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RE: Master Toolkit: Steemit Resource Guide [Illustrated Update]

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Yesterday, in our Discord, @shortcut was describing his experience with @sndbox and we were asking how we could find a way to create points of contacts among us, at @slothicorn, and your spectacular project! :) This post clarifies quite a lot, I'll share it in our Discord right now! Hope to get in touch soon, ciao!


Oh fantastic @venalbe :D We made this post just for that reason! (As a one-stop-shop where questions can get answered.) Thanks for spreading the word. We're also building out an updated website that formalizes all of this a but further (with FAQ's) and highlights the Steem resources we've made in a navigable way.

Thanks for your support. Looking forward to staying in touch with the @slothicorn squad :)

Can I ask why you did not upvote @venalbe, obviously you were appreciative of his or her post. It is a question I wonder about all the time. It seems counter to your whole message. I'm sure I could be missing something. Please tell me.

@windrockswater, I didn't write a comment for an upvote but for getting in touch with a community. Networking is the power of blockchain, not upvoting :) but thanks for having thought about it! :)

Then what is the point of upvoting comments?

And what is a point anyways, profound questions are asked here :)

It's odd to not upvote a post you find useful, particularly as upvoting costs you nothing but VP.

I will associate @slothicorn with this, now. Something to think about while you're networking.

Hi guys, let me reply here. Most of the time community accounts such as slothicorn or utopian or sndbox have missions and rules and fund/upvote accordingly. Upvoting any comments in my personal opinion, if you are a community account, will trigger only a waterfall of spammers commenting randomly just to get few bucks out of it. It’s difficult to find real value, for me, in comments, posts are different of course, and I find plenty of value in steemit, daily. I upvote comments, with my SP to reward my followers engagement, let’s say that’s my personal mission within my small network. Hope it clarifies and closes the thread :) I’ll write a post about it so we can bring the discussion over there! Thanks everyone

Just want to say thanks for all who have sincerely replied to this dialogue. For me I am so involved in Steemit as a social media. A conversation, a dialogue, a learning and entertaining experience. The monetary element is a very real part of it obviously. The nice post comments are not worthy of upvote or reply. I personally go to my replies first thing, and upvote every reply I receive as long as it has merit whether it disagrees with mine or not. I think we are all on the same page, networking to me is sharing ideas. Your responses are very much respected and appreciated.

Interesting! I’m just getting started here.

This was exactly what I was looking for, found it on a @gringalicious post. Oh thank you so, thank you!