Pyramid vs A Real Community!

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The other night during a nice little conversation with fellow Steemians in The Alliance 24/7 Voice Chat room we were discussing a number of topics and sure enough one of the topics that we touched on was "COMMUNITY".

There was something that I said during that conversation that has literally been spinning around in my head since then.

Didn't think of it as anything revolutionary or world changing, but it has literally been spinning around in my head ever since and I just need to get it out here and see if anyone else has anything to say or add to it.

What I said was the following:

"The difference between a real community and a pyramid scheme disguised as a "community" is in the hierarchy and the goals. "

I went ahead and defined those words as follows:

"In a pyramid scheme the top of the hierarchy collects the bulk of the rewards made by the community and sooner or later when one of the people at the top of that pyramid falls (financially) the others around that person at the top laugh at that person and couldn't care less about them

In a real community, nobody sees anything wrong with i.e. all 300 or 400 becoming financially stable and rising up there. No jealousy or egomaniacs at any levels, as they just don't fit in and end up leaving, fading away, vanishing and when it happens that lets say one of the 300 falls, there are 299 people there to help that person get back up on their feet."

Call me a romantic or whatever, I seriously don't care about "name calling", but this is how I see it and that is pretty much word for word how I said it.

Now, I know that this is no "revolutionary idea", it is something that has been proven time and time again.


No need to describe what this graphic depicts, it pretty much says it all and those at the top have a "dog eat dog" mentality that just doesn't care about anyone else!

So, yeah, there it is.

What do you think?

Look forward to reading your thoughts!

Yours truly

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