Daily #Ulog Featured Posts and Curation, And The Power of a Steemit Post

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Last Sunday, the 4th Radio Show in Steemgigs Discord was attended by a number of #Uloggers. As usual it was fun, interactive, informative and just full of good vibes. Surpassinggoogle focused his discussion on the power of a Steemit post, a very significant part of the #ulogs curriculum.

Why is it important for #uloggers to understand the power of one's Steemit post? We should all be able to answer this question as #uloggers. Our post is our means to make reality our dreams. For dreams to to be fulfilled, we must believe in many things. We must believe we can dream. We must believe we have the power to make that dream a reality. We must believe in the systematic ways we can do to achieve that dream.

The need we feel will give way for us to formulate dreams. It is important we are able to put these dreams into words and be seen in our posts. Dreaming is nothing if you don't work on it. Our posts should carry our dreams and visions so we must make them with those things in mind all the time. A post is not just a post, a post carries with it the power to realize your dreams. If all #uloggers will understand this, there will never be a post that is wasted. Posts will all showcase the brilliance in each of us and will carry our shine.

About the Radio Show, why is it important to join it and catch up? #Ulogs and the other projects of Surpassinggoogle are all curriculum-based. These things are not as simple as a standalone idea or concept. There is a lot to learn about it. So much digging needs to happen and everyone needs to understand the basic foundations of these things. For #ulogs, collectively we have a vision of revolutionizing the idea of a true celebrity and true fans, that we can be all celebrities by simply opening our eyes and falling in love with being human. We must all be in line with this idea. We must believe in it and we must do something about it because dreams are nothing without the right action. It is a must that we understand the basics of this concepts by heart and there is no other way to learn that but to hear the visions of the man that is behind the idea, @surpassinggoogle. Join us every weekend in the Steemgigs Discord to have a more thorough understanding of #ulogs and the movement of which #ulogs is part of.

If you missed the radio show, watch out for the recording, it will be uploaded soon. To start, if you haven't seen this video of @surpassinggoogle talking about #ulogs in general, please watch this:

Update: The Radio Show (full episode) is found in DTube, and uploaded by our fellow #ulogger @ishanvirtue here: Steemgigs Talk Show Hosted By Terry "@Surpassinggoogle" Ajayi : How Powerful Our Steemit Post. (Full Video)

Before we give you the daily featured post and curated posts, let us remind you again the basic things one must consider before making a #ulog. This should guide you to make #ulogs that will pass to be featured and curated. It is pretty easy and basic how one can be featured and voted or curated when they make #ulogs, just follow the following:


@smaeunabs' Witnessing the New Trends and Innovations in the fields of Architecture and Engineering
Smaeunabs shared with us the trends and innovation in her field of expertise, architecture and engineering from a convention she attended. It's good to see how our celebrity enjoys her chosen career and at the same time get to share quality content in #ulogs. Keep it up and keep your shine.

Congratulations, @popson for winning your school elections and thanks for sharing this success here in #ulogs. You must be really good and friendly to have that landslide win. Keep up the good work and we wish you the best as you serve your fellow students.

Thank you, @emmaxx for bringing your friends to the platform and sharing with them the beauty of Steemit and #ulogs. We look forward to seeing them engage in the community and shine in their own way.

@aljoursantillan's #Ulogger....Reviewing Engineering Mechanics
A #ulogger shares with us his dream to become and engineer and he is focused right now in his review to pass the board exams. You have a positive attitude towards your review classes, we hope you become successful and nail the exam and be a certified engineer.

This lady playfully explains her own set meaning for her favorite nick for herself. Everything was positively phrased, you can tell, @gbija is a ball of sunshine. Keep the good vibes, girl and define yourself the way you want to. You are a star!

@matthewthonyit's #Ulog day 2: My Saturday 19th of May 2018
What a productive Saturday for @matthewthonyit, starting the day to praise the lord, gardening and attending to his shop. A weekend well spent. Stay focused on your priorities and keep shining.

