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I am not a writer! I simply place pictures from my mind's eye into capsules called "words", for words still rule the world:

Let there be light and there was light!

The truth is, i like innovation and from an early age, i started out in that path. I lived in a place filled with cruelty but i managed to sift the good from the bad; so my innovation ideas didn't involve any beefs or jealously etc. 

Most of my innovation ideas, stemmed from wanting to add "the awesomeest version of me" into the state of Mama Earth. 

I preferred the high road! 

Indeed, i had had to notice the state of Mama Earth and much heart's involved. Love and forgiveness too!

Too, i wasn't going to keep on as a consoler! I was a fixer!

Really, where i am from, you could feed on "consolation" till its grave-time. "Don't worry, tomorrow will be good"; was an anthem, till there was no more need for fights. Battles over before, they even begin. "Tomorrow never comes"

From a young age, i wanted to go to "tomorrow".

The value of the human in these places; even "non-existent". Tis something to cry about. 

"Your money or your life" and just when you ask how much money; we are talking some 5 dollars!

People in these places have been pummeled by avoidable suffering and given quotes from great men to feed on, as consolation prizes!

This is chaos and i wanted to adjust that!

Then, i would say to boys when we go eating out; "here is a round-table and some chairs, and its all we need. Let's relegate rice once or twice and use our minds to innovate ways to give our lives spice

Then many a "nonsense" came to life but it was a start! 
Nonsense is harder to conceive of than sense because nonsense isn't what we are taught.
But when you look more closely, what isn't nonsense? "X + Y = z/CO2" is very much nonsense!

Over the years

I have had a ton of innovation ideas over the years and you can easily call some silly but again; "saying you will find "gravity" from a fallen mountain", must have been very silly stuff at the onset!

Overall, when it comes to conceiving of innovation ideas, i adopt limitlessness. "Dream-like!"

Then after an innovation idea is accomplished, i applied improvisation after improvisation, to at least make these ideas look accomplishable and less of a dream. 

An enabling environment was usually missing!

Improvisation comes into place, to curb setbacks, while setbacks existed. 

This was, using improvisation to positive use e.g when i can't bring dreams to fruition, i keep dreams alive in dream-bits! Hahaha, there is also the "rehearsal style" improvisation, where i rehearse dreams till they happen.

Steemit happened and things got better, for steemit easily became "means to an enabling environment".

Innovation continued

Many of my innovation ideas have been influenced by the need for world adjustment. 

World-change may take forever. World-adjustment can happen now. 

So my steemit journey very much involved, continuing what i was already doing before steemit: "surpassing google".

How do i surpassing Google?

By doing something, very positive yet unpopular by world standard! This very much involved "brothers".

@steemgigs happened! 

@Steemgigs in reality, is was away to bring all of my innovation ideas under one umbrella! 

#steemgigs is bigger things, than an interface to disrupt Fiverr! 

One of the core aims of #steemgigs though is:

Make a brother an active fan of another brother's met dreams.
Be part of potential remarkable history by helping a brother build his dreams, while building your own dreams. "Dreams being constant!"

Other key words are; "brother" and "remarkable history".

But there is more......

To remove barriers: "Everyone must have something to offer!"

So add; "we are genius" to the equation, then "human or brother" becomes a bit more invincible in a positive sense.


Abolishing the conditioning attached to IQ tests e.g smart, dull, bum and you suddenly give every human a chance to shine!

So if Bill Gate did Microsoft and i can do Macro-hard, aren't we both genius? Oh, we both are!

And if i am not genius, "who" is determining Bill Gates to be genius and me not? Another human?

Well, i am human too; so here is what i have got to say: 

If i got the worst results ever, in a Bill Gate's Microsoft coding exam, before you seal your definition of "genius"; let Bill Gates come write my own Macro-hard Jargon exam.

Now if we both fail woefully; then perhaps, my own principle holds sway:

 "we are genius!"

Hahaha, i am just doing comedy but what i am saying is very very simple....e.g

  • Who says you can't draw? You & your friends!; but is it true that you can't draw? Oh, you can
Worst case scenario: you can't draw well.
  • And can't you sing? Hahaha, i tell you; "you can sing like crazy, if "off-key" was involved"!

Now, i am not saying standards or human standards are wrong. All i am saying is: "you can do it, so don't let these existing standards prevent you from starting out-of-the-boxness altogether".

Finding out, who you truly are or attaining the awesomemest version of yourself, is essential to greatness and is a gift to humanity, every time!

Steem Untalented

This idea is a playful fun idea that started very long ago. I wrote about it a bit here!

I want "steem untalented" to become the most valuable contest or initiative in the world, when it comes to creating the best version of human and altogether "winners!". I want it to be the first contest to say YES to every human, in a world of many NO(s)!

