Winners of ARTchallenge#13 Announcement! Invited Judge @lpfaust!

We had 10 participants and you made me happy again. Outstanding entries! And you are fantastic and talented people!!!!!!!!!!! My special thanks to the people who are constant participants of this challenge. I highly appreciate your being with me! And I am always happy to new people. Join us! We have a little family here.))

This artchallenge was judged by the person I am very grateful -@lpfaust.. Thank you, dear @lpfaust, for helping me in judging and, of course, for supporting me in the very beginning and till now.

The task for ARTquest#13 was to give the interpretation to a surreal painting of the Polish artist Pavel Kuchinski.

enter image description here
Pavel Kuchinski

@lpfaust did great job and gave his own interpretation!

When I look at the painting, from my perspective it's a snapshot of
the guided age. Even the duality represented in the golden color
chosen to represent the sunlight. The golden color almost represents
the sunrise of a new day, tied with a festive wedding and gilded
excess. On the other hand, when looking at the golden hue as it
relates to the the workers harvesting rice from the barren ground, it
takes on the feeling of the burning midday sun in the middle of a
desert. They are picking up the scraps of what life has left them.



Artchallenge #13 entry: The Rice Gleaners

The Rice Gleaners
I think this painting alludes to Jean-Francois Millet’s painting "The Gleaners" (1857) which has been referenced by artists such as Banksy, Van Gogh and others. The earthy colours used in the painting also show the source of inspiration. Weddings are
meant to be happy and usually the colours would be brighter so I think
it highlights the gap between the poor and the rich in an interesting

The people celebrating the wedding are throwing rice for good luck (or
wishing fertility for the newlyweds) while the gleaners are picking up
the rice grains. There is great thought put into the details since the
gleaners wear the triangular hats commonly seen in Asia among people
working in the rice fields. In Chinese we call these hats Douli 斗笠 and
they are usually made of bamboo. The painting not only comments on the
gap between the haves and have nots it also points to cultural
differences between the East and the West. I see the painting as a
call for people not to waste and to think of the less fortunate while
you celebrate joyful occasions such as weddings.


The color white (for ARTchallenge #13) #everydaypoem

I love the color white
It's pure light
she says
looking at her wedding dress
Oh look at the rice in sunlight
blessing the bright
people say with joy
throwing it like a toy

I hate the color white
it´s dark as night
he says
thinking of his daily stress
picking up the rice
being poor as mice
Oh, look at those hurting hands
of me and my friends
fighting the tears
and our fears

THE FIRST PRIZE (300 TRAIL + 7 SBD) GOES TO:@dreamiely

ART CHALLENGE #13: Disparity

The farmers toil to make a living,
Labourously planting rice, grieving.
Why you say? A long day's hard-work
Barely puts on the table
A loaf of bread, butter or pork.
Oh daily struggle, what a feat!

The other end of the spectrum
Shows those of wealth, a bride and groom.
With such abundance they are worry free
Never did work just as hard, you see.
They are only meant to live blissfully.


With the throwing of rice,
This luck continues hopefully.
The same rice from our farmers
Who worked hard for a mere penny.



**SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR JUDGE @lpfaust!!!!! **

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THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #14 will be announced tomorrow, the 19th of June.

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I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, @steem-trail (STEEM TRAIL Team), our invited judges @looftee, @paolobeneforti, @silviabeneforti, @surpassinggoogle, @ezzy, @lpfaust and our sponsors @ogochukwu and @looftee.

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Congrats to the winners!!!! ^^
Well done, dear @aksinya ^


thank you)) I need to look through Paolo's works to suggest for the contest)) or may be you or he has an idea? ))

great job! :) congrats!


Hi Paolo! I Would like to see you again as a judge)) Do you have any your painting in mind for the contest? ))


Silvia ad I would be honored to be judges again (she will be involved anyway ^^). I guess you can choose a painting from my website - but I will make the choice myself, if you prefer :)


Ok! Send it to me to the private chat. But I will check too! And Silvia, of course! I wrote to her too)) And you have a fantastic wife)))

Yay! Thank you @aksinya and @lpfaust! Happy girl here ^_^


Hooray! Congratulations!

Thank you for 3rd place @lpfaust! Love the chance to appreciate art @aksinya


It was very good! Thank you! and check the new theme))

Wow, congratulations to the winners. Really great interpretations I will for sure have to step my game up for the next round. I'll see you there ;)


Thank you! And new theme is here!

Great contest and i am now following for me and upvoting too -- all the best, D


Congrats @artquest-trail for your work has been paid.