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Look what a great painting we will be interpreting this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is again Vladimir Kush and this painting was offered by my good friend @ace108.

enter image description here
Vladimir Kush

The task of the previous ARTchallenge#6 was to give the interpretation to the surreal painting by Vladimir Kush:

enter image description here
Vladimir Kush

As always all entries were just fantastic. I can't stop amazing how talented people could be!!!!!

As @elementm I had more questions than answers.

The red shoes shown like a bridge tell me that men do a lot but without women it would be more difficult, may be even impossible. So, women are of great support to everybody.

Why fish? Fish means God in many cultures. May be there is a connection with a cloud over the bridge and it gives a feeling of soon rain and thunder.
Eve bit a forbidden apple and gave Adam to try it. The God forbade to do it. They got additional knowledge but God banished them from the Garden of Eden for disobeying him.
So, women can be foundation but also a man's downfall too)))


Honoroubale Mentions - 1 STEEM


The red heels that form the bridge represent the role of women in
helping man reach their goal throughout history. On the left we have
several people carrying a huge fish by hand and a horse drawn
carriage. I think this represents the time before the invention of the
car in the late-nineteenth century and on the right is the time after
the car was invented. Regardless of time period, women do the
heavy-lifting to support men as they travel along the road of life,
ensuring they are able to cross rivers (hardship or danger).


Meanwhile, some music for you to enjoy as you read. This piece is part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, particular the first of the 4 violin concertos, called Spring. Source:

According to what I found in wikipedia, the word stiletto is derived
from stiletto, which is a long, thin blade, similar in profile to the
heel of the shoe. Any good doctor will tell you stiletto is bad for
the foot. Sometimes, I wonder if it was invented by a man so that the
ladies cannot run as fast as him. Yet, it is the symbol of fashion
many a times for ladies. To make the ladies move more gracefully and
appear more feminine in the west, this is stilettos.

In the east, we have another old practice which is also associated
with graceful and feminine move too. This is the practice of Foot
binding. A fashion in its days but also leading to medical problems in
the feet. Now, the east has also evolved to stiletto.

enter image description here

Incidentally, @sweetsssj had posted about foot binding before in this
post:Halloween Special: A beautiful and cruel torture—Foot-binding, a
woman's obligation ? 美丽的酷刑缠足,女人应该接受吗?

A bridge made of stilettos and what does it mean me? I struggle a bit
and cannot decide ending up with two meanings to it.

  1. Get there in fashion The artist is telling you, whoever you are, people from all walks of life, wherever you are going (as can be seen
    by the different people on the bridge), you must remember to get there
    in fashion. You are what you wear.
  2. Support every successful men out there is a women The stillettos represent woman. The women at home doing the multi-task managing all
    the homely affairs while the men go out to do the one task so they can
    bring home the bread successfully. You know the saying? Behind every
    successful man is a woman.

OK, I’m totally ignoring the clouds in both meaning because I don’t
know what to think of it.

THIRD PRIZE (5 STEEM) GOES TO: @animal-shelter

Odes to a woman are floating in the air unceasingly. Can it be
otherwise? Everything that surrounds us is filled with a feminine
principle. What is She? The concept of the past and the future, the
center of peace and war, contradictions and unity, a storm and a quiet
harbor. She is the present, without which we can not feel any other
state of the soul, no other state of reality. Without her, the soul
of the Universe would still be dozing like a tiny dot in the vast
emptiness of the cosmos. But it was enough for her to leave her shoes
ashore, as whole worlds met.


It's helpful to have somewhat knowledge of The wizzard of OZ. I hope

Of a Yellow Brick Road and a Ruby Red Bridge.

Dorothy has just left Kansas.
Clicking her red, high heel shoes, 'cause being grown gives her the blues.
They never have heart, mind or courage, all they have is endless worries.
They don't like songs not even dances.

This destination was her wish.
Here there is no yellow brick road. Heck there is not even a boat,
for little folk to cross the water, to travel places, do some barter.
Or to sell their giant fish.

She put her shoes there heel to heel
Perfect shiny ruby red, stand there in > the riverbed
Being really practical, for the folks that are so small,
that go by foot, or go by wheel.

Dorothy went traveling barefoot.
Gently walks to hurt no one, She went with the northern sun.
Uses meadows for a bed, goes with clouds around her head.
Sing's and smiles, cause life is good.

