Winners of Steemit Culinary Challenge #12 - Purely Paleo and New Theme Announcement

This week has been the most challenging theme so far yet the entries flooded so I'd like to thank each participant who put out their entries at the same time bear with us during the SOP check. I'd also like to thank our guest judge @kiwideb who has been there the whole week helping double check entries. We both have to admit that this week has been a learning curve to us as well. Despite the fact that the Steemit Culinary Chalenge Theme for this week has been an extra challenge for everybody, I'd like to thank @kiwideb for coming up with it. It has pushed everyone to do their best and step out of their comfort zones and be able to present their entries. Who do you think has won?

A THANK YOU shout out for the Steemit Culinary Challenge Logo to @oaldamster!

Special thanks to @vegascomic for the trophy design.

5th prize : 5SBD worth of steem @knozaki2015

Paleo Winter Weed Salad - 15 wild plants - with foraging ID quiz by @haphazard-hstead

4th prize : 7SBD @sirwinchester

Salad with chicken breast and pomegranate by @shady

3rd prize : 10SBD sponsored by @smooth

Red Paleo Couscous with marinated Poultry skewer & Almond Honey Garlic Dip by @steved

2nd prize : 15SBD sponsored by @smooth

"Sea, Sand & Salmon" by @woman-onthe-wing

1st prize : 25SBD sponsored by@smooth

Caveman Chicken! by @meesterboom

Your prizes are going to be wired directly to your wallet by the respective sponsors. Please check out @kiwideb 's page to see her wild picks for this week. Thank you very much.

To all the sponsors, Steemians who submitted their entries , everyone who upvoted the other entries this week - THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!.

This week's guest judge for the Steemit Culinary Challenge #13 : The Finest Fish Dish is one of those curators that help authors get their posting right in the most amicable way he can. Someone who helps keeps Steemians grow in writing and produce high quality contents while encouraging those who need it - he's no other than - @ats-david. This is what he chose to be our theme for this week.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your The Finest Fish Dish. Click on the blued words. . PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING NEWLY PUBLISHED POSTS.

  • Title your entry this way : "STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #13 Title of your Dish" .


Make sure to use all those 4 tags


Hurrah! Thank you! I am blown away. This is the greatest steemit contest going and I joined for old times sake. It was great seeing some of the awesome entries that were put up! Keep on cooking everybody!

@meesterboom this is your 4th trophy?

Hehe, thank you very much! You are doing a toptastic job here. Everyone should be very proud!

@meesterboom I should - look at that @tombstone and @xeldal and everyone else are encouraging us all! Thank you very much!
EDIT:add @riverhead to that!

Well done @meesterboom, great entry :-) Don't you just have so much fun doing these challenges?!!!

Thank you! Yeah, its the fun that I really enjoy the most!

I loved your entry by the way!

Thanks very much, I am a home mama and relish the chance to get creative :-) Hope to see you enter for the fish dish this week. I always do my shopping on a Thurs so it's a good thing I bought some fish yesterday!

I can tell you relish it!

Hehe, I aint entering this week, I love fish and cooking it but I only popped by the SCC as the entries looked low but they fair picked up after I entered! I wil be cheering folk on from the sidelines :O)

Many thanks for so many fine entries! As soon as I finish my post, with some comments and wild picks, I'll post the link here.

a satisfaçao e algo como o ceu por que o ceu e o limite.
voce vai longe

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are now paid. Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

Sorry @smooth I didn't see your comment there - thank you very much for the congrats and prize money, and of course your continued sponsor of this challenge. It's actually a highlight in my weeks!

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big big thank you to @englishtchrivy and the sponsors!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Congratulations everyone, and thanks @kiwideb for awarding me 2nd place! Am thrilled, as it's the icing on the cake after a very good day for my family all round :-)

@englishtchrivy - I love these challenges and hope to enter this week again, thanks for continuing to host this!

@woman-onthe-wing this week has been tough but thanks to everyone who has been very cooperative! and to @kiwideb! we're on the opposite poles of the earth but she made time to help me double check entries.

Congratulations to all the winners and sponsors of the awards.
Excellent post @englishtchrivy lady. Beautiful what you do for the community, congratulations

@jlufer thank you my friend and have a great weekend!

Good weekend for you too dear friend @englishtchrivy

Congratulations for this amazing post and of course to the people who has participated in this contest! Also congratulations to​ the winners! Cheers!

Congratulations everyone, and thanks @kiwideb for awarding me 4 place! And I so glad to see @haphazard-hstead entry in winners. @englishchrive I like your steemitculinarychallenge

My entry for this week's challenge

Congrats to all winners!