STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE # 29 - New Theme Announcement - All Welcome for SBD Prizes!


We're back - hooray!  All issues with prizes owed have been resolved and all's well with our sponsors :-)  Apologies again for the delay in awarding prizes, and I do appreciate all your patience and understanding.  Now we are ready to continue, and eagerly await the lovely dishes we're yet to gorge with hungry eyes!

I'd like to share my sincere THANKS to @smooth and @sirwinchester for their continuous sponsorship of this challenge, the Steemians who regularly or occasioanlly submit entries, and to everyone who upvotes and supports the entries.  I'm well aware there would be no challenge without you all!!! 

For those of you who have never entered this challenge before - it's very easy, just see below for this week's theme and criteria for entries.  Every week we have a different guest judge and different theme, so if you fancy some culinary excitement then look no further!  You don't have to be a great cook - all we ask is you try to be creative with your recipes and take beautiful photos of the finished dish as unfortunately we can't taste the entries so you must help us do this with our imaginations!  Original recipes are encouraged, but you may use someone else's recipe as long as you credit the original source. 

The guest judge for this week is @kotturinn, a true lover of cooking and now a regular participant in this challenge (though obviously not this week)! She's a fantastic cook and equally fantastic photographer, so if you haven't seen her delightful dishes yet then go check out her blog immediately!!!  She was very enthusiastic at the prospect of judging, having the chance to pick a theme and of course the winning entries, and I figure who am I to stand in the way of this wish!  @kotturinn is originally from Crimea but lives now with her (adored and adoring) husband in Detroit.  They also have the craziest cat I've ever seen - seriously!  Although @kotturinn was tempted to give you a Russian food theme, she decided instead to play nice and give you something less defined.  So the theme she has chosen for us this week is...

With this theme you can go as simple or as fancy as you want... hot or cold, raw or cooked, savoury or sweet... whatever you would eat for brunch, this is what you should make for us!  If your country has any specific foods traditionally served for brunch this would be interesting to see.  In England (where I grew up) and Ireland (where I live now) a typical brunch would be anything from a fry up, cooked eggs, sausage roll, sandwich, fruit & yoghurt, toast, scone...etc  and typically served with a pot of tea or coffee.  In other countries brunch is often complimented with a cocktail or glass of wine.  Just imagine @kotturinn was coming to visit your country and it was up to you to treat her to a brunch made with typical ingredients and traditional flavours from your country.  I can't wait to see what kinds of dishes you will serve for her...!

1.  Title your entry this way: “STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #29: Title of your Dish”

2.  Tag your “Take Me To Brunch In Your Country” post with ALL FOUR of the following:

# food  

# food-trail  

# steemitculinarychallenge 

# recipes

3.  TAKE PHOTOS OF THE STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS in preparing your dish.

4.  POST A LINK OF YOUR ENTRY below on the comment  thread.  If you have signed up to please also post it on  the steemitculinarychallenge channel.  To sign up you can click here.

5.  The DEADLINE for submission is NO LATER than Wednesday at 12:00 Noon UTC.

6.  You may submit TWO ENTRIES if you wish.

7.  So we can verify your entry is indeed yours and not plagiarised or copy-pasted from the internet, you MUST  do ONE of the FOLLOWING: 

Here is an example of one of my own step-by-step recipes.   Any questions, please ask.

WINNERS together with the NEW THEME will be announced every Friday.    

Prizes will be transferred directly to your wallets by the respective sponsors – please allow them time to do this!  Please note: the sponsors are not always able to pay straight away - it can take days or occasionally even weeks, so please be understanding about this.  But they have never let us down so be assured they always catch up with payments as soon as they can!

Don't forget to THANK and FOLLOW our sponsors for supporting the Steemit Culinary Challenge.  Please also consider including @smooth.witness in your voted witness list. 

Here you can find the PREVIOUS WINNERS of the Steemit Culinary Challenge:

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#1 - Sniffle Remedy Soup

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, either by posting your queries on the comment thread below, or you can find me on under the same name.  I will respond as soon as I can. 

For the announcement of winners and new themes, follow me :-) 


5sbd bounty from me for the most quirky entry :D
please upvote this comment [ with 1%!] if you think it's quirky and i'll check it out.

That's very generous of you @razvanelulmarin! The deadline for entries is Wednesday, so I will be in touch then to ask which one you think deserves the bounty! :-)

I'm glad it's on again :)
oh @razvanelulmarin kickin' again :)

Hi @razvanelulmarin, all the entries are in for this week tagged under steemitculinarychallenge... did you still want to give a bonus prize, and if so who would you like to award this prize to? If you're on Steemit Chat you could let me know there. Thanks! :-)

I'm going with rouketas! is that ok?

Of course! That sounds good to me :-) I will be announcing this bonus prize along with the winners in my post on Friday, so you can transfer the money direct to @rouketas either on Friday or earlier, whatever suits you. Many thanks for this bonus @razvanelulmarin... it's very generous of you and I know he will be delighted!!!

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Glad everyting is fixed :)

Yes me too! Ha ha :-)

This sound exciting!! We don't do brunch in Poland but I will make sure to figure out something that will work :)

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for us @knittybynature!

Yey!!! I have two ideas. I hope they will be good :)

I'm sure whatever you make will be wonderful @knittybynature! And you can enter two recipes if you can't decide which idea to go with! :-)

I don't do a lot of cooking ~ But make some delectable raw vegan cacao treats. Just made some this morning, but they tend to taste better than they look.

Sydney, Australia is such a cosmopolitan city so brunch here can be anything from Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Asian generally to traditional English. Typically Aussie would be extremely hard to pin down.

But I'd love to participate in your challenge, so I'll see how creative I can be in the presentation of what I have for brunch myself. 🙏 🍰 🙏

I can't wait to see what you present to us @allyinspirit! I know what you mean... some countries don't really have that many 'typical foods' but that's no problem... in this case a cosmopolitan brunch would be wonderful! But you can make anything you like, and I look forward to seeing it!!!

Yes ! its happening again ! Epic hype! Big thanks @woman-onthe-wing for all your efforts !!

Aw thanks so much @rouketas! You have given me a smile today :-)

Bon appétit!!

I'm stoked about this!!! Thank you so much @woman-onthe-wing for the fantastic opportunity to be the guest judge, I feel very honored, it is going to be tough!!!
Good luck to everyone :)

I can hear you smiling @kotturinn, that's enough thanks for me!!! Looks like we might get a few 'not regulars' joining in for this round, so thanks for choosing such a great theme!

Thank YOU for being a great host and a sweet person that keeps inspiring all of us :).

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