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First of all, I'd like to thank every participant on the 11th Steemit Culinary Challenge for stepping it up! Our guest judge bots maker - @felixxx, have really helped make this successful for choosing the Cheese less burger theme. Thank you, too @felixxx! So who won?

A THANK YOU shout out for the Steemit Culinary Challenge Logo to @oaldamster!

Let's look back at what @felixxx gave us for his criteria for judging.

Special thanks to @vegascomic for the trophy design.

5th prize : 5SBD worth of steem @knozaki2015

Pork Carrot Burger by @helene

4th prize : 7SBD @sirwinchester

The Carefree Cow Veggie Burger Original Recipe by @woman-onthe-wing

3rd prize : 10SBD sponsored by @smooth

Pumpkin Burger by @kenjiby

2nd prize : 15SBD sponsored by @smooth

Salmon Coriander Burger on Chia-buns with Spicy Homemade Guacamole by @steved

1st prize : 25SBD sponsored by@smooth

Millet Grain Veggie Burger by @knittybynature

Your prizes are going to be wired directly to your wallet by the respective sponsors. Thank you very much.

To all the sponsors, Steemians who submitted their entries , everyone who upvoted the other entries this week - THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!.


This week's guest judge is a Nutrition Coach and A Natural Therapist - @kiwideb so don't be surprised if this week's theme is ...

Here are a few ideas to help you make your Purely Paleo Dish . Click on the blued words. . Before you chicken out - think NATURAL FOOD and do check out the criteria for judging that she gave out.

  • Title your entry this way : "STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #12: Title of your Dish" .


Make sure to use all those 4 tags


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes paid. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

@smooth thanks a lot!

Thanks so much @smooth!

Thank you so much @smooth!!

@smooth please check your chat.
I left you a message thank you and have a great weekend.

Congratz to all the winners this week very beautifull and delicious burgers!

@cynetyc, I hope to see you again on the next round?
If you have a question you may ask away in the chat :)

Another great job @englishtchrivy!! Fantastic contest this past week and next week looks amazing also. Looks like you are picking up some 'steam.' Thanks for putting these together, I know it is a lot of work.

@gringalicious Thanks!
It's a team work ;)
So thank you for also always being there encouraging the participants!
That helps a great deal!

I do what I can, and it is so little compared to what you do.

@gringalicious - nyahah!
I forgot to get back at you ;)
been busy sorry - too busy this week but will get back at you in the chat
so many lit notifications .

EDIT : remember the 1st question I asked you before I asked you to be the 1st guest judge? I'm still asking that - perhaps this would get more support and many more would join if you are hosting it or @allasyummyfood at least

Well done on another culinary challenge!! Good theme for next week too!!

Veggie burger looks interesting. Love to try.

@ace108 I also feel that sometimes, I wish we could really have a taste test eh?
Maybe the next Steem fest? if there would be a live cook off?

Interesting idea. Perhaps the change evolved into extra points video of a short duration.

@ace108 that of the Justice League's ? She only fights :D

@ace108 no, we can't see them cooking we won't know if it's really the both of them cooking and videos can be spliced so to make it fair I asked for a whole one. That doesn't mean they won't be doing the pics anymore - they should.

THIS is yet another challenge. They become more and more hard each week ;) I don't win this time but go for the next!! Great job @englishtchrivy and many thanks to the judges.
Steem on!

That's the spirit @pickoum! Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you have to stop!
Will be looking forward for your entry then!

This contest was amazing!! I want to congratulate all of the participants of this contest, everybody made such an impressive job. There were so many tasty recipes being posted and I will definitely refer to this list each time I want to impress my family and friends with a burger!! I also want to thank @englishtchrivy for hosting this amazing contest!! I will make sure to be a part of it as often as I can!! Also big thanks to @felixxx for picking the theme and for judging all of these amazing entries. And a huge thank you to @smooth, @sirwinchester and @knozaki2015 for sponsoring prizes!!

Awesome! Every single entry was outstanding! It's such an honour to be part of this. I am so stoked about PURELY PALEO!!!! YES! LOL

Congratulations to all the winners, those burgers looks amazing!!

like the challenge this week - quick question quinoa - classed as a seed - ok to use , just want to check ...

My guess would be yes, as the definitions were clearly laid out with lots of distinctions from what is technically considered paleo, and no mention of quinoa in the "don't" section.

thanks a lot - now I will play :)

@ladypenelope1 sorry for the late reply, I was away all day and just got back home.

Anyway, if you look at the criteria for judging - you would see that guides of what you may use and what you shouldn't use.

As for seeds - yes you may use seeds. No pressure, no haste take your time it's till Tuesday (3 days left :))

thanks - checked it out and quinoa is classed as a seed so will use :)

Congratulations to everyone! It was a great challenge :)

@lonilush it was indeed! Keep joining and you'll never know your entry might be the next to bag the 1st prize!

See you on the next round?

Nah, I'll skip this one, Paleo doesn't really inspire me :) I'll be watching out for the next one for sure!

@lonilush that's fine :)
no worries :)

Great write-up, and a bunch of wonderful recipes. I look forward to putting something together for this week's contest :-)

@kennyskitchen, thanks!

Looking forward to that, please make sure to read the must dos and the criteria for judging so you are sure all the ingredients you'll use are allowed to be used or not so your entry gets to be acknowledged.

Good luck!

@caminito Thank you for joining !
I've been wondering where you have been :)
would you please check your chat I need you to just do something so we could acknowledge your entry - only that and you're good to go.
Thank you

Congratulations to all the winners, those burgers looks amazing!!

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