ADSactly on ADSACTLY - PART #32

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #32

Social P2P network

When speaking of the term P2P, what first comes to mind is torrents and other systems utilizing the idea of peer-to-peer communication between computers. But, this term can also be used in a much wider sense. When brought up in a social sense P2P can also define human collaborative interactions. ADSactly society utilizes this principle. Peers working together among themselves create new values. Each member uses his/her skills, knowledge, time and resources on various projects which are started and maintained by the members.


We are a decentralized society with a centralized administration set up on 'per-project' basis. The reason for this is the easier management of the projects, the simplicity of organizational processes and the evaluation of value brought in by each individual.

If one wants to run a project within ADSactly Society, one needs to bear in mind that the project's founder is also responsible for setting up the structure and securing the funding for his/her project. ADSactly Society, as such, does not "fund" projects but each member is free to choose if his investment and/or participation will bring new value to the table.

There are three fundamental pillars in every P2P social process:


  • peer production - the collaborative production is open to participation and use to the widest possible number of members

We welcome everyone to join and contribute to the ADSactly Society with their skills, knowledge and resources. This is not limited to the Steemit project branch. There are many other projects going on within ADSactly.

  • peer governance - production or project is governed by the community of producers themselves, not by market allocation or corporate hierarchy

The administration does not control member's projects. Various projects are freely funded and run by the society, utilizing everyone who can and wants to contribute, on the premise of the fair play. However, we demand full disclosure of proposed projects so we can make sure there are no illegal or unfair actions being taken in the name of the Society.

  • peer property - the use-value of property is freely accessible on a universal basis, peer services and products are distributed according to member's level of participation and involvement

We provide the working environments and encourage the projects brought up by members. The society does not fund projects. It is upon each member's own decision whether he/she wants to participate in/fund/start a project or not.


Let us also point out that P2P processes of collaboration within the society are not entirely without a structure. There are certain rules, as are in all other forms of human interaction. However, rules of our projects are not derived from an authority, but rather based on common sense and dynamically adapted to the situations at hand. As a form of "elite-free meritocracy", we accept only authority based on expertise, knowledge, initiation of the project, resources put in a project, previous history of a member, good character... and so on.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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Peer review/governance is the way to go. Interesting project. I look forward to learning more!

Awesome. I love this society and its more interesting because its not just about steemit. I have started reading the series but not finished though :), i will definitely finish tomorrow to get the full package. I dig the idea that adsactly is about intrinsic motivation, authenticity, love and passion within its members and its surely decentralized
And that's precisely why this society is thriving. I love the diversification. So many people are there to rub minds and produce good content to grow the community. Each day this society becomes more and more diverse; we meet more people daily and each one brings a new perspective about something into our lives. People all over the @adsactly society have different opinions and ideas that we might never have thought of. The society is filled with people, each with different backgrounds and experiences, who we interact with every day. And this diversity shows itself peeking out from the corner in many different ways: race, sexuality, culture, values, religion, gender, and an abundance of other ways. Thats why when you read @adsactly blog posts, you would see different posts from Africa to Asia to Europe to America and to other parts of the world. Last week, i read an Africa story, Earlier today, we read about the most visited temple in India and a lot was said and i learnt hugely from the post as well as the comments. This is just a part of @adsactly that i love. There are so many other benefits.
Diversity has not always been welcomed with open arms, but more and more we see people opening their minds to others' ideas in @adsactly. If you have not joined, you can do so today.


You seem to follow us full time! :) Thank you!

this community is really big and beautiful community. The most important need of my communication is enough respect in this community. I am new to steem but I like to see this community. many people in the sample to be sampled. I participated in the discort group of this community. The conversations were not very beneficial because they were in English. (Unfortunately, my English level is low: (((I hope I have a gun in this group.

I want to rise a few points that may help the readers with the subtle yet important points in the concept portrayed in this article:

  • You might ask yourself - if it's a society, why don't they support financly and what does it take to "join" the society, it can't be that you can just do it by the mere decision to join right?!

So - that's where the idea of a DECENTRALIZED society is so special - you can simply join the community! But now, in order to act as a SUCCESFUL part of the society, and not just be a member, you should use your p2p skills described in the post and connect other society member to make contacts and achieve your goal with their help, that's also the reason for the fact you will not get financial "funding from the society- this isn't actually a society with money distributed between members, its a society of people that has similar goals, that want to promote certain things together, and if by p2p interaction you get more people to work with you - they might just help you to fund your mutual project.

  • You might also ask - if it's a decentralized society? Why are there moderators that do have some power in their hands?!

Well - in an ideal world there wouldn't be a need for mods, but we must be realistic and some order must be achieved - so moderators are chosen and given ONLY the power needed to keep order and promote the society, that way we minimize the harm to our ideal yet stay realistically operational.

So - join us in ADSactly, it's fun and revolutionary!


Yes, you got it right! :)


itss greatt..
looking forward to get more information from such great person.. <3


@adsactly followed... love your blogs..

Crypto currencies have made peer to peer initiatives easier to create manage due to decentralisation deeply embedded in.

Steemit is a very good example of a crypto currency enabling peer to peer collaborations and adsactly is evidence that this approach works


yes you are totally right.. <3

Page bookmarked, I'll surely find time to read through all them one after the other, I find this really interesting and appealing to me.


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!


My brother, I also agree with you


Thanks for your generosity, I'll follow you asap


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i like this more amazing community.your intentions is good.