A branch of @steemgigs that plays a pertinent role in adjusting the world as it adds "freedom" into the curriculum of finding ourselves

With this freedom, you are bound to find yourself, in newer ways. 

There is sense in nonsense

"Dirt is good"; ask Mr/Mrs Soap.

"If going to the moon happened"; then our tiny innovation or dream-like ideas, can sure happen. Conceive of them; bear them forth limitlessly!

Let's go!

We will start this extremely contest slowly and we will use it as a fun means to tap into ourselves a bit more. Let's find out new sides to us. 

Ultimately, let's find out one more time, that Bill Gates & co and all the great minds out there, don't have two heads

In reality, they don't think of themselves as having two heads and we shouldn't give them two heads in our imaginations and ourselves one; for we all have one massive head!

Steem Untalented will make everyone winners, every time! Breathe and participate in all freedom, for you can't lose!

Eventually, it will turn into a real world innovation (likely a TV reality show that will host billions worldwide, for it gives everyone a chance); fine tuning even the so-called worst-at-everything, into the very-best-at-everything. 

Yes, a "so you think you can't dance" reality TV show, will make more money, than "so you think you can dance", everytime. Same applies to a Music TV competition for off-key singers!

Steem Untalented First Contest Proper

Theme for this writing and drawing contest where every participant wins is: "Who You Are!"

  • Do a post, telling us who you are!
Please think and tap into yourself a bit more, when you write. You can talk of dreams too, bucket-lists, wishes, sadness, happiness, the YOU inside you etc.  All flaws allowed! Relegate reservations! Exercise all freedom!
  • The steemit post should also contain an image of a drawing/painting/sketch/font design etc of your steemit username! This image will be yours for keeps and would exist to be treasured by you, to remind you of what steemit represents to you; what YOU represent; your steemit journey etc
All flaws allowed! Relegate reservations! Exercise all freedom!


  • You don't have to be an artist; you don't need to have colored crayons. Your drawing can be bizarre as "Chipmunk-drawn Monalisa". Bizzarer could be better!
  • You don't need to be a writer either. 

Just think about "Who You Are"; then write and draw! If you need a song, use this:

video source/credit to Jessie J/youtube

Then please submit one such entry in the comments below. 

Don't worry about prizes, for every entry will win something and you can be sure. So participate to this contest once and freely!

Note: You will have to submit the URL to your post entry underneath this post. 

 Your Boy Terry


My community effort is part of what i do as a steemit witness, thus, the use of the hashtag (witness category).

If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in"steemgigs" in the first search box! You don't need voting power to vote for a witness! 


Consider choosing @surpassinggoogle as your proxy, to help you with choosing your witness votes. To do this, visit then type in "surpassinggoogle" in the proxy search box as seen below!   

      Join us on Steemgigs community on discord to contact me directly:  

Everyone has something to offer!

 @sunnylife potatotized me & you with some love! 

Oh my! What do I write. You know not how strongly you have pulled me up with this write up. Just before reading this, I was at the brink of making life threatening decisions but you have shown me there is more to life than I see.

I do not need their applause because they can't do what I do. They are not me... I am a genius in my field needless of "their" approval.

I don't know if I made sense but you have taught me there is sense in nonsense...

Thank you so much for this...

You just saved a soul!

One of the nice things about the blockchain is it’s always here to listen all you have to do is write and hit that post button.

A few of the people I follow just sometimes have to write a blog or comment that allows them to vent their frustration with things not working out or as a way to remember the good times when dealing with a sad moment in their life. I found myself doing the same almost two weeks back and happy moments will forever be saved on the blockchain.

Last night I even linked @surpassinggoogle contest to a friend who didn’t exactly share what had them very down in life but I could tell that person was struggling with something that has changed their life in a way they wish it did not.

At the end of the day you have to take the steps in life to be happy with what you do and who you are. This contest is great for that. I have been thinking how I will enter myself.

I have many times in the past found myself surrounded with very negative people in my life and they are no longer my friends. Friends who don’t value you for you are just not worth the effort when there are so many people in this world.

I have met some amazing people on steemit. I even chat with a few of them many times a week. This place just has a way of bringing happiness and encouraging people to make positive changes in their life to be both mentally and physically in a better place.

I wish you great successes and Terry has saved many great souls out there that is something you have in common with many.

Yeah @enjar taking a step into your own happiness is a big deal as no one will keep you happy if you don't do. I have decided to take the bull by the horn into my own happiness and I hope I find more...

