Winners of ARTchallenge#7 Announcement!

Starting from today we have a new home, @artquest-trail, thanks to Steem Trail team and @ogochukwu. Everybody is welcome and please feel comfortable here. We already have constant participants and I am very happy with it.

There were 6 entries submitted for Artchallenge #7 and I hope our family will be growing.

The task of the ARTchallenge#7 was to give the interpretation to the surreal painting by

Vladimir Kush:

enter image description here
Vladimir Kush

When I saw this painting first, the idea on ecology problem came to my mind immediately. Unfortunately we do everything to destroy the planet. Look at the earth on the painting. It is what we did with it. And look at the sky and the lands which are far from people.They are beautiful, fresh and peaceful. That whale probably would be happy to be in the sky but it needs water. I hope this painting will make us think about what we do. Together we save the whales, as @ace108 wrote!!!

You don't stop impress and amaze me. Interpretations were soooo different and very interesting. I love to read your interpretations but it is soooo difficult to judge.

Let us see what our participants submitted. And I wondered if anybody would correspond the interpretation with Steemit and I decided to make a special prize of 3 STEEM.

Honoroubale Mentions - 1 STEEM

ARTchallenge#7 - @Aksinya Painting Vladimir Kush Rhyme - Ascending Whale

Ascending Whale

Ocean floor is lying bare, where there once was plenty water. People
pulling in despair, moving, water mountains gather.

Work so hard to keep the whale, in the center of attention. Caring she
will safely land, in their circle of retention.

She will breath without a doubt, and blow another water fountain.
Pearls of water turn to clouds, gather round the massive mountain

It will not last in the end, despite of wishes, hopes and spurs. To
infinity she will ascend, into the vastness of the universe.


ARTchallenge #7, my entry/interpretation

My interpretation of this amazing work of art is this. The whale is
up in the air, as an indication of its fate and its future being
unknown at the present moment. The humans are holding the fate of the
world's oceans in their hands and so far not doing a very good job of
it, as indicated by the dry and polluted seabed all around the people
holding the water. The Moon is either, a New Moon or a waning
crescent and it is interesting that it is not clear - indicating a
choice to be made by the viewer. If it is a New Moon, it means that
change is possible as a rebirth in a sense - people waking up and
taking control of the situation to fix the environment and return the
ocean to a liveable state. Anything is possible. If it is a waning
crescent right before the New Moon, it indicates that the life of the
whale and all future whales is done for. I think it worth mentioning
that whales and dolphins originated from wolves that sought the water
environment early in their development, in that wolves, whales and
humans all share a connection as social, family oriented creatures.
In other words, we all know and experience love. So the loss would be
tragic. The people holding the water are all naked. To me this says
that there is no closure for this is not acceptable for us
to just turn our backs and pretend this isn't our problem or that
there is nothing we can do to change it. I hate to say it, but they
all appear to be male. Could that have something to do with the
problem here? As in maybe women's values in regards to the fate of our
planet are missing.

SPECIAL PRIZE (3 STEEM) GOES TO:@karenmckersie

There is correspondence with Steemit, isn't there?)))

🐳 My Entry Into Art Challenge #7 !! ( Majestic Grey Whale God...) 🐳

🐋🐳🐋🐳 " Majestic Grey Whale God..." 🐳🐋🐳🐋

The majestic Grey Whale God
Breaches high above the sea
Praised by 23 worshipers
That chant and dance
As the magical circus begins !
Holding onto a Safety Net
Which slowly and magically
Turns into the ocean Big and Wide !
In a beautiful and delightful way .
As they save thier Majestic God
In their magical trampoline !


#artchallenge 🎨🖼️ # 7 - Together, we save the whales (by @ace108)

The artist has an art gallery, Kush Fine Art in Maui, Hawaii. Maui is
a great place to see whales, There are operators who guarantee you to
see a whale between mid-December to mid-April. I’m sure the artist had
an chance to be exposed to whales in Maui and get to know them a
little better compared to many of us who just know they are endangered

Speaking of whales being endangered, have you seen the Star Trek movie
with whales? This one:

enter image description here

In the painting, I’m pretty sure the artist painted a humpback whale
which is the same type you get to see out of Maui. So, the message is
quite simple to me. The artist wants to tell us to save the beautiful
creature from being extinct and the message is simply: All people put
our hands together to Save the Whales.

