Confessions of Your Traveling Vegan Gypsy: Why I Vanished!

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Once upon a time I came into this online-planet not knowing that it would turn out to change my life! But then I disappeared...

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If you've been following me you know that I'm an eco-love-warrior, friendly vegan advocate, food-loving creator of all things deliciously healthy for you and meal plan maker extraordinaire! I'm also a gypsy globe-trotter, an avid adventurer, inspiration and motivation specialist and last but not least, I was what they call a full time Steemian!


But why did I leave then?

I haven't posted in so long, my account fell asleep. Is there anybody out there?

This is my (very condensed 5 min) story....

A couple of months ago, my feet started to itch. I was living in my brand new house, looking out into the rice paddy adored with palm trees and listening to the sounds of birds flicker in the sweet breeze when my heart began rippling.

Could it be? I missed home.

For me, home is always where the heart is. I haven't had a "home" in about 5 years when I first took off on a bus with a backpack and a strong will for adventure- most of all, guided by my heart. However, where I was born and raised was in America's hat, Canada.

Touring the globe, always on the go, backpacks and airplanes, airplanes and backpacks... it seemed to be the norm at some point. Pick up and go, don't forget anything... pick up and go.

It's a rush you know? Everytime you hit that "book" button and the plans start tethering together, excitement pulses through your very existence as you long and yearn for the next step... but on the other hand, the pains and pressures of being consistently on the go start to ache within the deepest heart strings. That is when I found solace in Bali, the love of my life.


I was sitting at my big table on the patio, in the warm summer sunshine of "high season" on one of the world's most beautiful islands and I did something crazy- I clicked "book"!


Before I knew it, I was riffling through my possessions, making piles on the floor, deliberating over what was "necessity" and what was "not necessary." People were coming and going, in and out of my house... potential renters, buyers collecting my worldly treasures. Everything was spinning around me.

Two women moved into my house, and off I went with my backpack again, south towards the water to capture some of Bali's famous beach time before I flew back to Canada for the summer.

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Fast forward:

When the plane landed in my familiar land, it was as though I froze in time. What was I doing?

My father who came to stay with me in Bali last winter had me semi-convinced upon buying my ticket to come work with him in his restaurant but as I landed, I wondered what I was really flying all this way for.

I have been deeply contemplating my place in this world and how to spend my time and efforts most effectively. (You know me, obviously getting to know the local farmers is always high on the priority list!)

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It was never my dream or intention to be online half as much as I was finding myself and all of a sudden at home, in my old bedroom (just the way I left it so many years ago) I found peace, tranquility and patience to understand myself a little bit better and that has been an incredible gift.

Just turning off and tuning in, being with my mom if not just to sit beside here and have her near. Having my sister in the room beside me. Having my father just a short drive away. These are moments I have been relishing in as I struggled with my wildness and had to ask myself if it was all worth it and if I was in fact living what we call our best lives.

I still have many questions left unanswered but what I know is that I made the best decision to come home and get to experience what I have. it's been so profound and I am happy to be able to report to anyone who may be worried, I am definitely not up to any trouble! ;)

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Forgive me for leaving without any notice. Steemit has become a community for me with wonderful people who have encouraged and supported me the whole way through!

I believe this time "off" that I have had has brought me on a journey that will make me a better me which makes me an even better me to help the world in the ways I love and aspire to do!

I'm looking forward to moving on to my next adventure! Will you be coming along too?

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My heart's in charge here. I write about what I feel in the moment. What inspires me, what drives my passion!

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Until next time!
Sending you love through food, travel, inspiration and epic storytime!
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Wow! A random trip to "America's hat" and then time off? Sounds interesting and



Haha hey @papa-pepper! I was wondering who was all still swimmin' around here, happy to see you're still at it :)

The time off the computer has been so good for me (though looks like SBD has taken an incredible hit since I've been away- yikes!) All this "time off" has left me with lots of stories and photos to play with later!

Thanks for checking in! <3

Welcome back @heart-to-heart.
Glad to have you back and can't wait to hear all your amazing travel stories and photos.
We all need a break sometimes especially from all the social media etc. I'm one of those people too and that is why I don't even own a cell phone.
I'll be definitely joining you on your journey since I love posts right from the heart.


Awww thank you @joalvarez <3 I am happy to be back and see so many familiar names still here. Something inside me had me worried that everyone else was off (line) too! =D I love coming back after being away, it's just like home in that way!

I downloaded some of the apps for my phone so I can check in more often without having to drag my lap top along. I promise more adventures are coming- I am planning them right now and of course they'll be heartful <3

You set off a cascade of auto-votes!!
Welcome back here, even if there is now somewhere else :-)


Haha, happy to know that there is so much trust put into my content ;)

Thanks! I will have to reach out to you to hear about what I've missed since being away! I'm just in the middle of planning my next venture!

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3


What a coincidence because I love Botty!

I didn't follow you before, but really glad I found you know. Your content looks awesome and Bali is at the top of my list of places I want to travel to someday. Excited to to see where else your journey takes you.


Awww well it's nice to meet you- I have met some incredible people on this platform :) Bali is a perfect slice of paradise and I am excited to slowly make my way back there sometime in the next little bit. Just have some more adventures planned first ;) Happy to take you along for the ride! X

Welcome back to the community ❤️ I hope you enjoyed your time with your family. Sometimes a break is just what is needed!

