100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 79 - The Diary Game - Update #5

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It just gets bigger and bigger every day.

The Diary Game now has over 180 participants and it is buzzing!

It truly has become such a special project to work on.

There have been births, deaths, weddings, funerals and everything in between.

If you are not participating in The Diary Game, either writing posts or reading posts, then you really are missing out.

We can’t wait to tell you what is coming next.

But in the meantime here are a few updates....

The Prizes

You are all putting so much effort into The Diary Game we have decided to add a little more into the prize pool to round it up to a total of 3000 STEEM.

Now there will be a total of 35 prizes...

  • 1st place - 1000 STEEM
  • 2nd place - 750 STEEM
  • 3rd place - 500 STEEM
  • 4th place - 250 STEEM
  • 5th place - 125 STEEM

Plus five runner up prizes of 25 STEEM each.

Plus 25 more runner up prizes of 10 STEEM each.

Rules and Guidelines

As more participants are producing more and more posts every day the administration of The Dairy Game is becoming more complex and more demanding.

We are running a little behind with the curation but please be patient and we ask everyone to help us by following a few simple guidelines…

  • start the title of each post with ‘The Diary Game’
  • include the date of your diary in the title of every post
  • include Twitter and other social media screenshots AND links where relevant in a comment on your diary post

  • only make one Diary Game entry post for each day

  • only post links to your Dairy Game posts in comments on the 100 Days posts if they have not been curated and voted on by @steemcurator01 after 3 days, or if it is your first diary post.

This last point is a change to the rules. We are primarily finding your diary posts by tracking the #thediarygame tag.

The 100 Days posts are getting so crowded with all the Diary Game comments that it is difficult to find comments relating to the actual post.

Thankfully we are not seeing too much ‘tag spam’. If you do spot anyone using the #thediarygame tag on an irrelevant post that is clearly not an entry to The Diary Game please do politely comment on the post to ask them to stop - or better still to join in the game!

How to Earn Points

As well earning upvotes, every eligible post earns points.

At the end of the game (July 11th) the top 35 points holders will win STEEM prizes.

There are now three ways to earn points in The Diary Game…

  1. Content Points (1 - 5)
    Depending on the quality and content of your diary post you will earn between 1 and 5 points.

  2. Promotion Points (0 - 5)
    Depending on how well you promote your diary post on other social networks you can earn between 0 and 5 points.

  3. Recruitment Points
    Two points can be earnt for every person you recruit to join The Diary Game. They must now make at least THREE eligible posts, and mention your name in each, for you to be awarded the points.

  4. Please do take note of the Recruitment Points. These can be a great way to boost your points total. @alexmove, @anasuleidy, @rishabh99946, @vict0r and @vipnata have so far earnt over 40 bonus points between them through recruiting new players to the game.

    For everyone the Content Points are most important.

    Remember the posts should be about your daily life and daily activities. Including photographs and including facts, details, names, places, prices etc will help you get more points.

    Take a look at the diary posts of the frontrunners on the leaderboard, and the Diary Allstars, to see what they are including in their posts to get more points.

    The Leaderboard & The Diary Allstars

    We will be publishing the leaderboard in a separate post, but in the meantime these are the people currently in the top 50 positions in order…

    @vipnata, @cmp2020, @rishabh99946, @anasuleidy, @atyh, @openmindedtravel, @oppongk, @randulakoralage, @vict0r, @ernaerningsih, @genomil, @yethui, @daybook, @hykwf678233, @vickyli, @anroja, @blurrain, @auleo, @yurilaya, @simonjay, @stephenkendal, @helengutier2, @liuzg, @theatrorve, @alexcarlos, @rajan1995, @olesia, @yanhan, @davidke20, @ekatirina, @tocho2, @alexmove, @wakeupkitty, @franyeligonzalez, @lavanyalakshman, @sapwood, @lovelemon, @p3d1, @sampraise, @mllg, @maksina, @offgridlife, @belkisa758, @mikitaly, @sachin08, @imagen, @zhanavic69, @fleur, @sacra97, @dolphinscute

    We would also like to highlight a few Diary Allstars that have produced exceptionally good posts this past week...

    How to Enter

    It is not too late to enter.

    All you have to do to join The Diary Game is to make a diary post about your daily life.

    Follow the guidelines above about the use of tags etc.

    Posts can be in any language and should ideally be made on Steemit.com, or your localized interface such as WhereIN.

    The Diary Game runs until Day 100 (July 11th) of the 100 Days of Steem Project.

    Anyone that is found to be abusing or cheating the game will be excluded from the prizes and upvotes.

    The points scheme may be refined as we go along to balance the game and avoid any exploits.