Wow.. Thank God this came at the nick of time. Our struggle for acceptance most times just lowers or kill our self-esteem completely. I think we just need to love ourself more and not give in to some of the negative remarks people feed us with. It was a sober time for me too reading through this yesterday. I now believe that there is no duplicate of me in the world and I am a genius in whatever I do, I am not also ruling out the possibility of having qualitative relationship with people as well. In truth, no one can do it on their own. Pls encourage the giant in you, feed it, and trust me, She will grow to full stature.

Yeah @phait... Thanks. I will sure feed the giant in me

Thank you so much @immajoras. It's an excellent piece. I am grateful

You're welcome..chin up you!!

the url link is not working

So sorry..can you try again??? Cheers!

Hello @abeem90

I am glad you were rescued by this article. Life can be very frustrating when you feel like you have nothing to live for. I always heard that money cannot buy happiness but i never understood it till i joined Steemit, i was earning way more than most people in my country, but I still felt some empty inside.

Then I met @surpassinggoogle and just like he has inspired you , his words and actions blazed a trail for me to follow, I now know what I am meant to do.

You will always be told that it is not possible, you will always be made fun of or ridiculed, but you have to know that your dreams are achieveable.

The Oak sleeps inside the acorn, the bird waits inside the egg and the tiny Mustard seed always grows to be the biggest tree. You just have to believe in yourself and wake up every morning and tell yourself:



@ogochukwu A resounding I am ENOUGH! Guess I'll glaze that. Believing in myself will definitely go a long way.

yes you are making a great sense by your comment @abeem90. @surpassinggoogle has been a great motivator for me since i joined steemit, he taught me a lot of things i know today, this contest has really helped a lot especially myself, i just realize that i didn't know myself that much until now. He doesn't just save a soul @abeem90, he just save souls.

Yeah @noraliza He just gets it perfectly...

Yes you do make sense honey! 💗 It also sounds like you are coming into your power. You're right. No one can do what you do. Only you can. Always remember that, especially when you begin to question your worth or value, know in your heart and soul you are infinite, boundless, made of love.

Oh yeah! You get it...@bearone "questioning your value and worth". Now I'm so certain and sure of what I carry.

My confidence level has been refuelled.

[email protected]

You won't just know what is enclosed within you. You are one special YOU, you deserve more than you think you might worth.
If i am not wrong, I think MOTHER NATURE believe in you and all you have to do is to prove her right. I know you will get to the promised land sooner than later.

@bat-junior says "YOU ARE SPECIAL"

@bat-junior I sure won't know until I try.
Thanks so much.

A lot of souls in steemit really are blessed to have @surpassinggoogle!
@abeem90, you're story touched my heart. I'm glad you found @surpassinggoogle as I am too, was saved by him before. I'm happy you've made those realizations after reading @surpassinggoogle's post. Everything you do has its sense.

I'll do include you in my prayers. More blessings to you! :)

Thanks sooo [email protected] for the prayers...

I have a new reality now and I sure would live in it.

You are unique, you are special! Never forget that... We all fight our battles, happiness is an illusion. Life gets to us. Life is a journey that has its ups and downs. Despite all that, it is a journey to be explored and savored to the fullest. I've personally realized that its easier to give up than to keep trying... Let's keep trying - together, stronger... We all try to be brave, and in moments of weakness we look at inspiration around us. Glad that you found inspiration from a wonderful soul. More power and best wishes to you!

Thanks for these encouraging words @jznsamuel.

It means a lot to me...
I'm striving harder. Never stopping...

Thank you, and all the very best!

That is exactly how to go about it. Do your thing without looking for that approval that is irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. It made loads of sense to me, both to the weird part (better part if you ask me) and the good part of me. Keep the hope alive and steem on.

Not waiting for the approvals yeah right.

From now, once I have a picture in mind I'm so determined to achieve it...

It's indeed a new me.

Thanks @greenrun

That's good to hear. Thank you too

Stay strong, life is tough but that is not the solution. You cant please everyone, we are all unique and special in our own way. Yes you do not need the approval of others. Try to see life in a different perspective. You are not alone we are here for you. Will be including you in my prayers.

I feel so encouraged today than ever!!!

Thank you soooo much!

Great to hear that @abeem90 :) stay strong and continue to be awesome!

In times when we feel alone, unloved and takes a lot of courage to tell ourselves "NO"...we are not alone at all. One person is not our world. A love not freely given is not ours, but there's so much LOVE out there that can be overwhelming if we open ourselves to them. Unworthiness is from the eyes of another, it's not necessarily true.
We are stronger than we think, and powerful if we put our minds to it.
A friend once said to me, when you reached the bottom, the only way is UP! So chin up...there are friends who care.

I do not need their applause because they can't do what I do. They are not me... I am a genius in my field needless of "their" approval.

This is very true... We are all unique! We all have our own presence... our own purpose... :) We cannot expect everyone to like us, but continue believing in yourself! <3 You are a wonderful person! Be yourself and be loved for who you are! <3

"Be loved for who you are" - Exactly!

