Guidelines on creating a dPoll

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How to create a Kick-Ass dPoll

Table of contents

​ About dPoll

​ Relevant/Interesting Question

​ Neutral Question

​ Limited Answers

​ Language preferably English

​ Picture

​ Editing a submitted dPoll

About dPoll

dPoll is a place on the Steem blockchain where you can answer questions by your fellow Steemians and create polls yourself. You can find it at

If you want to learn more about the project, you can read the introductory post.

For feedback, go to our issues page at Github or drop by at our Discord server.


See it online at, and the source code at github repository.

Relevant/Interesting Question

Ask a question that is interesting to you and your followers. Most voters enjoy to provide a little color to their comment and will engage further in the comments. Polls are a way to get interesting discussions in the comments going.

It usually doesn't work well if you create a dPoll just for the sake of it.

Neutral Question

Often you will have a point of view when asking the question. Keep the description neutral to encourage the maximum people to participate. Try to make the description as short and concise as possible.

Provide balanced answers by giving options from good to bad or agree to disagree. Avoid only superlatives that support your opinion.

What do you think about this?How Awesome is this question?
Totes Amazeballs!!Good
Great!Well Dank Bro
Meh!Super Awesome!!
Don't careMega Awesome!!! MOON! MOON! Lambo*!

You can give your opinion by commenting on cast votes or by writing a follow up post with the results of your poll and your interpretation.

Limited Answers

Try to limit the possible answers to your question. Ideally Yes/No and Other.

It is always helpful to include the option "Other". This gives voters the chance to interact with your dPoll even if they don't find themselves reflected in your possible answers. This will yield interesting interactions and insights.

A best practice is to keep the options below 5.

There is a soft limit in dPoll of 10 options. That means you can choose more, but only 10 will show up in your dPoll - so don't.

Language preferably English

To reach the most users try to keep your questions in English. Also check for grammar and spelling. It just makes a bad impression and possible voters will ignore your post.

It shows that you care about your question and the answers to your poll. Why should they invest the time in answering your dPoll if you couldn't be asked to put some effort and thought into creating your poll.


Humans like pictures. It makes the page more attractive and looks better in the feed of your followers. Do provide a picture with a connection to the question.

dangerous predator


Editing a submitted dPoll

Mistakes happen. You can edit your dPoll until the first vote is cast or 5 minutes have elapsed. We have settled for this trade off to balance the need to edit and to maintain the integrity of the poll.

We know that even when you use the preview mode in the dPoll editor mistakes still slip through and you will only notice them after it shows up as a real post.

You can always edit the post in your account - as with every other post - but it will not have any effect on the dPoll itself.

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*who ever thought Lambos were great cars??

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This post is Well Dank Bro! 😂

Should have included "Dench" as well ;)

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Do people use the word 'Lambo' because they are unable to spell Lamborghini?

I really don't know... Maybe because abbreviations are supposed to be cool?

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Every non dpoll experienced first time user should at least skip over this

I never thought lambos were great cars until after reading this post! 😉

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