    We may include links to the best diary posts in our ‘Look What’s On Steem’ newsletters.

    We hope you are enjoying The Diary Game as much as we are.

    Look out for a major announcement in the next few days.

    You are definitely going to like it.

    Thank you,

    The Steemit Team

    Please note, the posts must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. All images used must be either your own, or copyright free with sources quoted.

    Notes from the Community...

    Growing Together Community Forum - Sunday, June 21st

    @greenhouseradio is hosting a Steem Community Forum on Sunday...

    Music For Steem

    Community Curator @steemingcurators have published the White Paper for their new Music For Steem project...

    The SteemingCurators Showcase

    @steemingcurators have also posted their latest Showcase of some of the best content on Steem...

    The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

    Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.


    Dear @steemitblog team, I've received 1000 Steem delegation as Steem Social Promoter, no support as witness and now the @bullionstackers downvotes.


    Thanks to my 9000 SP (+1000 delegated) I can earn about 40 Steem weekly for curations and as a witness in 38th place, about 100 more Steem for blocks production.

    You have given @bullionstackers a delegation of 1,000,000 SP thanks to which he can earn around 2,500 Steem per week. I think he is very well paid and for that reason I promote him as a new Steem Social Promoter. I quit. I hope you can understand that I must focus my efforts on real business.

    This must be cleared up, we must not lose you as a witness now @marcosdk.

    @steemitblog here you have to do something right away

    Reagards @xpilar

    Don't worry my friend. I quit as Social Promoter but I will continue working as witness thanks to the support of the beautiful Steem community.

    Hi @marcosdk, I can understand you completely, it is the most hardest job to be a Social Promoter especially in this time when we have to fight for every single new user.

    Also I completely agree with 10000 Steem you can't earn much with curation that is just not enough.

    I can feel how you feel seeing that you reward is completely taken away, I have already shared your comment in "world of xpilar" as you were one fo the witness in "talk channel" by @xpilar on Monday, I also want to add your comment here where you are explaining what are you doing:



    @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 please show your reaction to that. Thanks in advance...

    Thanks for the support and your encouragement words, my friend.

    We will investigate.

    We saw you had deleted the content of the post that got downvoted. It now just says 'Project Refused'

    What was in the post?

    The Steemit Team

    This post is not deleted

    In the deleted post I presented a project to recover the lost knowledge base in Steem due to the massive deletions of posts by Hive users. Some fellow witnesses comented me it was not a good idea so I decided to cancel the project and delete the post.

    Thank you for the extra information. We are currently investigating this situation.

    The Steemit Team

    Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I wanted to draw your attention to @marcosdk, he is a part of Steem POD and doing great and difficult job, he posted his comment bellow and he is right asking why he has been downvoted, his post reward is completely zeroed, it is concerning. Please read his comment and react:



    Thanks my friend. These things happen when the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

    I like to compete. It motivates me :))) Prizes also motivate me :)
    And I will fight for the victory.
    Please take into account what I do, except for reposts on social networks, I am looking for participants on other blockchain platforms and in thematic chats. I believe that there is a more targeted audience, for ordinary users of social networks Steemit is complicated. A little later instructions for users of social networks will appear, but so far they are working in chat rooms, https://golos.io/@vict0r etc.

    Please take this into account when calculating points;)




    The photo and the link show that I started to do this not today and not yesterday :)

    Hi @steemitblog, my diary

    On Monday 22 June 2020, at 9.30 am, I arrived at the counter to attend the Co... https://steempeak.com/knitrias-project/@f21steem/my-diary-monday-june-22-2020

    Thank you, @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

    Te deseo éxitos señor @acostaeladio, ya casi somos 200 en Comunidad Latina, espero que el ritmo de crecimiento se mantenga

    Hey mariela53,i just upvoted your post from server mining pool follow me to get more upvote for your daily post thank you.

    「把我的时间送你,希望你能有个灿烂的前程!」21/06/2020 The Diary Game

    The Diary Game『来听课了!』20/06/2020

    The Diary Games「玩泡泡」19June 2020

    Hey @steemcurator01,

    Hindi translation is ready :- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 79 - The Diary Game - Update #5

    There are charities as beneficiary of the post :- @littledisciples & @thegreens

    And post promoters are also beneficiary

    Hello Steemitblog team, here is my entry of Jun 21 diary game, thank you.

    [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

    Dear steemit,this is entry my diary game on JUN 21.Thanks!