@mafzaal92's #ulog day-ten: My steemit journy as a graphic desighner. Some helpful graphic desighns.
Our celebrity shares his passion for graphic design and shares his works. You are doing a great job, @mafzaal92. We wish you all the best in your chosen career, keep doing what you love and shine.

@amliv08's Unique modes of transportation "PASAGAD"
Interesting mode of transportation, this is still common in the provinces in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing, @amliv08. Good for you to still be able to experience a life surrounded with green nature and fresh air in the countryside.

@anward-malick's ulog activity # 5 the happiest moments of my life
It's sweet to see a couple too in love. @anward-malick explains in his #ulogs how his day is perfect because he is with his girlfriend and dining in his favorite restaurant. Keep the fire burning and stay in love. Cheers to both of you.

@ankarlie's Ulog #8: Full STEEM Ahead!!!
Our celebrity #ulogger @ankarlie shares with us the current updates on Steem with regards to publicity and its performance in the market and she bears good news. Thank you so much for the informative #ulog you made for us today. Talk about good content, this right here shows how she is an authority in the field of researching cryptocurrencies' trends. Keep up the good work and keep sharing valuable information to educate our fellow #uloggers.

@criz1404's #ULOG 01 "tha will be na sleeping tonight"(wakanda accent)
Our #ulogger shared with us his experience with a project where he missed on a detail and how he worked hard to fix the problem. Determination and hard work pays as @criz1404 was able to do finish everything and please his client. Another testimony that hiccups on the way to success happens a lot but with the right attitude, focus and hard work we can achieve.

@thereikiforest's #ULOG 5.19.18 ~ A Great Day for a Walk...and a Promise to Myself
Our celebrity here shared to us the beauty of having a time with nature. I believe we can appreciate life by not taking for granted all the things around us, nature most of all. We must be grateful for this life we see, the air that we breathe, our experience with nature must be celebrated. Thank you, @thereikiforest, for sharing with us this view, your work made you shine bright here in #ulogs.

@flordecar26's 13th Day:A Sister not by Blood #ulog #ulogs #ulogger
Any day is a good day to celebrate with a friend. Our celebrity here tells us how she is happy to be reunited with a friend that she treats as a sibling. We must be good with our relationships, if a person deserves all the love from you, blood relations does not matter, love the person with abandon. A true friend you are, @flordecar26, stay sweet.

@pinheiroemmanuel's MY ULOG DIARIES #3: Events for Days 18-19 May 2018; I ACHIEVED ALOT! (Lifting Our Voice)
Thank you @pinheiroemmanuel for sharing with us how you spent your day dedicated to the serving the lord and sharing your sacrifices just to be able follow through with your commitment to serve him. Keep the faith and keep serving God and you will never be empty.

@garygabby's Ulog - Day 14- Overall Champions!!! Thanks be to God.
Congratulations, coach for a job well done. The kids looks so happy and proud of their accomplishment and pretty sure it would not have been accomplished if you weren't a bright star. Thank you for sharing your victory here, keep improving and keep shining.


@tobex's PTSD: My Travail And How I Managed Mine.
@strongwilled's #ULOG 01: Believing In Change
@sushovon002's My #ulog (day 4) : My first Experience at Steemgigs Talkshow by @surpassinggoogle about "The Power of the steemit post & Dream building"
@khaiza's My ulog today # accident hit single versus with cat
@giantkidishere's Ulog #4 รายงานตัวในวันหัวฟู
@pixelcolada's Hard to Sleep ULOG #TWO
@levitated-mind's Ulog: My NYSC Camping Experience
@rezaarmada's #ULOG 1: Inspired by friends who keep trying
@stevenson7's ULOG DAY 2: FUN WITH FRIENDS
@marconah's #ULOG 2 : Helping Parents Harvest
@azilm's a day to remember @ulog Represents YOU!
@machiqui63's ULOG #07: A Creative Adventure; My illustrations for Steemit
@muhammadronii's My post on #ULOG : face painting for @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops
@gheghenrv's Ulog #8 | I tried vlogging!

