30 Day Creative Post Challenge - Day 26 valuable steemit users

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I ran into this challenge started by @bkdbkd , it is a challenge where you are 'challenged' to post every day for a period of 30 days with a pre-defined subject in a rule-sheet. I first saw the challenge in a post from @s3rg3 . I thought it was nice idea, first for writing about different stuff everydat, but second to be part a chainreaction on steemit :)
The Original post you can find at 30 Day creative post challenge

So let’s start with day 26

Name three awesome Steemit users you met on Steemit? What do you like the most about them? Do they inspire you?

Name three awesome Steemit users you met on Steemit?

I have met quite some awesome people already on Steemit, every single one with a certain kind of interest but cause of the fact I have to mention only three, this are the tree for me at this moment:

  1. @melbookermusic, melbookermusic is a musician from California. Het plays the guitar but besides that he also has some philosophic views on things. I like the way he plays the guitar, his view on fusion/blues but mostly the interactive way of posting his posts. He often asks people for their opinion. That is what I like a lot, and besides he is a great musician.
  2. @drkent , drkent is a musician too with an very own kind a style and sound. He is often online trough dlive to interact with the people that follow him. He has some great tunes and great lyrics, and besides that he is a really nice fellow (as far as you can judge from the long distance 😊
  3. @jerrybanfield , I participated in a contest that was written out by Jerrybanfield. He is one of the most famous stemians. I don’t have met him on person (on Steemit) but I follow him and see that he his very much involved in the Steemit community. He has some very interesting posts and video’s. Hard to ignore and very well produces/created.

What do you like the most about them?

If I wont repeat myself I wont explain for every steemian what I like the most about them. For all three I like the dedication of them all to the Steemit community. Their own style of posts. That is something I can learn from because of my own enthusiasm I can post a lot which isn’t all equal valuable (for my readers, though for me). If we all blend it together we have a great content contribution with different angles and for everyone something interesting.

Do they inspire you?

Yes they all inspire me. @melbookermusic and @drkent for their authenticity in music. Although I play bassguitar I’m not half as good to post my own content playing the bass. (although I’ve tried).

@jerrybanfield inspires me because he manage every single time to write valuable content. Of course a lot of people upvote him, following him and comment him because he is a big fish in the Steemit sea. But what he says really makes sense and contributes.

My goal on Steemit is, and will be, to contribute, to produce good content which other steemians would love to read. I want to help people if it’s within my power on any subject. But most of all, I want to support Steem and Steemit to grow beyond every border possible. Therefore I am looking a lot to other steemians and hope to learn from them. I learn from this three without a doubt.

If you like to join the 30-days contest, please follow these rules

  1. Use the hashtag #creativepostchallenge, so @bkdbkd can find your blog!
  2. Share the link & the rules of this post and challenge in the end of your post so other users can find it too.
  3. Have fun!

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Good job man you're doing well.....


Thank you very much !!

Thanks so much my friend @verhp11! It’s great to find myself in the good company of @jerrybanfield and @melbookermusic!

Have a great day :)


It just the truth :) thank you too and have a great day yourself... we are heading to the pist for a skiing trip :)

thank you friends already want to share


Great thanks !!

Can I join the challenge, I would love to share about me. Please am really interested.
I should start from the first day right?


Of course you can join, please :) you indeed can start with the first day !! I will read your contribution!!

indeed sir jerrybanfield is one of the great name in steemit@jerrybanfield


He sure is, thank you !!

Nice challenge, keep it up, try to join you guys


Thank you very much !!

I am new in steemit . your post is very nice and helpful for me. I hope you to UPvote me on my and post on@tuseef-akram ......
And follow me


Thank you very much !!

I really like this! I saw your video online when looking for advice on Steemit. So great to find you! I hope to follow in your footsteps by being active everyday and networking :D If there are any yoga people out there or people interested in health and wellness then pop over to my feed too :D I joined 3 days ago but am commited to providing lots of high quality content :) Thank you!

P.S. I will join next month's challenge, feel a little late for this one!!

Wow, thanks that informative brather. I learn more from ur post. Hope one times ur visit my blog and like it @almukhyarsidiq nice to know u


thank you very much !!