Master Toolkit: Steemit Resource Guide [Illustrated Update]

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Sndbox’s Master Toolkit is a compiled resource of previous tutorial posts created to get newcomers more familiar with the Steemit platform as well as the growth and development of the Sndbox incubator.

Sndbox and Creative Impact

@sndbox is an incubator that leverages the Steem blockchain to empower creatives and communities worldwide. Its membership program trains diverse professionals to integrate emerging technologies and establish impactful projects. We use Steemit as a platform to recruit, coach and empower creative blockchain entrepreneurs across 20 countries and over a dozen languages.

  • We Recruit : Onboard super talented creatives and entrepreneurs who are entirely new to Steemit and cryptocurrency as a whole.
  • Coach : Over time, we’ll help these minnows become dolphins. Sndbox will reward strong content and provide supportive feedback. Coaching is critical to retain talented Steemit contributors and help them engage their audience.
  • Empower : Our team is developing an incubator that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We believe that interdisciplinary practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize growth and independence for the 21st century professional.

If you're interested in learning more - take a look at our incubator schedule, here. Our program rotates twice each year (see below). Also, take a look at our very first introduction post to learn more about our mission. If you'd like to learn more about "incubators" make sure to take a look at this article.

If you're interested in joining our community, stay tuned for the next Cohort opening up in July. (We'll announce application FAQ's later this Spring.) Until then, please make sure to check out our page @sndbox for weekly creative contests where all participants are rewarded through upvotes and creative showcases. Additionally, we recently delegated 30,000 Steem Power to @sndbox-alpha, a community run curation initiative that supports rotating themes and Steemit-wide authors.

Steemit 101

Blog Post Description
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-11.pngWelcome to Steemit! - A welcome post for newcomers to Steemit and creatives interested in the world of cryptocurrency.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-01.pngWhat is Crypto & Blockchain? - The most digestible guide for newcomers to the technology.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-02.pngBasics of Steemit’s Interface - What everything means when you land on the Steemit website.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-03.pngMarkdown Tutorial - Explanation of the markdown system and simple strategies for post structure.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-04.pngSteemit Post Best Practices - A basic rubric for high-quality Steemit posts for Sndbox members.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-05.pngSteemit Wallet - The ins and outs of the Steemit Wallet, its various categories, and how to interact with it.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-09.pngHow much is your post worth? - How payout choices and redeeming functions operate.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-06.pngWhat is a Steemit Witness? - The role and responsibilities of a witness explained.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-07.pngWhat NOT to do on Steemit - Key and misc. pointers for new Steemians.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-08.pngEarn STEEM by Upvoting - A Guide to Curation Rewards - A guide to curation rewards based on upvote timing.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-12.pngWhat is a Steemit Reputation Score? - What your rating number means.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-13.pngThe Benefits of Powering Up - A comprehensive guide to powering up.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-14.pngLearning From the Steemit Carrot - Exploring drop-down icons on Steemit.
180111_Wallet-Masterpost-25.pngArt & Cryptocurrency - A New Stage for Craft in the 21st Century - An article on the impact of blockchain media on the creative world.

Multilingual Resources (12 Languages Represented)

Multilingual Steemit Resources + Tutorials UPDATE 3 | Last year we invited international Steemians to translate our tutorial posts into their respective languages. We covered 12 languages in an effort to promote the growth of Steemit and used upvotes as rewards. In the future, we hope to develop more content that is multilingual and strives towards broader understanding of the Steem ecosystem.

State of the Sndbox

State of the Sndbox is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest in Sndbox activities, introduces the newest members and projects, and provides the best resources in creative empowerment for the Steemit community.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12
Week 13Week 15Week 16Week 17
Week 18Week 19Week 20Week 21
Week 22Week 23Week 24Week 25
Week 26Week 27


Want to support Steemit content like this? Consider joining our curation trail! You can learn more about the @sndbox incubator mission here and our 2018 program schedule, here.