Maybe one day she'll come back.
And click her heels just one more time, puts her travels into rhyme.
Post them in a blog on steemit, where everyone will think she dreemed it.
Or tell her that her grammar lacks.

THE FIRST PRIZE (15 STEEM) GOES TO:@girlbeforemirror

This is definitely an intriguing piece of surrealist art. The focal
point of this piece is unmistakably the pair of pointy healed red
shoes. The shoes together form a bridge that is juxtaposed on an
otherwise relatively benign landscape. The painterly quality is
pleasant, but I believe intentionally stark, to enhance the contrast
of the shoes. I don't know the medium used, though the mountains in
the background are very soft, as is the vegetation. The application
suggests a water colour effect, or perhaps more likely a gentle
application of oil. The landscape is divided by a still, brownish body
of water.

This style has been starkly contrasted by the shiny, vibrant,
alluring, if not provocative heals, that tower at the top of the
bridge on a daring pair of pointed stilettos.

It is the shoes that give this painting it's surrealist quality.
Significant also is the cloud that hangs low, directly above the
brightly coloured bridge.

As this work speaks to me, what is it I hear in it's message? What do
I see in this intentionally incongruous image? I keep hearing in my
head - Ruby Red Slippers As I observe the traveller, on foot, cart,
car, bicycle and if I'm not mistaken a crustacean, clearly this is a
popular thoroughfare, on an otherwise uninhabited landscape. Just as
Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wished to escape to a better life, and
then did all she could to return, I believe this work speaks of the
notion of, The grass is always greener.

To the observer clearly the grass on both sides of this mirky stagnant
water is equally satisfactory, but far from lush.

I believe the artist is conveying the human trait in which we are
continually attempting to find something better than we already have,
and all the while not notice that everything you search for is already
available right where you are. Perhaps I could go so far as to suggest
that the shoes and their decadence represent the consumerism and greed
that drives this desire to always be searching for something more. The
shiny shoes with their unmissable mesmerising sheen, lull the
individual into believing that they are on a glamorous path, only to
find themselves similarly placed on the other side.

It is the cloud, that hangs above the travellers that speaks the truth
of the journey. It overshadows the path as though warning the
travellers, attempting to shadow the bright path, revealing the true
nature of the quest. However true to the insular human endeavour of
self satisfaction, none of the eager travellers seem to notice it.

In contrast to the grey of the low hanging cloud, and the illusion
promised by the glare of the bridge, with further consideration, the
landscape takes on a less bleak appearance, and upon reflection
delivers a tranquility and authentic beauty that can't be found in the
short term satisfaction of the instant gratification of consumerism.

Edit addit : It has been brought to my attention that the crustacean I
noted on my tiny screen, with my blurry vision is in fact a fish being
carried by several people. This is a highly significant feature. The
absurdity of laboriously carrying a fish across water further
highlights the notion of mindless task oriented journey, that ignores
what is already available, should the traveller stop and take stock.
Thanks @antonchanning

I want to thank our SPONSOR @ogochukwu who donated again 10 steem to the prize pool and keeps giving me more support you will know about very very soon . Thank you very much for your support!)))

I would also like to tell that @ogochukwu runs his one contest on @literature-trail.


THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #7 will be a fantastic painting by Vladimir Kush found by @ace108:

enter image description here
Vladimir Kush

The RULES are very easy.

  • Write a comment with your interpretation of the photo I posted. I will be very happy if you want to make a separate post with the tag #artchallenge. Please don't forget to leave a link to your post in the comment to this post.
  • You can make up to 3 versions
  • End of challenge will be Sunday at 12:00 noon (UTC +3).


  • Winner - 15 STEEM
  • Second place - 10 STEEM
  • Third place - 5 STEEM


I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge.

Please VOTE and RESTEEM this post.

I will be also very happy to any support of the artchallenge! If you want to be a judge or a sponsor, you are very welcome!

Thank you again for your support! Let us have fun together.

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Heres a link to my entry titled " Majestic Grey Whale God " hope you guys like it ! I like to keep my entries short for those who are time limited on steemit and lead very busy lives ! Like me haha !! 😊👍😂


I love it)) Thank you very much))))))))))))))))))))))


Glad you liked it ! Steem on !👍😊

Congrats to the winners and to a wonderful challenge!


