SOS Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 9 January 2019

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What goes up must come down...

Just as this Daily News edition was about to go to press STEEM has taken a red nose dive.

From the heady heights of $0.31 STEEM has slid down, in the space of just 30 minutes, to $0.28 and is still looking at its feet.

Was it the news of @dstors capitulating that caused the run 😉 ?

I suspect not as the drop is pretty universal across the crypto-sphere.

But never fear, the State of Steem Forums are about to kick off again...

@dstors is d-ceased

Just a month ago @dstors might have been on many people's 'Hottest Prospects for 2019' list.

But then after an acrimonious Christmas Eve split between two halves of the @dstors team it all went pear-shaped.

After some argy-bargy with an account recovery project founders @kaliju and @derangedvisions went one way with the @dstors name, while major project investor @haejin went the other way with a new @dcommerce account name.

A flag waving Battle Royale ensued between the two parties.

Now the @dstors team has thrown in the towel, upped sticks and left the Steem platform.

No-one has come out a winner. Trust has been broken, the brand concept has been seriously damaged.

It remains to be seen how receptive the community will be to last man standing @dcommerce when a working product emerges.

The final score... DStors 0 v DCommerce 1 v Steem -1

State of Steem Forum #3 - Thursday 10 January, 8pm - 11pm UTC, MSP Waves

The State of Steem Forums resume on Thursday after the Festive break.

This third forum is all about DApps, Apps and Developments.

There is an impressive list of participants already lined up including @anomadsoul (@SteemOnboarding), (@partiko), @disregardfiat (@dlux-io), @dreemsteem (Spunkee Monkee), @fredrikaa (@steempress-io), @hightouch (@fundition / @ongame), @hr1 (@steeveapp), @imacryptorick (Steem Promotion Task Force), @jarvie (@SteemPeak), @paulag (@steemcommunity), @prc (@DSound), @project7 (@Steemhunt), @starkerz (@oracle-d), @thecryptodrive (@buildteam), @therealwolf (@Smartsteem,, @upheaver.

If any developers or founders of DApps or Apps not represented would like to speak on the forum please message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

More details about the forum are here...

@cryptocurator and @impactn have written posts reporting on discussions from the State of Steem Forum Discord, and have suggested questions to be discussed on the forum...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.282 2019-01-10 09:24 UTC
SBD price US$ 0.779 2019-01-10 09:24 UTC
Market Cap US$ 86,879,185 2019-01-10 09:24 UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #51 (-2) 2019-01-10 09:24 UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c) 2019-01-08
No. of Orcas 313 (+1) 2019-01-08
No. of Dolphins 1966 (-1) 2019-01-08
No. of Minnows 9078 (n/c) 2019-01-08
Alexa rank ( #4122 (-8) 2019-01-09 21:57 UTC

Follow @penguinpablo for more statistics.


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This is #38 (09 Jan '19) of this daily news service.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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Mr haejin hasn't made a lot of friends here, so it will be interesting to see what support his project gets.

Steem price seems to be affected by a general trend. It's a shame as it was going up whilst others were going down.

There was a reason that he had to be a secret partner. For that reason, I highly doubt that there would be much support. I would think that the majority of his project will require self funding without the support of the community.

Definitely one to watch...

ty for the mention :)

I start to appreciate this summary of my favorite blockchain out there. :)

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

The final score... DStors 0 v DCommerce 1 v Steem -1

I would say that STEEM came out with a score of -2 since we are now stuck with dcommerce

Great summary by the way.


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