Thanks @tegoshei

Very much welcome, dear... :) SMILE! ^^

Never take permanent decision for temporary problems, we are always there to cheer u up for a better tomorrow.... Share your story with @voiceshares and find the support you need.. All the best for the contest :)

Hmmmm.... Yeah.... Never take permanent decisions for temporary problems....

Thanks for the support @rideofpassion

I will do just that.

Smile. I agree with what you said:

They are not me... I am a genius in my field needless of "their" approval.

I just saw your comment when an angel sent the link to me. You are perfectly made @abeem90
You are beautiful and you are worthy. Life maybe isn't fair sometimes "the road of life: some roads are rocky, sandy and smooth. You may be on a rocky road right now...Keep fighting! Keep going!
Don't let the rocky and sandy road take away your joy to continue your journey, those road teaches us to be strong and see the positive side of it.
I"m glad you found this article.

You are unique, special, loved by so many Steemians including me.
Love and prayers xxxx

dont let the problems destroy u ... Take this as a challenge. .. Show to the world You are strong woman. Nothing can stop and destroy u. Believe in yourself

Thanks @roykie17 they sure won't

Philippians 4:6-7 - "In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses every man’s understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus."

Always be reminded that whatever is happening in your life, we have a Sovereign God that knows what we need. From eternity past to eternity future, He is there for us, will never leave us or forsake us.
Praise the Lord! :)

you are making sense dear! Absolutely, there is no nonsense without a sense. When you said''no one can do what you do, i totally agree with you. Because you are You, and no one can ever be You. If you should know, fear and doubt kills dreams more than failure ever will, you just have to believe in yourself, move out from that comfort zone and let your confidence over ride you.

Thanks @famouzqueen my confidence is fired up

@surpassinggoogle has saved a lot of us. You are welcome to the hood. I am happy you found yourself some strength from this blog. YES YOU ARE GENIUS. We all are. Sad events can only come and go if we stay strong and hopeful. I love you, always will. I have followed you already, will check up on you from time. You are awesome @abeem90

Hahaha, she doesn't love me. No wahala

hahahaha You know if the whole steem community loves you who i'm i not to? I LOVE YOU LIKE

Funny woman! So why the lol at the end?

I love you like crazy (full stop)


You see how sweet that sounds!

Now go sing song

LOL...You are just making me laugh since. You have a whole lot of reading to do. And i am sure you won't skip any for they are all very important and deep.

Hun? The Apostles must hear of this.

I tell you, "you are the best" and whenever you tire out and feel like you need to hear it again, please come here and entertain all freedom, relegate all fears. I write truly with hopes of touching someone out there who is on the brink of shatter cos i am on the brink of shatter too. Stay awesome!

I just want to stay speechless a bit for you touched me as well with your comment.

When you feel up to it, write an entry, feel freely, then let go in your writing, then draw that username, like it represents you and hold on to it tight.

You can submit the url here!

Alright... I will sure do that.

Thank you so much again and don't ever stop reaching out to others. You never really know who you are saving.

Thanks again

Looking forward to see you soon and continue your journey with us.. @abeem90

Thanks for yesterday again @surpassinggoogle. It had a lifetime effect.
Here is my url:

Thank you. Many entries, so i will get to it in due time but i pretty fast. Will read all entries no doubt and leave an empowering message and also a vote and resteem too, which would help

It is amazing the things we can see with new perspective! So very proud of you to stop a destructive behavior!!!!!!

@abeem90 I read your last post "Who am i?" i like your gratitude. you are really a splendid girl. you explained about yourself very clearly that's amazing. your dreams, goals,who you are everything is good and it is really true that @surpassinggoogle is a best steemian, this post of @surpassinggoogle is too positive. it has changed my mind too. Yes,there is a sense in non-sense. Neither I am a professional writer nor motivatior yet i try to spread positivity. I try to express my mind into words in which i am not perfect. I am not getting express my mind into words. Many users say to me in pm that there is not any sense they go to the words not to feelings what i want to say. Now i am feeling that there is something in my posts. There is a sense in my nonsense. my last post link:-

I just cried on my inside right now after reading through. All these you have written is a book yet to be published. You have my pre-order vote. I learnt so much. One of which I understand that my dream could and most times will be unrealistic but persistence solves it all. And in the process of waiting to achieve that dram, it is necessary to build capacity. More than people believing in you is you believing in yourself.

The cards won't be played in your favor sometimes because the competition makes you feel in adequate and hence people will judge you alike. I understand that I am not in competition with anyone but myself and being a better me daily is key.

