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This beautiful quote, which most travelers are familiar with, emboldens the spirit of Steemit Worldmap.

What if we could all share our personal travel-experiences with one another in a convenient way. What if there was a place where you could feel connected to travelers from all over the globe and listen to their stories while sharing your own. We can all agree that that would be an amazing experience.

Our aim is to connect travelers from all over the world and have them share their personal experiences with one another

How do we do it?

We wanted to have all the stories easily accessible and make it possible to find stories sorted by place or by author.
To do just that, we have created Steemit Worldmap. A map which automatically finds posts from travel-bloggers and adds these to itself.

Welcome to the newest way of sharing travel-stories!


!steemitworldmap 45.782685 lat -34.312676 long This was the first marker on this map! Want to add your own? Check out this post and learn how easy it is! D3SCR

In order to make your post visible on the map follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Go to Google Maps and click where the story you want to share happened.
  • Look on google maps for the latitude and longitude value
  • Add the following to your post:
    !steemitworldmap 'yourlatitude' lat 'yourlongitude' long 'Your short description' D3SCR
    (remove quotation marks and the markup, they're only here for readability)
  • Your post has now been added to the Steemit Worldmap!


Steemit Worldmap is being developed by @martibis and @blueorgy

@martibis is a new member to the steemit community. As a passionate, young web developer he's spending a lot of time behind his laptop. Whenever he can find the time he is traveling the world, looking for new adventures.

@blueorgy is a well respected steemit veteran. Always on the look out to help out new members, and now looking to become a top 20 steemit witness!

1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the vote box
3. Type (blueorgy) in the box and click vote.


Example Usage

!steemitworldmap 8.6857 lat -18.7859 long short description here... d3scr
place this anywhere within your post with your chosen latitude and longitude!

Happy Steemit World Map'n!

Yet another contribution to the betterment of this community by @blueorgy !

This is awesome! I just added my Panama link. It added me along with Nicaragua, but hey, whatever. :) It worked and that's so cool!

Heya, you can always update the coordinates if you think they're accidentally misplaced and the map will update too!

Thank you for the tutorial! I just did it for my travel blog. It worked! I'll have to edit the rest of my travel post, so I can add them to the map.

But for some reason, it wouldn't let me add the coordinates for Chisor Mountain.
I checked google map to find the coordinates, and it couldn't find it in your steemworldmap. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks. !steemitworldmap 11.184477 lat -104.824864 long Chisor Mountain d3scr

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I just made my newest post visible on your Map - however it doesn't show a Thumbnail! Any way to fix this?

I just checked and for me it does have a thumbnail, can you check again and confirm you see the thumbnail too?
Sometimes it takes a second for the script to add in all the information!

It works just fine now, thank you :)

Love the concept

Glad to hear you like the concept, now it's all about spreading the word!

Welcome to Steem @steemitworldmap I have upvoted and sent you a tip

I know I haven't been posting updates on my novel for over 20 days now, but it was with good reason! Enjoy people!

Haha, this looks like a worthwhile distraction.

When more travelers start adding their stories to the map, it's going to be amazing! Really looking forward to seeing the map hold more and more stories! I think you and I both might end up spending more time reading epic travel stories!
Obviously the word still needs to spread and the travel bloggers need to pick up on the trend!

I added my first travel blog in your map. hope you all like it 😘

To the people behind this project, great thanks to you. this is such a lovely concept.

@nikkabomb (PH)

Esta iniciativa es perfecta @blueorgy y @martibis He comenzado hace poco en Steemit y soy de España. He visitado varios lugares de españa y cuando hable sobre ellos utilizaré @steemitworldmap Seguro que va ser muy útil para conseguir más audiencia.

Hi @magtravel, I see you have mentioned me.
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My Spanish isn't as good as it once was, but enjoy the Steemit Worldmap!

Welcome Steemitworldmap ! Glad to see you, hope you enjoy here as much as i do ! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me ...

Amazing idea! Thanks for putting this together, @martibis and @blueorgy! Can add I add the coordinates tags retroactively to posts or only on new ones?

Hi @therovingreader, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

On recent posts you should be able to add the coordinates! Do make sure you use the whole format though else the script won't recognize it!

It worked! (Although the post thumbnail isn't showing up.) I'll definitely keep using it on relevant posts to promote it.

I just saw it pop up, awesome! I think something went wrong with one of the scripts! Most likely we'll have it fixed tomorrow! If you wouldn't mind to just edit that post tomorrow and add a space somewhere in it (it will make the script re-read it and update it)!
Glad to hear it, thanks for helping to spread the word!