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel!

For any suggestions on potential tutorials or resources, please let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow for all of our daily posts and weekly newsletter.



Yesterday, in our Discord, @shortcut was describing his experience with @sndbox and we were asking how we could find a way to create points of contacts among us, at @slothicorn, and your spectacular project! :) This post clarifies quite a lot, I'll share it in our Discord right now! Hope to get in touch soon, ciao!

Oh fantastic @venalbe :D We made this post just for that reason! (As a one-stop-shop where questions can get answered.) Thanks for spreading the word. We're also building out an updated website that formalizes all of this a but further (with FAQ's) and highlights the Steem resources we've made in a navigable way.

Thanks for your support. Looking forward to staying in touch with the @slothicorn squad :)

Can I ask why you did not upvote @venalbe, obviously you were appreciative of his or her post. It is a question I wonder about all the time. It seems counter to your whole message. I'm sure I could be missing something. Please tell me.

@windrockswater, I didn't write a comment for an upvote but for getting in touch with a community. Networking is the power of blockchain, not upvoting :) but thanks for having thought about it! :)

Then what is the point of upvoting comments?

And what is a point anyways, profound questions are asked here :)

It's odd to not upvote a post you find useful, particularly as upvoting costs you nothing but VP.

I will associate @slothicorn with this, now. Something to think about while you're networking.

Hi guys, let me reply here. Most of the time community accounts such as slothicorn or utopian or sndbox have missions and rules and fund/upvote accordingly. Upvoting any comments in my personal opinion, if you are a community account, will trigger only a waterfall of spammers commenting randomly just to get few bucks out of it. It’s difficult to find real value, for me, in comments, posts are different of course, and I find plenty of value in steemit, daily. I upvote comments, with my SP to reward my followers engagement, let’s say that’s my personal mission within my small network. Hope it clarifies and closes the thread :) I’ll write a post about it so we can bring the discussion over there! Thanks everyone

Just want to say thanks for all who have sincerely replied to this dialogue. For me I am so involved in Steemit as a social media. A conversation, a dialogue, a learning and entertaining experience. The monetary element is a very real part of it obviously. The nice post comments are not worthy of upvote or reply. I personally go to my replies first thing, and upvote every reply I receive as long as it has merit whether it disagrees with mine or not. I think we are all on the same page, networking to me is sharing ideas. Your responses are very much respected and appreciated.

Interesting! I’m just getting started here.

This was exactly what I was looking for, found it on a @gringalicious post. Oh thank you so, thank you!

Wow, this is amazing, gonna try and get involved when I have the time, meanwhile I'm going to share these resources with everyone who they could help, resteemed

Wow. So far @sndbox. This is the best compilation i had from steemit. ThaNk you so much!i have this bookmarked.

This is a really great resource, interesting community you have here. Reading these articles now and getting a lot from them, thanks

This is really a great informative for the beginners who are struggling like me thank you so much for sharing

July? Thought is may? The next cohort i mean...

A very useful post @sndbox
Continue to train us new members in steemit
thank you

Really good information. And well put out. Thanks!

Thank you, nice compilation... I just spent some time searching for simple information on stuff like bandwidth and some of these topics 😂👏🏼

I really like your post friends and your post is very good I am glad to be able to join you thanks steemit friends good for sharing interesting things I can learn from you

Oh wow. This is great. Might take me a while to go through it all. Thanks!

my first promotion @sndbox on my facebook account will see how many will ask subscribe and interested :)

WOW just WOW this is some seriously solid stuff right here!

This is kind of what I am looking to start myself but only in entrepreneurs

What an amazing resource. Thank you for this!

This guide is very helpful. Thanks.
As someone who's new to all this I appreciate it. Its almost exactly what I was looking for as I am trying to figure out more about how this platform actually works.

Thanks for the compilation. Resteemed.

This is a powerful toolkit. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing, this would help us newbies.. a lot.

