Winners of ARTchallenge#9 Announcement! Drawing of Paolo Beneforti! Invited Judges Paolo and Silvia Beneforti!

We had 11 participants and the entries were awesome! Thank you very much!

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The task of the ARTchallenge#9 was a surreal drawing of a talented artist and just a great guy @paolobeneforti. Thank you very much, Paolo! It was great and we need to repeat!

enter image description here
Paolo Beneforti

My interpretation of the painting could be the following. Fish means God in many religious. And here fish is in on the sky. It is the Truth. But there are many people, Pharisees, who know the Bible and God's commandments but they don't fulfill them indeed. They can fasten, read prays and go to church but it is all on outside. There is no mercy, believe and love to people in what they do. They seem doing everything to the books but there is no kindness and forgiveness. There is no REAL LOVE. One saint said: "Eat meat, don't eat people!" That is real fasting.
There is a good example of it: In Russian Orthodox church there are rules how you should be dressed when you go to church. And when a woman comes to a church for the first time let's say in jeans or with the uncovered head there is always somebody very "religious" who would be berating her. And she might not come back there again. So, books are important but be "religious" inside - love people.

This challenge was judged by the amazing couple Silvia and Paolo Beneforties, (@paolobeneforti and @silviabeneforti). I think it was very encouraging as the Author judged the interpretations to his drawing by HIMSELF! Real Challenge!



Judges' comment: By just a few poetic lines, this interpretation gets a complete reading of the drawing and catches a reasonable meaning for it.

Speechless reef

Fish in the sky, over books that are empty.
People are lost, rushing fast through the maze.
Going nowhere there's no end and no entry.
Lost without words, as their memories fade.
Fish staying silent they watch from up high.
Over books that are empty, where people rush by.


Judges' comment: A keen philosophical interpretation where each part of the drawing has an effective role.

My take on this: The drawing appears to provide a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the modern world, where physical books are merely
obstacles rather than sources of information. Those in the maze are
not reading the books, they are simply lost amongst them. No one cares
for books anymore; traditional research requires physical effort in
sourcing, locating and absorbing the material. The fish signify
evolution. They are able to escape the outdated confines of formative
education and said books by rising above them. They are swimming
through the borderless span of the Internet, where one can venture
anywhere without the effort of traversing a literary landscape. They
rose above the maze itself and are unconfined and, due to their
inherent success, they outnumber those individuals still feeling their
way blindly through the maze.

THE FIRST PRIZE (300 TRAIL + 20 STEEM) GOES TO:@girlbeforemirror

Judge's comment: Very in-depth interpretation and detailed analysis, with more than one view and a non-conventional approach!

Fish out of water.
Plenty more fish in the sea.
Fishing for a clue.

The absurd portayal of the people wandering through a maze of books,
seemingly lost, as the numerous fish swim above seems to invert the
two roles.
This is represented by a reef of books and seems to portray the
situation we currently find ourselves. The flood of information on the
internet, that doesn't necessarily transpire as knowledge, the fake
news once in print is fact , every thought becomes fact once in print.
Everything regardless of the knowledge, research and disclosure of
bias is now presented as a alternate facts.

The separation of humans from the natural environment, and the
disconnection from nature, is also effectively portrayed.

As I interpret the people in a underwater reef, I can also assume they are seeking sea life.
But the previously described displacement
from the environment has them separated from the very thing they seek,
as the fish circle in great numbers above them, neither the fish or
the people seem aware or connected to each others world.

Although this piece is described by the artist @paolobeneforti as a
sketch, it is most definitely a surrealist work. By freeing the
observer from rationality in order to get a message across.

In other sketches in the series which you will find linked below, the
artists also challenges the viewer in a similar way. By removing the
subject from its usual environment.

I very much enjoy this work. Its approach appears simplistic, but in this form the artist is able to utilise this nonthreatening
technique to introduce some very thought provoking ideas.

Fish out of water - Both species displaced.

More fish in the sea - yet the people wander alone and aimlessly.

Fishing for ideas- Fact from fiction in a world flooded with ideas.




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I would like to thank Steem Trail team, @ogochukwu and @looftee for supporting this challenge.

THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #10 will be announced tomorrow, the 23rd of May and I can say you that there will BE A SURPRISE again.

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Congrats to the winners and to all partecipants! It was difficult for us to choose just few winners, every artwork in this contest was so nice!!! Thanks so much to @artquest-trail and to the awesome @aksinya !^_^


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