SteemProjects: Let's update status of Steem Interfaces (part 2)

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Hi! This post is a second part of reports about Steem Interfaces on SteemProjects. We have updates about already existing entries but our content manager @lukmarcus is are also adding new projects to our database.

As we have already written in part 1 - we divided all Steem Interfaces into two groups:

  • Generic - alternatives for Steemit or Busy where all Steem blockchain posts can be seen,
  • Specialized - portals focused only on one type of content or even on one tag/topic/category.

New Interfaces on SteemProjects


by @avral & @ooodin
DTrip page on SteemProjects
Status: Demo/Alpha
Type: Specialized
Content: Travel posts
Description: DTrip is an app which helps travelers to share their impressions, favorite places, reviews and get rewarded for it. The application is designed to make topics of travel in STEEM more interesting and useful than just publication and view posts with the tag #travel.


by @memestagram
Memestagram page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Specialized
Content: Memes
Description: Memestagram is a blockchain-powered censorship-resistant social platform that you can use to share fun content. On top of that, you can earn crypto rewards for everything you curate, and when others engage with your activity!


by @steemstem, @justtryme90, @mobbs & @lemouth
SteemSTEM page on SteemProjects
Status: Beta
Type: Specialized
Content: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Description: The SteemSTEM project was initiated with the aim of building a community of people interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) on Steem. We believe that making Steem a better place for STEM is crucial for the long-term development of the platform as a whole, so that it could not only be friendly to quality, interesting and cutting-edge STEM content but also become a real platform for science communication while invigorating and inspiring the minds of the community and beyond.


by @culturehero, @lekang, @travisung & @tasteem
Tasteem page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Specialized
Content: Restaurant reviews
Description: Tasteem offers you an easy way to make your own restaurant guide. We gather all the information you give us to share with all Tasteemers. You’ll get a gift from Tasteem when you review your favorite restaurants.

Updated Interfaces


by @decentmemes, @acidyo & @netuoso
DecentMemes page on SteemProjects
Status: Abandoned/Broken
Type: Specialized
Content: Memes
Comment: Project website doesn't work

Traders & Investors Mentor Market

by @timm
Traders & Investors Mentor Market page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Specialized
Content: Trading and investing


by @ulogs & @surpassinggoogle
Ulogs page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Generic


by @vaporapp & @five34a4b
Vapor page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Generic
Comment: Android & iOS app

What Q&A

by @shango & @what-app
What page on SteemProjects
Status: Live
Type: Specialized
Content: Questions and answers
Comment: Android & iOS app


by @steemitqa & @zappl
Zappl page on SteemProjects
Status: Abandoned/Broken
Type: Specialized
Content: Micro-blogging
Comment: Project website doesn't work


We are replaying to comments so if you have any questions - ask them! You can join Wise Team on Discord or contact @lukmarcus about content directly on

Steem on!


So many projects, but it lacks most valuable measure, popularity of the app.

For many like, they havent yet reached the level of development necessary for any sort of attempt to advertise them.

So really I don't think popularity is as important a metric as say, actual development. At least in the early stages.

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