There are more posts that were curated by reputable accounts that are not listed here. Keep making your #ulogs as inspiring as possible. Everyone can shine here, never miss the opportunity to be curated, know the power of your post. Let it show the world your shine!

Please care to check these posts and show them love for their works by following, upvoting, resteeming and commenting. Let's continue to pass around our positivity and admiration towards realness and all humans.

Our Steem Power is limited but the upvotes we give will constitute its very true essence; "love"; "incessant testimonies of possibilities"; "lasting-lasting inspiration" and "a celebration of You"; moreso than financial rewards or a measure of quality.

Ulogs are many other "beautiful things":

  • The "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".
  • With ULOGS, "YOU", is what's pertinent and media formats e.g no-Vlogs, no-cameras, shyness etc should pose no barrier to you extending "YOU" to us and to the world, ever-constantly; "tirelessly".
  • With ULOGS, "you are celebrity and we your fans".
  • With Ulogs, you now have at least one steemit post idea daily, that constitutes YOU. "No longer, should there be a day, that the world is starved of your beauty".
  • With ULOGS, "no longer should a day emptily slip by, without "your shine" in it.
  • With ULOGS, want you to shine. We want you to lit the steem blockchain and shake it with your beauty.
  • With your ULOGS, we will create a fresh trend for #ulog/#ulogs on the entire web-space, filling it with the indispensable awesomeness called; "human"; steemhuman; "steemians".
  • ULOGS: Each day and "YOU" in it; carries it's own freshness. So, not a day aren't we capable of re-shaping the entire internet with a piece of freshness.
  • By means of our Ulogs, we will be creating historical history by reshaping the internet; surpassing Google in the process.
  • With ULOGS: "No longer should there be a day, when we can't add value to the steem blockchain". No more will there be a day on the steem blockchain, when you can say, "i don't have a steemit post idea.
  • With ULOGS; "we will keep us ever-present on the web-space; opening us ever-incessantly to opportunities; "even breakthrough opportunities".
  • By means of our ULOGS; "our kids and generations yet unborn will read of us and know that we were here each day, evolving in our substance, so that we can leave them legacies behind.
  • By means of our ULOGS, we will have fun; fly; shine.
  • The world and its toughness can deaden and relegate "our shine" into remoteness and forgotten-ness; by means of the steem blockchain (OUR ULOGS), we want to use each day, to recover some of "our shine" back.
  • And if we have lost our shine completely, we will gradually restore it using each ULOG and begin to shine again, like the "true celebrities" that we are: "light in the tunnel".
  • ULOGS: Learning; especially learning about yourself; is the ultimate earning.
  • The essence of the #ULOGS movement is to remove "barriers to entry", when it comes to "mining the human", using each content-blog that we create.
  • You can be Ulogger and "all that's needed is "YOU" and each day and this we will celebrate".
  • ULOGS: There is nothing as fresh (in terms of content) as "pieces of us". It is dynamic, fresh, unique, rare. And no "two days" are exactly the same, especially with "You" in it, for we accrue experiences, new moments, new adventures etc.
  • We aspire new resolutions each day and fail and succeed and "succeed overall", by virtue of "the gift of life" and this we will document all these celebratorily on the steem blockchain using our ULOGS.

Helpful links to understand #ulogs more:

@surpassinggoogle's #ulog: Become A ULOGGER Today! Reshaping The Entire Internet With Steemit
@ulogs' The Birth Of Ulogs. "You Are A Celebrity, So Why Not Just Ulog?" No Video Camera; No Problemo.
@ulogs' "The World Needs To Hear From You. Even Steemit Is Calling!" Now, You Can Answer. "Create A ULOG Today". (The "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".)
@ulogs' @ulogs Featured Posts, Curation And The Fundamentals Of Making #ulogs
@ulogs' Daily #Ulog Featured Posts and Curation, Plus How#Uloggers Should Be True Fans As Well as Celebrities

Dig and understand the essence and principles of this movement.