No worries, I'm happy to help test it.

Wellcome to steemit brother

That's an awesome idea, nice job! I'm going to Croatia in a couple of weeks and plan to do some travel posts on them, definitely using this :)

Can't wait to see your posts pop up on the map!

Resteemed! Glad to have you on board.

Glad to be on board as well! Thanks for the resteem!

Sounds like a fun tool :)

Hey, this is a cool idea. I added this info to 3 of my posts, but the first one "A meeting with no words" need an update, as it shows up in Afrika and not in North Germany

I Upvote & Resteem and put you to Witness!!!

Hey, I just saw your posts pop up! You are right, something went wrong there! We'll take a look into it, probably it will be fixed by tomorrow!
Thanks for the upvote, resteem and the witness vote, appreciate it a lot!

EDIT: It might be because you added quotations mark to that posts description, can you try to remove those? I also think you might have misplaced one of the markers - is currently pointing to a beach near Bordeaux, but I read it through and it seems to be about Fehmarn!

Thanks for sharing! Links to your site, profile and post were included in the wiki page list Steem Ecosystem:Steemit-Steen. Thanks and good luck again!

Oh, cool to be on there as well! Thanks for adding us on there!

Very interesting this project of yours. I would like to suggest two implementations: the possibility of categorizing the type of geographic reference. Examples: tourist point, historical site, farm, etc.
The other suggestion, a little more complicated, would be the possibility of visualizing polygons, of a farm, for example. Congratulations for the initiative !

Thanks for the kind words! We'll be working on something similar as to what you're suggesting, more information will be posted soon about future features we want to add, so stay tuned!

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good idea :)

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How long does it take to show up on the map?

It should only take a minute, we've noticed that sometimes there are some issues though (looking into it)!
If you have a post that's not working please send me the link here, thanks!
EDIT: Took a look and noticed that you forgot the exclamation mark before steemitworldmap in your post! ;)

a Great idea, I tried adding one here, but I must have messed it up, have looked and looked and cannot work out what I did wrong

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your post, so it should work! I'll add it to the list of bugs (most likely fixed within a few days!)
Others have confirmed that when they edit the post afterwards, changing one character it works (sometimes), so it might be worth it to give that shot!

OK will try again I have tried a few edits with no Success, but I did have it wrong when I initially posted it so it may be my error, will try again with my next post

You may have to wait 24 hours, would you mind testing that?
So in +24 hours just update this post! It might have to do something with the script storing data for that time (no promises it'll work, but it definitely helps me track down the problem!)

Of course no problem at all :) just wanting to help you test this cool idea

Cheers, I appreciate it!

Love the concept too. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have planned for this. I write lots of travel posts so hopefully Ill be able to add them to the map.

We have a roadmap we're following, more information will be available in the next post! Coming in a couple of days!
Feel free to already test it out, most posts do already work but from time to time one acts up (will be fixed within a few days too)!

You're Post Has Been Added To The Steemit World Map!
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I'm excited to give this a try! I have a few friends that would love it too! Thanks for sharing it with me =D
I have to travel this week so I will put it to use <3
I love that the traveling community on here could potentially use this to arrange meet ups and give/get advice from each other! Can't wait to see this take off!

You're so welcome!
I'll keep an eye out for your posts!
You should add the Bali one too (I mean if you want to of course)!
Yes, the project really succeeds or falls by the amount of people who use it!
We have some extra features in store, more about that in a few days!

I tried this but it is not showing in the map - what have I done wrong? This was the post:

And here how I added the google map address: !steemitworldmap 42.498059 lat -27.483668 long Goodbye Bulgaria D3SCR

Any advise @blueorgy @martibis ?

I think I've found the problem, isn't the longitude value you wanted 27.483668 (that puts the marker on a beach in Bulgaria for me)!
See if updating your post to that does the trick for you!

yeah but that is exactly what i added to the post

On your post I'm seeing -27.483668 not 27.483668

ok i have deleted the "-" now and still not showing

Odd, I'll add it to the list of bugs to look into! It should be fixed in a couple of days!

Hi @uwelang, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Hi guys! In doing my tests for you somehow never noticed what this pin was about - just assumed it was Bermuda lol - checked it because I thought my Ireland post had gone astray when it didn't show for a couple of minutes!

Anyway suggest you revise your instructions step 1 to add Google Earth - I've been using it for all my posts and like it better than maps.

Now following you both too.

Have a great day!