You are blessed. Thanks for sharing and motivating the giant in me. Thanks @surpassinggoogle

"I am not in competition with anyone but myself"
So correct. And we can choose to be the hare or the tortoise. They both tried, at least.
But how much better to be both... and cross the finish line together. Life isn't always a race. And remember: if anyone actually is judging you, they are neither tortoise nor hare. They are mere onlookers. Passive. Meh!

True... My goal is to use all the deposits in me and die empty

You are blessed for giving way to tears here. I will stay speechless. You grasped!

You felt the undertones. I tell you speak of these things in depth soon. There are so many untold things about the world. For some, even free dream is luxury. Let's pause. This is an initiative that will eventually lead to beauty. Hope you will participate too

Lead to beauty? That's probably an understatement. Initiatives like this would give life to dead and long lost dreams. I literally read your post to someone yesterday and I could see the joy of reliving hope that has been lost. I have never entered for any contest prior to this time but this my @surpassinggoogle is the real value thingy that the platform portrays.

If this perception is taught even from our elementary schools, I believe that the world would have more genius doing amazingly in their various fields of endeavor. Thanks for this. Generations will be grateful for this initiative @surpassinggoogle

Look at the top comment to this post as well as another comment from olufunke, towards the top too. I feel you will be able to give them a touching comment. Use it to learn more things.

Thank you much for the entry. I will be visiting all entries much later today. Stay awesome!

i'm so happy that this contest came into existence, i can't count the things i've learnt since @surpassinggoogle dropped this post. @phait thanks for that line '' i am not in competition with anyone but myself'' i can really make use of that.

Since I read your post yesterday, even after commenting, I couldnt rest my mind because it felt like the peace I needed was lost. Peace from the time wasted in waiting for people's acceptance of my true self, this singular thing has robbed me of my joy for the better part of growing up. With my plight yesterday, I read your post to a dear brother who literally suffers from glaucoma and has since lost sight of things and events. After I was done reading, he was quite for about 10minutes and when I looked his eyes, it was soaked in tears, he said and I quote "I could have believed more in myself before life happened to me, knowing I wasn't born blind".

You see, you just bridged the road between death and life. So many of us today are walking dead because of the choices we have made just to fit into what the society thinks of us rather than believe in ourselves. Thanks once again @surpassinggoogle for this initiative. I don't know where to pick it all up from but I sure know you have given the best clue. Thank you.

@olufunke, I can feel your pain right now as I am typing these words of mine. Life is sometimes filled with uncertainties, I do see every event as something that happens for a reason. I believe that every happenings right now is for a better future. Try to have the faith in God and believe in yourself.

I want you to tell your brother these words of mine. @bat-junior

Thank you. I will relate it to him.

Hello @olufunke

You actually did something great reading @surpassinggoogle life changing and thought provoking article to your brother and to be sincere this is my first time hearing of "glaucoma" (I might have been living a cave) and here i am with inspiration for him.

Please help me read out to him

"There are no hopeless situation, there are only people who have grown hopeless about their situation"

Life purpose can not be defeated when determination is in place even glaucoma can't. Potential can still be unleashed even in the worst condition of life. Every bad condition has an expiring date.

He can and will be free from that condition. Let him know that there is nothing impossible to a man that believe even the most impossible things of life are doable.

Lastly, coming back to @surppasinggoogle idea; we are not our conditions and conditions are instrument for transformation. Miracles happens when faith is demonstrated.

He will see again in Jesus Name.

Wow.... This touched me. I just read it to him again. In his words, "your words are comforting and has boosted my faith to know that if people can believe in my restoration (sight), I don't have an excuse not believing in God to do it in me, thank you so much". We are grateful

I am humbled at this touching comment. God! I believe and pray that he will receive his sight again. I know about glaucoma and the fact that there hasn't been a cure for that disease. But I trust God to lay his healing hands on him. I am short of words to say. Pls, pls and pls don't be laid down and I am happy you said you have got to get up and I know that the point of pushing yourself up will be clear to you soonest. The day your brother receives his sight which I believe he will, pls share with us. Thanks for sharing this heart cry. You just touched a part of me that has never been touched before. Stay strong.

Thanks for this. Your words are strengthening and Amen to all these prayers. I am utmostly grateful for these words. I am better Inspired.

@olufunte sometimes we are afraid to spread our wings because we are afraid to be judged by people that surrounds us. We start to doubt ourselves and be trapped inside the jar and feeling hopeless. Like everyone here, YOU are unique, special and wonderfully made, spread your wings and be free. We cannot pleased everybody to accept and love us because... Love IS A GIFT....

love and prayers to your dear brother.
Stay strong and hope to see you coming back again on Steemit.

Thanks for this. Its comforting.. Love truly is a gift. Thank you.