#ulogs is just one of the many Steemit Projects by @surpassinggoogle in celebrating the Human.

Read about Un(dis)talented here.
Read about Steemgigs.org here.
Read about Teardrops here.
Read about Steemsecrets here.

Join the movement and start making #ulogs and be a #ulogger.
Let millions of Uloggers bloom!
Join the Steemgigs Community in Discord here.


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For dreams to to be fulfilled, we must believe in many things. We must believe we can dream. We must believe we have the power to make that dream a reality. We must believe in the systematic ways we can do to achieve that dream.

Yeah, we must! We must believe! All of us can be a ulogger. And it's fun, sharing your stories to others and gives inspiration.


All we need is self-believe. We should always believe in ourselves and all we dream of, we'll accomplish it

  ·  last year (edited)

This is really great initiative... bringing something new everyday! Coming out with this concept is really awesome! Great mind @surpassinggoogle and @ulogs 👌👌👌

@surpassinggoogle, I've been waiting for this update for about 3 hours now. it finally came and am glad am seeing it. The last discord show was indeed a motivation for me. As I also saw the power of a steemit post as a witness for posterity. When I look back at some of the posts I made, I smile, because I know they are registered in the sands of time. It helped me put on a retrievable memory, the puzzles from my mind as a #mind-minder which is the characteristic of a Steemit Janotor. Thank you for the exposures you give us through @ulogs. For this 13 minutes post I just consumed, these few excepts to me are splendid:

For dreams to to be fulfilled, we must believe in many things. We must believe we can dream. We must believe we have the power to make that dream a reality. We must believe in the systematic ways we can do to achieve that dream.

If we fail to see value in ourselves, then we never had value and no one see it. I see @ulogs beyond steemit into my real life endeavoursand its been a success keeping my log. It makes self evaluation easy..

Our post is our means to make reality our dreams. For dreams to to be fulfilled, we must believe in many things. We must believe we can dream. We must believe we have the power to make that dream a reality. We must believe in the systematic ways we can do to achieve that dream.

Believe is principal. Even in our faith, without believe, we reach at nothing. When we all come to realization of how powerful a steemit post is, we'll sit back to re-engineer it to convey the message of whom we are indeed.

I still stand on the fact that My steemit post are a witness to posterity. Many will come in the future to see the celebrity I was and how much I contributed to humanity. Thank you @ulogs for another opportunity.


While dreaming, we should not forget dreaming is nothing if we do not work on achieving those dreams. So, let us always put in a consistent effort in making sure our dreams come to materialization.

Having digested this great posts made by our number one celebrity @surpassinggoogle, I have come to see it our posts are a reflection of us. People rate you through what you post daily. Your post is a place to pen down your dreams, it is a place to encourage and motivate others. Don't make your post a waste any more. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for this great insight.

To every #ulogger, do well to attend this Radio Shows. There is no better place and way to understand and know the basics of the concept of @ulogs @teardrops @steemgigs, than hearing from the bearer of the vision.

  ·  last year (edited)

Discord #talkshow is very helpful for all users.
@uyobong you are right, steemit make reality of our dreams. #ulog initiative support us many peoples on the steemit, that write #post in #ulog.
I am very thankful @surpassinggoogle for starting this initiative and supporting peoples on steemit, @surpassinggoogle you are doing very good job keep it up.
I love you @surpassinggoogle


@mafzaal92, I know there are many more things cooking in the head of @surpassinggoogle.


Judging by this comment it must have been a great show. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of it.
I'll wait for the video then


@rjunaid12 watchout for posts made by @surpassinggoogle @ulogs @ulogger for the next talk-show. Here is the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT. TIme has been adjusted to 12:00AM Manila Time (GMT +8)


Joined on discord.
Will keep in touch :)


@uyobong, I'm in love with this line:

I still stand on the fact that My steemit post are a witness to posterity.