Cheers, I haven't used google earth myself so far, but it's definitely a viable alternative!
And to you as well!

Meant also to query step 3 - does lat long have to be decimal format, which is what I'm using and your example shows. You might want to clarify this in the bracket in case some folk don't understand decimal or how to set preferences for this.

So far we haven't had any users having issues on that front, so I'll wait it out a bit more. I've learnt over time that over-explaining can sometimes have the opposite effect of the user not wanting to read the explanation at all! I am planning on making a video, on how to use Steemit Worldmap somewhere in the near future, which should help!

Fair point...

Great tool, guys.
Would it be helpful to incorporate support for

Thank you!

I haven't heard of it before, and I think it's quite cool (feels more human with the words instead of long/lat values), but it would take a big rework to add that functionality to Steemit Worldmap now.

We will keep it in mind perhaps for a future feature!

Wow! Super cool. Seems I am two weeks late to the party, but amazing!

Hey hey, glad to hear you like the concept!
It's still very much a work in progress, but we're getting there!

Welcome to Steemit! If you have questions - ask me @dobroman

Such a great idea! I'll be adding this to all of my posts now, I've been wanting to find a way to tie in some travel stories to my crypto vlogging. Thanks @martibis and @blueorgy ;)

Hi @heiditravels, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Awesome, can't wait for your posts to show up all over the map! Again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Great job guys!! I love this project! I found this worldmap just yesterday. One question. It is not possible to add the code in posts which are older and not able to edit? Maybe add the code in the comments?? I have great pictures of the Amazon which i would like to see on the map!!! I wish you lot of success!

Heya, I'm only seeing this comment now, and noticed by now you're already a vivid user, haha!
At the moment you can not add older posts, but we might look into making that possible too!

Awesome! I just heard of this and added my Panama posts to it. Looking forward to seeing them pop up on there. Does it take a few minutes?

Heya, awesome to see you aboard! It can take about 5 minutes for it to show up!

That's so amazing! I'll translate that to portuguese for that others made use of this amazing idea! (If no one has made before... lol!). Great Ideia!

Glad to hear you like it! Definitely feel free to do so, the more markers on the map the better, haha!

Hi, not sure if you will get this message but my last post didn't get added to the world map.Is there a a way to add posts manually? As i really love this way of showing Steemit posts and would love to add my older post. Please reach out to me on steemit chat.

Oh god, I only catch this now! Can you shoot me over the link?

It actually did register in the end but I received no confirmation on the blog post. Continue your great work. Here's the post.

Ah, that happens sometimes when it got added either while I was updating the code or you posted within 20 seconds of another post on the map (comment is restricted to one comment every 20 seconds from Steem itself, so can't change that)!
Working on a work around for that though!

This is so cool! Thank you, @choogirl for telling me about it, and suggesting that you want me to share my post on the map! Cheers!

It is indeed fascinating

Great idea, well done guys!

Hi @steemitworldmap, I've just followed the procedure for one of my posts, but it hasn't appeared on the map yet! Will it take some time to appear, or have I perhaps done something incorrectly? Here is the post in question.

Disregard, I figured it out using the FAQ on the map. Great initiative!

Hey, I totally missed this! Glad you got it figured out, I'll make a new post when I'm back home with the new instructions and link to there, as I think you're not the only one to get confused!

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Cool! Just added my first food review to the map... I think?
@choogirl directed me accordingly... I hope?
haha need to find it on the map now

If everything went right you should have gotten a confirmation comment on your post! If not send me the post link and I'll take a look!

thanks dude!

I got the automated response \m/

I added code to my post but nothing happened, it’s not on the map 🙁
here is link

Heya, we had some delay the other day! Should be all good now!

Ok, thank you!

Great initiative!!

Will start using it for my Weekend photography posts!

Just added lat,long on this one

This is so cool!
I checked before I posted, but there was no flag in the far, far area around me :)
!steemitworldmap -32.735403 lat 151.560315 long The green label D3SCR
I will vote witness. I'm new, so I have no idea what I'm doing, but we'll see what happen.

I just added my post on your awesome app! ❤️ Nice to be meeting web developer here. Guess I’ll be visiting your profile more often them, to you know.. look out for maybe, sone tutorials. haha might be helpful for an IT person like me. Hi @blueorgy

Hello, I am trying to add my post to the Woldmap, but I don't see it there, did I do something wrong?
My post is

Hey, sometimes it takes a little bit of time, but it seems to be there now! I would suggest using the automated way of adding posts though!

Thank you for your reply!! How is the automated way?