Winners of ARTchallenge#19 Announcement! Invited Judge is a Talented Writer and a Wonderful Person @ezzy

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I am back from one of the best vacation in my life.
You can read about my adventures (Part I) here:

GEORGIAN ADVENTURES! GAMARDJOBA, Genacvale!))) Georgia Impresses! PART I

And I can say I badly missed you and I am glad I am with you again and can enjoy your amazing stories.

It is the 19th Artchallenge and we had 6 participants.

Participants should give an interpretation to a painting of Alisa Yufa:

enter image description here
Alisa Yufa

You don't stop amazing with your interpretations. They are so different. They are so interesting and unexpected. Some of them look simple but there is so much in it.

Thank you, dear @ezzy for your helping me in such a difficult choice and for your comments!


THE THIRD PRIZE (20 TRAIL + 20 Voice Shares + 3 SBD) GOES TO: @snooway

@ezzy's comment: A more sinister overtone in this one. Different from all the rest in that serious danger may be present. Also alluded to are the pictorial representations with it's bland, seemingly lifeless artistic style. Symbolizing things aren't as rosy as we might first think. Very good and well thought-out.

Artchallenge 19 entry: Can I have a private moment

Can I have a private moment? A long soak in the bathtub is a luxury
for many busy women after an exhausting day of running out and about.
Working mothers in particular need a private moment of rest and
relaxation each day before bedtime. However, this precious time of
reflection is interrupted. Who is the male figure that barges in? What
does he want? Will there be a happy ending?

The illustration uses monochromatic grays to present a gloomy or
mundane life. The sparse bathroom suggests thaf this person is not
well off. Overall I see this as a reflection of the unrelenting
reality of many lives.

THE SECOND PRIZE (30 TRAIL + 30 Voice Shares + 5 SBD) GOES TO: @emptyintentions

@ezzy's comment: Thought provoking or what? Facing up to the harsh realities of getting older can be depressing. And witnessing that on a day-to-day basis would have even more potency. Her contemplation's in the bath also leave the reader feeling exposed too. And the man then walking in further presses to want to find out more. Again, very well done indeed.

#Art challenge contest NSFW - Art interpretation

She's had a rough day, at the hospice she toils away watching people
fade.Each day chipping away at her soul. Children were always the
hardest to see go.. When she looks at her aching body it serves as a
momento mori. Each time she looks at her once soft skin pruned up and
shriveled in the bathtub, it reminds her that one day her skin will
stay that way. We are all so fragile and fleeting. She doesn't even
notice him as he walks in. He looks at her with a curious concern. He
loves her but he knows some things can't be fixed with words. She's
been in here for hours, what can he do?

THE FIRST PRIZE (50 TRAIL + 50 Voice Shares + 7 SBD) GOES TO: @juliakponsford

@ezzy's comment: Loved her descriptions and character narration of a story that could have a much larger potential story arc. Her simmering inner conflict is very intriguing and shows some great creative imaginings put to good use. Great job.

The Fog / Creative writing for Artquest 19

The Fog
The tepid water chilled her skin having lost it's heat long
ago. She stared blankly at the gritty walls and pondered thier
filthiness. Everything around her was crumbling, peeling, rotting to
ruin. Yet she did nothing. It felt comforting to be in a room that
reflected her mood, fitting.

Her skin began to prickle with goosebumps but she wasn't bothered in
the slightest. This was her nightly ritual. She would stay submerged
and take all the comfort she could in the quiet sloshing of the water,
gently sweeping her hands through it creating a slight rhythm.
Sploosh, splosh, sploosh, splosh. She would stay until her husband
came in. How sweet he was, he didn't want her to freeze. He would
force her to get out, to towel off, to get in bed. Beg her to see a
doctor. She would agree as usual but she knew it was pointless.

The fog had rolled in and nothing could stop it.

No doctors, hospitals or medications could fix what she had. She would
have to suffer.

She heard small footsteps approaching and managed a feeble smile as
the door opened. He was holding her bathrobe. The softness in his eyes
made her ache. He took her hand tenderly and pulled her up and pushed
her damp hair out of her eyes.

"What have you been thinking about honey? " he asked sadly.

"Nothing much".




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THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #20 will be announced tomorrow.

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I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, @steem-trail (STEEM TRAIL Team), our invited judges @looftee, @paolobeneforti, @silviabeneforti, @surpassinggoogle, @ezzy, @lpfaust, @nature-sauvage, @throughwindows and our supporters @ogochukwu, @looftee and @lpfaust.

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Join me on a quest to discover the treasures of beautiful artworks!

Always yours, @aksinya.

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Thanks for 3rd place! Great to read the interpretations




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Thank you for 2nd place! This challenge was very cool. It's amazing how many different interpretations there can be.


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