Those words were powerful. @surpassinggoogle, thank you for being a bunch of encouragement. Am expectant of the Discord video. I hope to show to my friends who need so much encouragement before they join steemit. @liltom come and see this ooooooooooo


Boss @uyobong, you didn't call me. You I love such fun. I hope to be otified when next it comes up and I won't mind playing the moderation role. @surpassinggoogle keep motivating us.


@bobbypraize, watchout for posts made by @surpassinggoogle @ulogs @ulogger. You will have a clue for the next talk-show. Meanwhile, Join the Talk-show on discord through this link: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT. Time has been adjusted to 12:00AM Manila Time (GMT+8)

Reading a comment from @olumideolowoyeye about how the #Ulogs has inspired him to make a theme song. Wow my mind is blown right now . This is amazing , this is inspiration , this is Omg awesome.
#Ulogs rocks!!!
#Uloggers you guys rocks , we are all a super star.
@surpassinggoogle I’m using this time out to plead to you to give this young man the support he’d need for the theme song.

Though I missed the Discord Show, I too time to read and consume the updates made by @maverickinvictus @uyobong @eunireal1. Those updates have spurred me enough. Indeed, our steemit posts are powerful and no one can deny it. Now steemit is hitting 1 million users, thus, the news about "brain-value" will spread value. My country people need to hear this. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for this.


@Evegrace, where did you go to? May be you take up a steemit job with Steemit or you major in teaching #ulogging in your school. It will avail you of more time for this.

Though am barely 10days old in steemit, I have experienced the power of steemit posts. My introduction which was a mere expression of myself awed me at how much it was celebrated by @surpassinggoogle, @teardrops and @ulogs. Indeed, you have shown us how to celebrate our dreams and our worth. Thank you.

Well I think soon enough, I mean very soon enough I’ve got to make a #Ulogs song , like the theme song.
#Ulogs has been an inspiration unto me and many others. With #Ulogs , I’m a star and I want to be more of a star . This is a proposal to get an approval to make the #Ulogs theme song . I’d be my honor if this is granted .
Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for the support of this great initiative. You’re much appreciated brother


Doesn't need permission. All my notions, words etc are free to use


Oh thanks Bro I will definitely make a #Ulogs theme song

If you missed the radio show, watch out for the recording, it will be uploaded soon.
Wating for that video than, I will watch that when I will be free, hope there will be something for me to learn.


It is already out. visit @sn0white


No worries

You have shown love To a lot of posts today, what a path to go. Everyday the entries get much more and more interesting.
It is certainly amazing the number of celebrities been made daily and how so many people are embracing ulog .

Amazing update. Thank you @ulogs and @surpassinggoogle. We love you

Brilliant initiative to give something to write everyday. I haven't been doing a lot lately.
I'm waiting for an eventful day to start ulogging


Doesn't require an eventful day. I requires more of you, in your day. Even if you stayed indoors all day, you can #ulog still


Okay, then it's settled
I'll start one later today

@surpassinggoogle, though I may not join the discord for now, am still a dedicated @ulogger with my @ulogs. I'll ensure at least one #ulog daily.


You can listen to the recording on my current post or visit @sn0white

The curated post are actually getting bigger, I mean the first ulog update curated post were lesser, the horizon are being even more expanded as well,

I agree with Terry certainly, these dreams we sire, they're really Onlyba realization if we wake up and live them to the fullest, people in the #ulog discord channel are embracing this very fast, the effect of that video on me is powerful and as a result of the inspiration I got from it, I did a ulog post the fact that we search for how to make money online and affiliate marketing appears, ulog is RESLLY changing the shape of the internet


He's great.
He's influencing so many people. I just found out his blog a few days ago and I can already sense something great going on here.
His initiatives are amazing and yet everybody can take part.


Featured list isn't exhaustive. You have joined as "true fan" on #ulog, so its counted.

