Travel Digest #84

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Hey all of you, @martibis, I got back home from Malta today, and from pure exhaustion, pretty much collapsed on my bed! Because I just woke up now, I had a whole lot of posts to catch up on! With over 50 posts still listed to read and check, this post will be another Honorable Mention post only as I'm already running late to celebrate New Years, haha! On that matter:


I hope 2018 will bring you more amaaaaazing travels for us to read through, haha!

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thank you so much for the honorable mention :) and a happy new year to all fellow steem travelers


You're most welcome! Very well deserved!

Thank you so much for the Honorable Mention!

Happy New Year to you!!! Party on!


You're welcome, keep it up! And thank you!

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Happy New Year Guys, keep up with your awesome project! :)(:


Thanks, we most definitely will, to much fun of a project not too, haha!

Happy new year to all of you dear steemit community I travelled this weekend to Poland I could not post my wishes !! I wish you a year full many trips and anything positive to all of you Enjoy it !


Thank you too, and the same to you! Looking forward to your blog on Poland!

EDIT: Just now noticed your posts aren't showing up on the map, I'm looking into it now! Do try to use the new and easier way to do it (just go to Steemitworldmap, click code at the bottom and click where your post needs to be and copy the new code! That might already resolve it!


Ok I will Thank you!!!