@olufunke, life sometimes is not what we always expect it to be. I believe somethings we experience and face in life sometimes do happen for a reason. You can tell your brother that whenever there is life there is hope. Stay strong and believe in God, because with him nothing is impossible.

@olufunke Life is really a wild ride, just hold on tight brother. There are really days that are gonna make you give up. Life is cruel but beautiful try to see the world in a different perspective.

It is not too late do not lose hope and never give up. I sometimes feel like giving up on myself and everything I do. If you cannot do it for yourself then do it for the people around you.

Always remember you are not alone we are here for you. Stay strong. I will include you and your brother in my prayers. God Bless.

I will share you a song, this song is the one I always listen to whenever I am giving up or feeling down it always cheers me up in some way, hope it helps you in some way:

I pray God give him strength in abundance

There is always hope in life when we choose not to give up, no matter the huddles we face in life, we can never reach the finish line if we decide to pull out from the race. I know it's easy said than done, but you will agree with me that there is no way we can get it right after several times of failure if we don't keep on trying. Faith works for only those who believe in it. i believe that's all you need now.

I'm happy to see that you seem to have done a reset and are in a good starting point.

Let go of the worries of the past. Acknowledge though that everything that has happened has brought us to where we are now and has helped build who we are today.

People are different and each has something different to say. Listen and take wisdom but at the end of the day, do what makes you happy the most.

Celebrate life. Celebrate you.

great idea do what makes you happy

Gosh, you fixed me with tears. I know that glaucoma thing, if you only knew, if you only knew. You fixed me in return. Walking dead defines me at times, not to lie. I feel you and your brother whose eyes welled up, if you only knew how much i understand these things, if you only knew. I am your fan and tell your brother i am his fan. Till date i still research a fixing for glaucoma cos i so want to fix that thing and many things more. Let me pause. Hold your brother and pass the vibe here to him. Depending on how deep one is, glaucoma can crush; oh it can but let's see! Hoping an operation can fix it at its current stage again let's see. Pray to Jehovah in Jesus name and let's see. Let's see. Stay awesome. You can read this comment to him and hopefully the other loving comments that could follow

I just read it out loud so he could hear this... He said and I quote "I might not be able to see these guys on your network but I can see through the hope of their words which is of great consolation, I will press on and hope more. Thank them for me."... I am saying thank you @surpassinggoogle and everyone that has prayed and commented. I believe I will testify by God's grace.

Very powerful! He will testify by Jehovah's grace. I got to stage where i stopped wanting to console as you will have read in this post, so this one is with profound hope that there will great times even for you brother. He has substance and specialness in him based on his words here. He should keep that alive

I thought I knew who I was. I thought I knew what to do here on Steemit. It thought let's just simply have some fun here.

And then I read your post.

To be honest, I think I no longer know who I am, what I should be doing here or how to approach the many facets of this platform. I think I will re-think my blog page now, to re-flect the self-discovering aspects of my adventures in this amazing community.

Thank you for your post, your thoughts are truly original.

Yes, kindly participate in the contest based on your re-reflection and submit the URL here. Read the bottom part of the post for other requirements for entry

Ok, here it is:

You're a hero for giving the untalented a voice!

Thanks much. Will visit much later today

Every human being is imbued with life and potential. Both society and the individual have an equal opportunity to unlock that potential. So often, neither will do so.

Some do not understand their gifts. Others are afraid of them. And most simply do not believe that there is any potential at all within themselves. It is why they despair and grow sullen with this life.

Often times our gifts are simple. We can carry a tune. We can make others laugh. Some gifts appear great in magnitude to others. They can compute great numbers in their head. They can construct glorious prose.

But each has a gift. And each gift is important. In this orchestra of life, each of us can make a sound. It is not always the most important note, but together, we make great music.

Learn your part. Play your instrument. Take joy in the role you were meant to play in this life. We are all imbued with potential. Unlock yourself.


Just look at this very beautiful summary. Stay awesome. Stay brave

Thank you. Sincere and true. Be well!

Every time a post from you pops up in my feed I am excited because I know you will in some way pose a question that I will ponder on for the coming days. This article again did not disappoint. I'm left debating a lot of things actually and overall coming to realize that in life, as well as Steemit, you just have to find your niche, the people that think like you, without disagreed anyone with a different opinion of course, and life turns a better direction.
As for the topic at hand, "Who am I?" ...
Although still coming to terms with exactly who I am now at age 30, I would say I am a passionate, hardworking parent who values family first. Who dreams of providing the best life possible for myself and my family while utilizing my unique mind to obtain this life.
I thank you again Terry, for always keeping my mind sharp. As for the creative creation, I have an idea but I want to work on it some more. I may have to post it in a day or two :)

Yes! Take your time. You are at a good stage at 30 and that you identify the need for the mind to stay sharp. Thank you for picking special things out from my posts. You really grasp. Really!