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very beautiful and unique paintings


He is a great artist indeed))


Deserves to win. Keep possessed expertise. always fighting

I'm so excited. I haven't done art interpretation since school! It was so much fun. Thank you.
And thanks to @antonchanning for being my eyes.


I am very happy for you!!!!!!!! I have just read your story. Get well soon and I am happy you are with us))

Thank you @aksinya. Great entries and interpretations!


I always like your stories and my husband is your fan.)) You speak the same language with him))


Thank you @aksinya and to your husband too!!

This is a new entry, thank you for the prize and congratulations to all the other participants. It's very interesting to read the other entries.

Ascending Whale

Ocean floor is lying bare, where there once was plenty water.
People pulling in despair, moving water mountains gather.

Work so hard to keep the whale, in the center of attention.
Caring she will safely land, in their circle of retention.

She will breath without a doubt, an blow another water fountain.
Pearls of water turn to clouds, gather round the massive mountain

It will not last in the end, despite of wishes, hopes and spurs.
To infinity she will ascend, into the vastness of the universe.


How do you do that?!!?))) Cool!

Congrats to everyone !! I think im the only one that entered that didnt get a mention or a win ! Hahahha ! And there was only 6 entries !Just kidding ! 😂😂😂 Cool ! I came in second before and got a mention the last time , so no problem , im happy just to enter and have fun !! Lol there were some great entries , and i plan on entering this one as well ! I allready have my interpetation ready just need to make my post !! Good luck everyone !! 👍👍👍💙😂


Don't worry. You are not the one. There were 7 entries. I loved all the versions and it is always extremely difficult to choose. ((( I am glad you are in artchallenge team!

All the fishes were staying at the bottom of the sea or atleast deep down where they feel safe enough that nobody could harm them. They discourage all other fishes to go near the surface, to stay deep down where they all are staying if they want to live, otherwise they will be caught by fisherman and would be eaten or even worse, they would be kept alive to be showcased in aquarium. Due to this all of the fishes were afraid to go near the surface and no one would even think about seeing what's above it. But One day a whale wanted to know what is above the surface, she doesn't want to spend her life in shackles and boundaries, she was afraid of being living under the fear for her whole life. So then she decided, she would rise and rise, it was very difficult for her. She even thought of quitting her idea, she thought of turning back, everybody down there was calling her to come back, to return to where it was so called safe. But again she remembered why she wanted to do it and she started swimming to the surface where there would be a different world, the world only she has imagined. Everybody eĺse thought she had made a mistake and she has ruined her life, some were making fun of her, some were feeling sorry for her but nobody trusted her. At the end she reached up there, she was mesmerized to see the sun, the mountains, the clouds, the air. She was proud that she has seen something nobody else could ever have imagined. All the other fishes were praising her now, they started believing in her and respecting her. Then the whale jumped in the sky in joy of her success, into the clouds, suddenly satans rise from the hell and started taking the sea to the hell. All the fishes die, and we can see their bodies in the pic, but only one whale remains which was above thier reach. And this is the story of Human life. Evey time some one tries to do something innovative, something far better for this world, people will scare you by telling to do the normal things, to do your normal jobs otherwise you will ruin your life, but those who follow their dreams, those who follow their curiosities fly above the sea and leave their name, their legacy in history. All the other normal fishes will be wept out in history and nobody will remeber them. I see this interpretation @aksinya


wow! the whole fairy - tale!!!!!!!!!!!! Very very good!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! I think this beautiful story is worth to be a post)))


Then I think, I will post it. Thanks @aksinya

Amazing painting! My first question is, where is the whale coming from? Dropping out of the sky, being rescued or caught by that pool of water? Or did he jump out of it? It certainly invites study.




Help! How do I copy this image on to my entry post? Can you tell me?


I would save the picture on my computer and then insert through the where I write my posts


Thanks! I just started with Imgur but they are down today.

OK, I want to enter...let me see if I can get all of this together.


Look forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I think I got it but I wound up copying the image to my cache and then reposting it. Maybe there's an easier way? I just submitted my entry...just making sure I did this right since I am new to Steemit. Thanks for the fun contest!

Thanks for the mention and the prize.
I thought we are not using this piece of art this time.;-)
Not that I'm complaining.


I thought so those plans are rescheduled a, I used your picture)) Thank you for offering))

awesome! and this time I will be joining again. :)



My friend great work! :)

thank you for sharing


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!