Sound of the whale

Before you go, let me share with you a couple of video of from youtube. The first features mainly sound of the whale
and the second feature a dance. Yes, dance. Enjoy!


Artchallenge #7 entry 1: what do you treasure above all else?

What do you treasure beyond all else?

The people who are holding the tarp-like blue cloth that resembles the
sea are all very skinny, almost sketetal. They seem to be so concerned
about the whale that they have no regard for their own personal
health. Their eyes are so fixated on worshipping the giant majestic
whale, keeping it lifted up high in the sky that they are oblivious to
the other sea creatures around them who have died because of the lack
of water. The small deceased creatures could be a foreshadowing of
what's to come for the men who are probably starving but can't seem to
let go of the cloth. I think the painting is a warning against the
myopic thinking of contemporary society that worships transient things
like money, worldy posessions, power, and so on. If one is so
determined to put all their energy and effort in worshipping the giant
"whale" in his or her life, not realising that what goes up must come
down, the ultimate result will be an unfortunate one. Other precious
things around them, such as family and friends, represented by the
once beautiful and colorful starfish and seashells, will be lost due
to neglect. The Bible says "Do not store up for yourselves treasures
on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in
and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moths
and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and
steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
(Matthew 6: 19-21)


This fairy - tale reminded me the fairy - tale from my childhood "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson and recently we watched the cartoon with my daughter.

🐳 Art Challenge #7 🐳: a fantastic painting by Vladimir Kush.

All the fishes were staying at the bottom of the sea or at least deep
down where they feel safe enough that nobody could harm them. They
discourage all other fishes to go near the surface, to stay deep down
where they all are staying if they want to live, otherwise they will
be caught by fisherman and would be eaten or even worse, they would be
kept alive to be showcased in aquarium.

Due to this all of the fishes were afraid to go near the surface and no one would even think about seeing what's above it. But One day a whale wanted to know what is
above the surface, she doesn't want to spend her life in shackles and
boundaries, she was afraid of being living under the fear for her
whole life. So then she decided, she would rise and rise, it was very
difficult for her. She even thought of quitting her idea, she thought
of turning back, everybody down there was calling her to come back, to
return to where it was so called safe. But again she remembered why
she wanted to do it and she started swimming to the surface where
there would be a different world, the world only she has imagined.

Everybody else thought she had made a mistake and she has ruined her
life, some were making fun of her, some were feeling sorry for her but
nobody trusted her. At the end she reached up there, she was
mesmerized to see the sun, the mountains, the clouds, the air.>

She was proud that she has seen something nobody else could ever have
imagined. All the other fishes were praising her now, they started
believing in her and respecting her. Then the whale jumped in the sky
in joy of her success, into the clouds,

Suddenly satans rise from the hell and started taking the sea to the hell. All the fishes die, and we can see their bodies in the pic, but only one whale remains which
was above their reach.

And this is the story of Human life. Every time
some one tries to do something innovative, something far better for
this world, people will scare you by telling to do the normal things,
to do your normal jobs otherwise you will ruin your life, but those
who follow their dreams, those who follow their curiosities fly above
the sea and leave their name, their legacy in history. All the other
normal fishes will be wept out in history and nobody will remember


THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #8 will be announced tomorrow, the 9th of May.

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Thank you so much @aksinya. I really enjoy appreciating art and love everyone's creative interpretations. Looking forward to the next challenge


Thank you very much for participation!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you.

Wow......well atlast I have won a contest on steemit. And I am more happy for participating in it than winning. I really enjoyed making the story. Thanks @aksinya @artquest-trail


Your fairy - tale brought me back to childhood but also gave things to think about. Thank you very much for participation!


Your welcome.

Thanks for organizing this and award the prize.
Good to see the rest of the interesting entries.
Congratulations to the rest of the winners.


Thank you very much for your wonderful interpretation!


you're welcome