I realized the same during a festival a friend of mine organized this summer in his farm.

Everyone's role in the world is important...

People often claim not having the time to do something and change what they don't like and end up doing nothing... But complaining, and we don't realize that if we all do what little we can, the joint effort can move mountains.

Sometimes it is something as trivial a ReBlog... a RT or just lending a helping hand.

I know the feeling about wanting that tomorrow to arrive, lately I'm convinced that Sarah Connor had a big lesson to teach us when she engraved in the table :

"There is no fate...
But what we make for ourselves."

I see two tags of countries I've known because of my job, and they both have something in common: They catched my hearth by the human quality of the good people i met there.

Being a Venezuelan I know that feeling that sometimes your life is cheaper than the bullet in the mugger's gun and the disarray you feel when you have to live far away from your beloved homeland (because for everyone of us our homeland is beloved wherever it might be) But there is hope for humanity.

Something else that music festival this summer thagut me was that when people get together with a common goal, things fall organically in place.

Somewhere in your post you speak of speaking of your dreams... Well mine is to appeal to human greed as incentive to bring people here and start a permanent session of humanity parliament where we shape the world accordingly to everyone's concept of fairness and justice and where every one of us brings our own conceptions to discuss them and polish the diamond hidden in everyone's "charcoal" idea...

Somewhere in Palawan

Get well!

You fully grasped.

I wish i'd written my AGORA posts in English so i could share them with you, unfortunately I made them in Spanish. I promise I will get around to translate them, and drop'em in the chat for you (not because they are private, mysterious or special), just because i want to honestly share them and don't want them stained with the doubt i did for a vote.

The comments below and your post call for harmony in vibrancy with the whole universe almost inducing an altered state.

I think i just understood the real meaning of No Wahala

Hi @surpassinggoogle, thank you for this amazing post. Anytime i read your post, it leaves something inside of me. My entry

I am glad to hear that.
Will visit all the entries later today. Thank you very much

Goodluck lady

I got very emotional now! To be honest, the hardest part to write for me is describing myself. Telling who really I am. When I started on steemit I don't even know how to introduce myself properly. There are too many things that I want, too many dreams that only in my mind... I'm crying now! The song makes me cry! I thought I am just happy! but when I read this post and listening to the song, made me realize how sad I am right now!....

@emonemolover There is no need to cry, no need to be sad. You are just right where you are and you should know, what you really are is neither your body nor your thoughts, we humans are not aware but what makes us ourselves is so much more than what we can ever imagine. You are the space in between the stars, you are the silence which everything emerges from. So close your eyes and breathe deeply, and feel that you are just fine and you will always be.

hugsss and lots of love @emonemolover
Stay beautiful xoxo

Thank you sis.. Same to you! Xoo

hmmn..let me hug you..

Yes switie, when ever you are here, exercise all freedom please. Cry, allow room for letting out sadness. I won't condemn you. Will work gradually and you will learn how to use sadness to accomplish greatness. We'll start small. Participate, let the flaws flow, shed tears and write and create magic. When you do the draw, feel and draw. Its in you!

Thank you so much for your kindness... I'll to participate... Have a good day!...

your so cool terry

Innovation is something of the mind, its as a result of a man insight; thus a man with no insight can never be innovative. When you possess genuine insight you will never be jealous of other people but rather you will be relaxed and look keenly on what they want to achieve from their ideas then project yourself to think on how to make impact in your own way even if its like a silly idea to most at first.
Innovative ideas are just dream at first, remember its from your mind's eye. So when people start questioning such ideas, you must know that they are right to do so because they didn't see what you are seeing at that particle moment. What you are seeing is unfathomable to them, because of your great insight. Don't let others belittle you because of their own definition of innovation; your own might be different and unique base on your own definition of uniqueness. You need to improvise base on your own instinct without any external forces just because you are YOU.

Thanks for this eyes opening gospel @surpassinggoogle, am really blessed with this life impacting post.

Great summary. I would love to see your entry. The drawing can be bizarre too

I'm already on it boss, i won't forgive myself if i miss out on such contest where there is no stratification nor class. I love it more base on the simple ideology of "Just think about who you are and be yourself". I know that when I'm myself i'm the best and when i'm am at my best surely i will make the best impact.

Well i might surprise you a little bit boss on the drawing aspect because am an urban planner in one Nigeria University so drwaing is a little bit of my thing.

Count me in @surpassinggoogle cause this is the best idea, I have ever heard of!!