If I’m correct P2P means "Peer To Peer" or "Pay To Play"
In case someone doesn’t know. Which means everyone on steemit can get involved.
Please @adsactly correct me if I’m wrong.

People you share your goals play a very important role in reaching or not reaching your goals. The soul can not be bought for money. Money is a tool for people to do their jobs and keep their lives, but it is not enough to make them a team. Whether in the business world, it is for the teams to come together to make a difference and appreciate everywhere in the world, and to have a success that can not be bought with money.
And you are doing this well. @adsactly

@adsactly The adsactly community is undoubtedly a real gem for Steemit! Their Discord Chat is a great place to get information. I really appreciate the truly friendly attitude and mindset of this community.

Thanks for everything!
Highest Regards

@adsactly The ADSACTLY community is really a very successful community. sharing and projects are excellent. I also joined adsactly discord channel and I am very happy to be there. I have not been active due to my work, but I will try to be active in the near future. Thank you very much for the adsactly team for doing Steemitte successful business. I hope someday I will be among them..

This is going to be big!
I am a most viewed writer on Quora in multiple disciplines including psychology, life advice, and political science.
How can I be the part of this community? @adsactly

the adsactly group is one of the best group ever. much is done especially thye expansion of the steemit world
nice one there @adsactly

In social comunication,p2p could also br seen on different angle.peer 2 peer is a nice presentation thou its use more often in an informal settings.

Welcome the worlds best community !!!!

From now on you are on the green path to implement your kindness to everyone, hope you include the lucky people here.

Do not hesitate to share interesting and useful things. Good luck!!!

Greetings from me ** @abdelilahelm **

Verry good....the picture

That's cool, I will have to look in to it more. And then have some useful skills.

Hey @adsactly, thanks for these posts, I Upvoted and Following you, and ReSteemed your posts.
Need an Upvote from you,...:))

I'm glad to see that people put their energy in being responsible of their lives, not keeping a passive attitude!! Thanks

Hello, I just voted you as my witness. My friend told me to vote for you for i am just a newbie here and I don't know much more about the witnesses and who to vote for but I love your posts so far . Continue posting and i'll be here to vote for you. :) Great job. Hope you can help me on my journey here. :)

Wow that was super detailed. I wish I understood it.

This is quite an interesting read and the content is real good. Thanks

I really liked all of your posts and gave me lots of pleasure, thank you very much, my dear brother

Excellent post tranks @adsactly team

Another great piece in the series. Thank you for it.

I Like this! Let me know if you find this right. If you do I shall follow and upvote. Please visit

Nice post :)

I'm proud of you, keep on working.
Not my intention to beg, but if you please please upvote my post as well. Nothing wrong if we support each other. I know if you are a good person and help each other: )
my support let me add the spirit :)
I wait your presence in my post :) @adsactly

It seems interresting i followed and up voted. Please keep doing your great work

I Like this! Let me know if you find this right. If you do I shall follow and upvote. Please visit

Looking for to know more about this amazing community!

When you contribute meaning to something it inturn impacts on you the other way round... No meaningful contribution whatsoever that's a wate

This bookmarked page. I will definitely find the time to read all of their bookmarked articles, one by one, I find it interesting and interesting for me to read the bookmarked.

This is very good post for everyone. Thanks for share.


Really brother

maybe many people will offer it (knowledge, skill, energy), but how do we do it ???

Whenever i see a platform that engages people's thoughts and opinions, iit encourages me to desire to be a part of it. It shows that people are valued. And one opinion I feel strongly about, is that no community can change without the conscious attention given to the quality of conversational engagement within the confine of that space. Thanks again!

I always find your post interesting and full of knowledge That gives much to learn :)
Thanks for sharing these ideas of learning more and more.
i'll definitely go through all these episodes and will get the idea where I can utilize my skills and efforts for the betterment of the society :)

Good nice..thanks

will definitely read all of these as well very informative and interseting views.

community adsactly in the first place this place is for those people who want to share quality content and bring polzu to other users. This is the place of people seeking to develop and think freely.
When I see a new publication of the community adsactly I know in advance that it will be written qualitatively and interestingly. Members of this community always publish up-to-date and liquid information.
Thank you, I'm glad to learn and learn new things with you :)

You are going very well on streemit. Thumbs up and keep it up. 😊

could not go through the whole note but would surely do it when i have much time, from the brief ones i read looked good

This is a welcome development, I love the idea.

Great post!

this is a very good initiative, I bye to the idea, as this will enhance the development of young talents.

More grace to your elbow

but please can you send me a direct link to the discord chanel as the one in your post is directing me to the app store.

i have loved reading this article im saving this as link so i can read other parts of this
Thanks for sharing

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thanks, happy today! upvoted!

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

i am new to the site and you have been on the trending list for a while now. i wrote something and i need your opinion.
will you be kind eenough to give one? plz.

Great adsactly, There is much for me to learn in these community p2p. Looking forward as a newbie for greater opportunities.

Great!!! You are awesome@adsactly

Great post buddy Thanks for sharing us

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Nice Post, Very Informative
For more fun
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Good idea and I hope to discover the first realized projects here in this community. We live in very dangerous times and we need very good concepts to solve the various problems of our planet.

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This is a great innovation. I think it'll fulfill it's purpose.

bookmarked this page. very nice

Great idea for this post. @adsactly-witness always success

We are a decentralized society with a centralized administration set up on 'per-project' basis.

I totally agree, this defines this awesome community.

do not ever hesitate to share experiences ,, this is very helpful and very good

Please check our posts as well. Thanks sharing. We will glad to be resteemed