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Yay! Thanks @evecab! It feels like I have been gone forever- I actually miss my little kitchen in Bali! I need to post some of the amazing vegan ventures I have been up to! I have tasted so much deliciousness in the last few months ;) Hope you're doing well my dear! <3


oh yes, please do share =) I'm always happy to discover new recipes!
Yes all good here, it's the weekend, so time to work on our newsletter =) Hope you like it!!! See you in the chat =)

Everyone deserves a break..welcome back to the platform...


Thank you! I work much better when I disappear for a bit ;) It's super fun to be back though- everything changes so quickly around here which makes it always so exciting!


That's too just had a mini break..

Visiting home after a long farewell sounds similar to a big hug. It warm, its comfortable, and no matter how much you change the process is still the same and there is some comfort to that.


Awww hello my dear, you are so right. I am clinging to the comfort right now because it feels soooo good that I never even have time for my computer- how crazy is that? Might have to kidnap mum and bring her with me! How was your trip?

I scroll through my feed from time to time hoping to happen upon a gem I have missed, so I am happy to not have missed you popping up! We do miss you on here, but I also think everyone understands that there are times in life where you have to follow your heart which may lead you away from your keyboard for a while. :) Always happy to get a glimpse at your world my friend! Glad all is well and you are continuing on your journey to spread light wherever you go!


Hello my dear! To think I found your intro post so long ago and invited you to join us on Vegan Wednesday! Thanks for coming over and being a part of the community, hopefully one day I will be able to get that up and running again :)

I hope everything is well with you! I was thinking about coming your way but my plans change constantly, everything happens so out of the blue in my world ;)

I am sure we will cross into each other soon- I'm happy you caught this so we could get the chance to say hi, it's been a while! <3


So crazy to think that it's already been a year! Time really does fly.

How neat would that have been if you had made it through Atlanta! I'll keep my fingers crossed that perhaps some day it will happen. So far the only other Steemian I have met is my boyfriend, haha!

Always a pleasure to connect my friend! All is well in my part of the world, so I wish you good energy in yours!

Glad you're safe and sound! Wish you the best for your next chapter!!! 🌈


Thanks @nickyskywalker <3 I am super excited to see what comes next after all this family time at home. Of course, Bali is still "home" as well and eventually I'll end up back there for when you're on your way to visit! =D

Nice to meet you. I never met you.the first time around, but glad you are here x

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Hi @riverflows, I was one of the biggest Steem enthusiasts out there, spent a little bit too much time on here you might say ;) I am always looking for a healthy balance though and it feels good to be back! It's nice to meet you :)


Well there you go. I've been obsessive since April and I've only skipped three or four days. Glad to connect

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Welcome back Cece! Glad you are finding some peace. Family is so important. If you ever miss SE-Asia, you are always welcome to stay with us for a while ;)


Awww you are so sweet- I may take you up on that! I'm only here for another couple of weeks before I make my way (somehow not sure how yet) back to Bali :) Maybe a little stop in to see you on the way! <3

Glad to have you back! Are you still in Canada now? Or did you return to Bali?

It's so sweet that your parents kept your room for you, just the way you left it.


@winstonalden thank you for the warm welcome back! I actually am still in Canada believe it or not! I never thought it would keep me so long and yet I am riding out the rest of the summer promising to clean up said room slightly before taking off again ;)

My mom is adorable, wants to pretend she can just come sit on my bed and talk to me even when I'm being a wild child off across the world! Have to squeeze as many minutes as I can while I'm here =D


Enjoy your room and make every minute count!

Welcome back not the same without you.


Awww that is far too kind! I finally bit the bullet and got some Steemit apps on my phone so I can be more mobile when I'm running around! PS, Miss you =D Are you vegan yet? ;)


Not yet, but I did make a wonderful pesto pasta with steemed (sic) broccoli and fresh tomatoes the other day. And was thinking I might have to post it under #veganwednesday, even in your absence, as it was that good. I am glad that you and your family are doing well, I was a little concerned as your heart had gone very quite, a whole host of internal reflection I imagine. I have found that sometimes it is better to define what you will NOT DO as opposed to what you want to do. It truly narrows the field of choices. Again, it is good to have you back!


Well that sounds delicious and completely worthy of veganwednesday however, I haven't been around to man that show so I might have missed it! I hope you'll end up sharing it at some point :)

I agree with you, it's been so lovely in the quiet of my own mind and the company of loved ones! So different than my normal lifestyle, that's for sure! Of course my adventures kick back on in a week and a half so will have to make the most of what I have left before I'm wandering this huge world again! <3 Happy to hear from you!

OK, I'm in. Long as you let me know once in a while that you are truly OK.

I'm old. One thing I have found is that adventures are just trips unless your heart is truly happy. Long as your heart is truly happy then your adventure is just that.

Either way, I'm still here (Not that I'm incapable of disappearing now and again :) ) I'm glad you are back.


Did I tell you that Canada has the Beyond Meat burger? I've had it a couple of times now- it sure has me scared to find out that it's not actually vegan it tastes so 'real'! ;)

I know, I should really get better at keeping up- time really vanishes around me sometimes, I guess it means that I am truly living in the moment but you know of course I will always stop by to check in even if I am 'checked out' ;)

I hope that you're well and I am happy to see you're still 'steeming on', I was wondering if anyone else fell off like me but it seems like Steem is still kicking even if it dropped on the exchange! -_-

<3 Thanks for checking in! We're almosttttt in the same area now! We could just about have a vegan dinner together! =D <3