that.

I made a basic rhyme/poem to put my sad feelings somewhere.


Relationship without a captain, rowing but they go nowhere.
She sits there without mirror image, holds on to her teddy bear.

Mommy always busy stirring, has no attention, no love to give.
Daddy is a vague reflection, that can't show her how to live.

She sits there without a peddle, without a compass, without a clue.
In a boat that's going nowhere, without a captain, without crew.

And on the ship with no affection, no destination, no hands on deck.
She is lost, without reflection, no eyes like mirrors that look back.

How will she ever reach the shoreline, when there is no one that can row.
Or teach the lessons of adulthood, on how to learn and love and grow

Edit; The last sentence was (Or teach the lessons of adulthood, maybe it's all just one big show.)


you again impressed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super!!!

⛵👱 Yippee ! I found time to enter your awesome contest ! Upped and resteemed !! hope you guys like it ! I call it
I am now a follower


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I really liked your entry!!!!!!!!!! I know how kids suffer when their parents are in war.


Thanks ! Im glad you liked it , I also know from personal experience ⛵👍😊


I really loved it! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! Resteemed!


You are very much welcomed

@aksinya thank You for the honorable mention! I love the interpretations, winner really deserved it! Beautiful!


Thank you for the great entry!

This was a hard one but here I go: Based on the cloudy skies, it seems that the parents' parting was unpleasant. Both mother and father are resolutely focused on where they’re going (opposite directions) as if nothing else matters. The little girl in the back of the boat is the only one with a broader view of the situation. She hugs the bear for comfort and watches out into the distance as her father rows away. She doesn’t have the power to pick a direction or make everyone take the same boat. I think the painting is about her inability to solve a problem she didn’t create.


Very very good one as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy that you are again with me! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks aksinya! I think this one was the hardest to analyze so far but that's part of what makes the challenge so good :)