  • no losers
  • everyones a winner baby, that's the truth!! Yes!
    I never thought I could find a true person of depth on social media for years, i always thought people were out for something. Terry, You truly amaze me on a fairly regular basis. bless you, my friend

@surpassinggoogle could you please take a look at my latest daily meditation. If you like it and think it would be of use. Let me know and do with it as you wish. Here it is my friend it is called~ lighten your Load ~ God bless you my friend!! :)

@surpassinggoogle here is todays meditation for you to read if you like. Once again I super appreciate your feedback and helping me get my voice out there. Todays is Called The Shape Of Your Thoughts God bless you my friend. II hope you are having a blessed day. I myself am off to sleep. Work tommorow. I didn't feel like doing this cause I have to get up in 6 hours but I feel that maybe it is helping someone, somewhere. :)) I like that, and I think you do too. Goodnight Terry.

I count you in. Stay awesome.

Jehovah bless you


This is the coolest contest that I have heard ever the Untalented contest this is going to be so so fun I will participate in this kind of contest I do not have great talent so untalented contest suites a lot to me and it only happends here at steemit turning non sense into with sense.

Exactly and there will be tons of variations

Do i ever think about who i am? Perhaps NO! WHY? Because i always expect good outcome from my living to add values to others .
The who i am is within who i have been and who i want to be . This innovative will make me think deeply to discover who i am and what i will become tomorrow because the future start now.

Thank you Terry @surpassinggoogle for this , you have always been someone i learn one or two things from everyday , i trust my brain writing about who really i am .

I just finished writing "THE ME IN ME on my blog .
Here is the link .

Participate. You need depth to have impact. You need to know YOU; love you, to truly be able to do the same towards others. You have to have deeply-rooted, or substance, great!

after reading this post i have to re-consider myself for what is going on with me and how i'm not aware to the work like this.....its a great motivation for new people who want to pursue their abilities which they don't know they have in them .....really nice work...keep it up

Awesome things you have grasped. I hope you would participate and don't forget the drawing part

yes sure.....thanks for the appreciation....

This post has "played" on me...
Waking up to visit my laptop this morning has become like taking an "intoxicating dose"...

  • Poses a challenge
  • Reveals my weakness
  • Births a subbing
  • Opens a vacuum
  • Stirs up an hunger and
  • Makes me feel like I can't survive without doing what the world is in need of...

What I once thought loss could be the only gain-generator
My raw ore and crude only needs the refiner's touch...only now have I known, almost at verge of throwing it and trampling underfoot...
I love what I've read this morning, it is enough to make the most exciting yet thoughts-provoking day.
Good work, thanks!

Let's go! Let's resume. You constitute alot as seen here. We can go into the box but only to come out again

Terry you are a prophet!

Thank you 🙌
I have seen posts about you and your recent struggles. You are a champion of so many on steemit because in spite of these hardships you give hope. You don't sell it, you don't see charity cases either. You teach us to find and believe in the champion within.
Steem on brother 💪🚀🌟

Yep switie. That's my approach. Did you read the comments too. There is that need really. Many breathe. There are around 150 post entries already too. I made them easier to find, in case you want to see more strength, you can find them on @steem-untalented.

I will read them. Thank you. I'm following @steemit-untalented now, and have resteemed the update post too.

just cant stop reminiscing on this post. Going through different entries, seeing how people are pouring their minds. It shows that people have a lot on their minds that they want to say but have not gotten the opportunity. What you have done is, you have given hope to people who need it. imagine the brother with glaucoma. i cant imagine how much your post has touched him. you have given him a reason to live. even the sister that related the message to him.

going through some messages, seeing the way people were defining themselves. not being intimidated and not minding their social class, i can say that you have touched a lot my hearts. mine included. i now believe i dont have to live my life for anyone. i matter even if some people thinks i dont. No matter what i do, i am invaluable to the society. Thank you very much for this. you have done a special thing here and only special people do special things. thank you for thinking we are special too. thank you for allowing see more to life. i will forever be grateful

Thank you and you are welcome

yeah. and i am sure there is more to come

Ok so here is my entry.

My name is goldie! (not real). I am a mystic-philosopher, trying te reach out to people and help them see the world through new eyes (even if my work here stays in the gutters). I love drawing but I try not to focus on it here, rather my work is as aforementioned.

I know nobody will care about who I am because most won't read this, although at least you will @surpassinggoogle

Here is a drawing of mine that id love to share with you (much respect for your drawing passion <3)

Also thanks for helping out poor minnows like myself.

P. s (sry for steemitchat)


Much love and peace <❤︎


The places I find you in! 😎

Hahahaha 😂 It's a small community I guess

Gosh, so much story in that image. Yes, i will visit it when you write and write it for you don't know who it may touch. No problem with I will get to it soon. I have been having serious issues in the past weeks, i am just recovering, so i have a ton of chats to respond to. In my case, all freedom, i dont block people etc thank you for sharing this piece. I will get back to it much later