    [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

    Great work! Thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and the entire Team of Steemit for their selfless dedication. At times it has been difficult fishing out the posts from these massive Authors all over the World. But the Steemit Community kept growing in terms of upvotes distribution and other rewards, reaching everybody that deserves to be voted. I don't think there has been any form of favoritism or bias in upvoting any members. Because I have been always interesting in checking others posts upon posts to see how upvoting is ongoing. In fact I must mention, for the clarity reason, the entire Steemit Team have been doing well shaking and awaken members in this #the100daysofteem raising many of us in this challenge. To my preference, I wish if this challenge phase will continue unabated when even this phase ends in July 11th 2020.

    For the Diary Game challenge, I think everybody is striving high to be on top. All the #150 of the participants, but we are urged to adhere to the rules binding this game for the smooth assessment. One thing that I promised myself to do of which I have not done is to recruit some of my countryside Steemians who aren't in this game, yet the game isn't over, I still have the chance to do so. Thanks to everyone in this game.

    Muchas gracias por la mención!! :)

    How can I participate here?
    I don’t use Twitter even I also deactivated Facebook account

    You can still participate even if you can't share your posts on facebook and twitter. At least you will get points for your post and you will also be upvoted based on the quality of your post. Join in asap.

    Hi @steemitblog
    Please look with one eye at few my Diary pages

    19 june link

    21 june link

    And! I,ve got a recruts! :))))

    post of @galca >>> link

    post of @veta-less >>> link

    post of @art40ka >>> link

    Buenas Tardes amigo @steemcurator01... espero este pasando un domingo agradable... y si es padre FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE... aca en Venezuela se esta celebrando hoy...
    Se que el trabajo de curador no es fácil y mi intención no es molestar pero si por favor puede echarle un ojo a este par de publicaciones de mi diario, se lo agradeceria...

    Dia Miercoles 17 de Junio...

    Dia Jueves 18 de Junio...

    Ya tengo la correccion del titulo de las publicaciones del Diario.... pero estoy algo confundido de donde debe publicarse... no se seguirá haciendo en el último post de publicación de @steemitblog?... por favor si me puede guiar en cuanto a eso... como en 4 horas debo publicar mi diario de hoy.... gracias...
    hasta la próxima...

    Wonderful participations, telling us about their day to day. You saw my suggestion of what country you are writing from to help locate participants on all five continents with ease. @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemingcurators.

    Thankful for the list and the follow-up of the newspaper #thediarygame.

    Mi ultima participación/my last participation.


    Hello, just made my first entrance into the dairy chsllange and I also wrote on reason to use steemit now.. No upvotes yet, kindly look into it please

    Thanks for this challenge @steemblog and @steemcurator01

    My entry

    Also posted on Twitter


    Also I entered the daily challenge, did not get upvotes will be dropping the link again



    Wow que emoción ver mi nombre en el top 50, ha sido un verdadero desafío son muchos diarios pero con constancia se puede avanzar y cada día mejorar!! GRACIAS @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 Buen trabajo!!

    Muchas gracias, estoy super contenta de estar en esa lista de 50 participantes del diario!! Me alegra mucho, seguiré esforzándome cada día más!! SALUDOS!!

    Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario del domingo 21-06-2020

    Saludos y exito para todos.


    Thanks a lot! You guys really do great!

    Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario de hoy lunes 22-06-2020
    Saludos y exito para todos.

    Hi @anroja. It is stated in this post that you should post your diary game links in the comment section only if after 3 days of writing the post, it has not been curated by the team.

    Yes, you are right, one of my posts has not been curated for three days. So all I put it all ... I'm sorry if it's wrong in interpreting it.
    I will edit it.

    Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario de hoy martes 23-06-2020

    Saludos y exito para todos.

    Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario de hoy miercoles 24-06-2020
    Saludos y exito para todos.

    Hai @steemitblog dan @steemcurator01, ini merupakan The Diary Game saya yang berusia 3 hari yang belum anda kuratori:


    Terima kasih atas dukungan dan kurasi anda selama ini.

    Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario de hoy jueves 25-06-2020

    Saludos y mucho exito.

    Hi, dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

    This post from The Diary Game was not curated by @steemcurators
    @ steemcurator01
    And its expiration is near.
    Excuse me, but the healing of the Steemcurators is very important.

    I will be very happy if you can value it.
    Thank you

    Hola amigos aca les dejo mi diario de hoy viernes 26-06-2020
    Saludos y mucho exito.

    Hola amigos aca les dejo mi diario de hoy sabado 27-06-2020
    Saludos y mucho exito.

    @straykat you should join this too, before it ends. haha.

    I've noticed that the @steemcurator01 account is downvoting some users that buy votes, though not all users, without even leaving a reason for the downvote. Is vote buying something that steem/steemit does not like or want on the platform? It would be good if we could have a clear answer on this so the community knows what is acceptable and what is not. Thanks.