Wow! Thank God I saw this early enough. I won't miss the video re-play and I'll be preparing for the next discord. I hope I will have something to show. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

The show was great and it was nice hearing that great voice of @surpassinggoogle

@surpassinggoogle, am warming for my introduction post. I'm sure it'll be a ulog. Thank you for motivating us here in steemit. I'll reciprocate soonest

It was indeed a great time with @surpassinggoogle at the Radio Show. I got several good informations which have shaped me. Thank you Sir Terry.

It is very vital and imperative to understand the power of one's steemit post; the more reason @surpassinggoogle focused on this yesterday in the Radio Show. People do not get to see you physically but they see your blog posts. Hence, your post is you. Your blog is your selling point. Do well to fill it what quality goods. Your post is a true reflection of you.

A post is not just a post

This is quite true. Your post should always showcase your dreams but remember it is not just enough to show your dreams. While dreaming, work as well.

Dreaming is nothing if you don't work on it.


To every #ulogger, it is very mandatory for you to attend this shows cause you get to hear from the horse's mouth. You get to understand the basics of the concepts of @ulogs by heart as well as its movement.


I wouldn't miss the talk fir anything.

Thanks for this update great Job you are doing sir @surpassinggoogle

The need we feel will give way for us to formulate dreams. It is important we are able to put these dreams into words and be seen in our posts. Dreaming is nothing if you don't work on it. Our posts should carry our dreams and visions so we must make them with those things in mind all the time. A post is not just a post, a post carries with it the power to realize your dreams.

This got me. The question now is "do you feel a need?" And what's the need?

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for this

I can't believe i missed the radio show again. Its really great knowing i would be able to get the recording. Congratulations to those featured today. I look forward to reading more.Keep up the good work! We all win together!


recording on @sn0white


Thank you sir

At least a post a day and just about me
Last week I said Sir Terry is just like an Angel sent to us cos I never thought of Even having a post a day and this comes as easy as ABC

Thanks much Sir


as difficult as 1,2,3


You are so funny sir

Is 123 difficult?
I guess No

For dreams to to be fulfilled, we must believe in many things. We must believe we can dream. We must believe we have the power to make that dream a reality. We must believe in the systematic ways we can do to achieve that dream.

We will achieve our dreams together by our means of ULOG!! Together we will shine like the brightest stars in the sky.

You've done a good job compiling #ulog posts from far and wide on the steem block chain. I can imagine how tasking it might be & I can understand that in this case of multiple entries of #ulog posts, it becomes harder for Sir Terry, some posts will miss out in the course of gaining exposure/rewards. But am sure its not going to be on purpose, a #ulogger will not give up, if @surpassinggoogle misses your present #ulog post, am sure he won't miss the next.

@surpassinggoogle here’s a little poem about #Ulogs and you as a hero

Angel amongst men that’s what we call him
A good man with a kind heart is what he is
Ideas so unique and life changing
#ulogs is a typical example of a life changer

@uloggers you are stars of your making
And we are your fans in all seasons
With #ulogs , my dreams are certain cause I see
I see and feel my stardom cause I’m @uloggers

Thank you for this wonderful idea. I really love #ulog. Everyday I'm excited on whats gonna happen to my day. Thank you @surpassinggoogle.


Yeah true, it's like my diary before, but now the difference is, ulog is more exciting! I'm so thankful to @surpassinggoogle because he gives the light to us to shine. 😍


Yes @shula14 we’re so blessed because @surpassinggoogle is always around.
He sheds light to provide glow to our life in steemit.

I really love this part

Dreaming is nothing if you don't work on it. Our posts should carry our dreams and visions so we must make them with that those things in mind all the time.

Kudos to all featurees. Keep on pouring your ulogs.

Thanks Sir Terry.