Thks @sndbox for this... just in time... has a few newbies onboard... this is just perfecto for them.. and also for us to have refresher course... sometime we slack away a bit ... thks for sharing again...

I read your last post and it's been taken onboard and put to good use, thanks!

thank you for the tools information's @sndbox since i was started here on steemit i was trying to be an sndbox member but it doesn't qualify me!

so happy seeing sndbox castle community growing to fast cheers!! 😂😂

Thanks for sharing

This seems like a great resource for folks!

Resteemed, so folks that follow me can find it too.


Thanks for sharing this post,it was indeed resourceful.

I thought I understood Steemit, but looks like I still have more to learn. I really like your graphics, and I was wondering who/what program do you use to create these? So far I get mine off free banks, but yours looks so much better :)

The work you are doing in supporting the growth of steemit is amazing!

Hoping to read more about the application FAQ’s you mentioned in the post since this initiative rocks and I would love to one day be part of it.

Ps: don’t you guys have your own witness? I believe you could easily set up your own witness and receive a lot of support for it.

Very informative.. really very helpful for beginners

Hello @sndbox,
I want to thank you for sharing all your knowlege and good content, i am slowly learning a lot of things, since these are my first steps in the community. Im more than excited since i discovered Steemit.
Since then, i ve been writing and creating my content to introduce myself, at the same time i ve been promoting Steemit.
I live in Canary Islands, ive got full of new ideas, i became scuba diving instructor a few years ago, and i want to take the chance at the same time im interacting with the tourist and having fun diving, to promote Steemit.
Im creative, and somehow and giving the best from me to the community i would like to help.
My introducing to the community will be ready soon.
Thums up for you @sndbox!!!
i keep following you,
Regards from Canary Islands

Hey @sndbox im from venezuela, can i translate this awesomes post to my people?? pls thank u :)

very nice project.

nice post .i support you.go ahead.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

Hello there,

Do you have a Discord presence?


Soy un bebe en esto y voy a usar su guía para crecer. Gracias por apoyar a lo que iniciamos.

This is a very comprehensive and awesome compilation of resources for newbies thus far. Excellent!

@sndbox I'm a portrait photographer and just heard about you guys. I have some cool projects in the works and look forward to sharing them with of them is a show I'm pitching to Netflix on Crypto holiday-in-st-pete-beach--lightenupandshoot_6090573209_o.jpg

@sndbox, fantastic resource, I just found out about you. I make a repost in my blog so as not to lose the value found. Thank you.

Its a really stunning resource, interesting community you have here. Reading these articles now and getting more knowledge ...Woww !!
thaaanks a lot !!

This is like finding a treasure box. Whoa!

is there any possible to be a member of sndbox sir? i want to make a good content as i can, i want to practice more and read more..

I've just found this. Thank you for taking the time to make this! This is the perfect go-to guide for newbies to get all their questions answered. I've only been on the platform for around 6 weeks so this is a really helpful way to get a lot of questions answered. Keep up the awesome work! :-)


The NoBellSteemPrize (I'm pretty sure that's an original, but I can't verify that) goes to the @sndbox or rather the author/s of this fantastic series of articles. This was invaluable to me in my annoying struggle to get up to speed in this revolutionary community.
In fact now that I'm a little bit more enlightened, I wish this article was only seconds old so my up votes and/or comments could still generate more love for the creators/authors.
Please keep up the amazing work.

Giant Hugs<3<3<3NeoGlyphGiantHugsResize.jpg

Let me comment on this. I will really need some help from you guys. This post is helpful for my steemteducation campaign coming up.

Dear @sndbox, can I ask you something? A few people in my Steemit Community told me not to use the #sndbox tag since I am not your member. Is this true?

This is very inspiring! Can’t wait to get more involved and promote content here! I was demoted on YouTube and felt like now it would be a lost cause! Especially the content they are censoring!

Go #Steemit!

I put your logo sndbox with the title "steemit change the oral tradition to writing", and the next posting

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