Are Your Videos Getting Deleted On Dtube? Here Comes The Solution OneLoveIPFS | Step By Step Tutorial | MVD

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Are your videos getting deleted on Dtube? – Does this annoy you?

Well, if you are a content creator that wants to keep the videos on Dtube for the future, then this is the solution for you! OneLoveDtube/OneLoveIPFS uploader.

This step by step tutorial is the guide for you to know about them and what they have to offer and how you can use it.




Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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Good video with good information ... keep in mind what makes IPFS decentralized is the various seeders that have nodes. @dtubearmy IPFS #Permanente are two more in the pool as well as a few others. This is an important aspect and we not only need people to back up but also need seeders to make IPFS a success. IPFS bots for the two seeders I mentioned are both in onelove as well as @dtubearmy discord :) thanks for the informative video

Could you host your own videos? Like if you bought a NAS and plugged it into your modem? Once someone views your video on dtube after it has been deleted is it reseeded into dtube like a new dtube video? Is how long dtube keeps your video in the nodes based on age or on views?

You can. DM me any time if you would like to set it up. I'm in discord. Long as you have an active internet connection ..even old videos can come alive again. You can find me on the one love dtube discord or the dtube discord under the nickname graylan. I'd be happy to show you our software. It's free and open source

great, thank you very much.... usefull video

I smell 10000$ :P Nice vid.

thanks, very useful for new comers

thanks for sharing Helpful information

Great information thank you ❤️🌈🦋🌴💛

Well made video!

I can't watch the video at the moment. I think to pay to store your videos on IPSF is a good solution. At the moment DTube does not keep your videos for a long time.

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There's no need to put "dtube" in the tags field as it will always be the first tag

@techcoderx haha ok, good to know :)

I thought DTube videos couldn't get deleted..? :-/

If no one else host the videos on IPFS the video will not be playable

Great review btw.

If any of you who are scrolling through the comments and have questions about the uploader feel free to reply to this comment! 😃

Stellar video. We are always working to improve DTube's experience.. Thank you so much for the support and sharing our site .

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Subscribed! Great work here! I use Handbrake to compress videos. I prefer not to use Youtube as much as possible. Nice tutorial!

Hey :) Yes, I tried Handbrake as well. But the file was still huge I couldn't compress the file from 1Gb to 80Mb. It was more like 400MB after compressing. Maybe I did something wrong..? hmmm

I am not sure, to be blunt. I will look into this, I haven't uploaded to the oneloveifps in some time, was going to touch base with the team soon.

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congratulations, go on like this, thanks for the video. ✌👍

@elgochojhon28 Thank you so much :)

Hey i have also a youtube channel can u support me for growing there.Here is the video link

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