A post is not just a post, a post carries with it the power to realize your dreams.

it really is true if a steemian fully understand the beauty of steemit.
I also recorded the show, I started uploading the video last night but still not yet done this morning, I'll check on it when I got home,hehe
Thanks again Sir Terry, We truly appreciate your works in our community

Wow I'm glad to see my post was featured here by @Ulogs thank you so much for this unexpected blessing this means a lot to me... Thank you to our dear @surpassinggoogle for this awesome idea #ulog... Congratulations fellow steemers and #uloggers!!!

yaay. i am excited for the recordings :) and by the way. congratulations to all who go featured!!! keep up the good work guys and keep shining :)

Great work and great job is a huge impact of the followers or readers

Terry @surpassinggoogle @ulogs , your channel lifted so many lives up. A thank you would never be enough.

The best ever update!Thank you for all the curation.Now i finally found how many celebrties now as #uloggers.Keep it up all the time .Let us support our mentor @surpassinggoogle for being a good man and a real celebrity of all time.

i was also there in that steemgigs talkshow. It was my first time so i got little bit confused. Then in chat list some people help me how to operate that. Sir @surpassinggoogle was there then we here about The power of a steemit post. He also talk about building your dream into reality. I really inspired from his words. & i'm greatful to sir Terry for creating @ulogs. It's a great feeling. I can say one thing with the help of @ulog everyone can build their dream onto really 😊

Reading some of the #ulogs make those being featured true celebrities in their own ways. We are your fans now. Congrats again.

Wow, a very good post @ulogs, I think the uloggers are now increasing, as more and more people are supporting #ulog. I agree as you say we must realize the dream to be successful at Steemit, and become a good ulogger and can produce a work that is useful to the crowd through our articles. Because of every post we publish it can be an opportunity to be successful in Steemit. Hopefully #ulog will continue to grow for the future. thank you...

  ·  last year (edited)

Let steemit be your stepping stones to make your dream come true!
Shine and make the whole world know you exist, share your experiences, share your love, share your weaknesses and inspire others!

ULogs for the win! Keep steering and keep making ulogs! Congrats and kudos to all the featured posts!

Congratulations! Your post has been selected as a daily Steemit truffle! It is listed on rank 11 of all contributions awarded today. You can find the TOP DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS HERE.

I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 103 SBD worth and should receive 429 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Congratulation sir

I am happy to know @surpassinggoogle and his works to celebrate Human is a great way to keep Steemit community alive.

Tan solo con su ayuda le cumple sueños a cualquiera, y es que es algo increíble porque con esfuerzo y dedicación todos podemos llegar a onde queremos, y mire donde esta usted. Tratando de ayudar a todos los usuarios de múltiples maneras #ULOG no deja de ser un gran proyecto día a día interectuan mas personas al igual que en @Steemgigs y Obvio su usuario [email protected] Que siempre ofrece su mano amiga y de apoyo incondicional, es imposible no estar agradecido con esta gran persona ;)

Your post resteemed by @steemch

sad i created a ulog 2 days ago , it was not noticed:( https://steemit.com/ulog/@zam398/ulog-02-celebrating-our-12th-year-of-friendships

Missed the discord discussions due bad network over here. But updates were helpful..

I count it as a privilege to be a member of this great citadel of decentralized social network- Steemit.
Steemit is changing lives, am a living witness!
With #ulogs, am motivated to do at least 3 posts per week, thank you @surpassinggoogle for having a large share in my testimonies.
Much love to you Sir Terry.

i missed the show ....


Maybe there will be a next discord talk show, and hoping to meet you there. 😊


i hope so ..Sunday i was so busy and that way i missed this ....


yes there is another talk show... so don’t worry my friend :)




per week


thanks @surpassinggoogle .. i hope i will attend next week .


it wasnt sunday per se. it was saturday. Recording is on @sn0white

i was also there in that steemgigs talkshow. It was my first time so i got little bit confused. Then in chat list some people help me how to operate that. Sir @surpassinggoogle was there then we here about The power of a steemit post.

this is a fantastic initiative.. I love the idea.. I love being a #Ulogger