New Year, New DevPortal Updates

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Hello Steemians. We’re kicking 2019 off with a whole bunch of devportal updates! Below you will find summaries for some of the updates, but for a complete list be sure to go to:

Issue 384

A tutorial was added that demonstrates how to use the new API methods by explaining how developers can submit a transaction to the blockchain, and then use the new transaction polling API to determine the status of the transaction.

Issue #361

Documentation for a new transaction polling API was added. The plugins needed to enable this API on a steemd node were added along with a new section in “APPBASE API” for the new method prefixes that were added. New API definitions were also added to the "APPBASE API" section for the new methods.

Issue #371

Some changes were made to the plugin and API list from issue #269, in which documentation was created for steemd plugins. A link to the plugins was added to the menu. The plugin name that needs to be enabled within the config.ini file in order to turn on the plugin was clearly defined. All dependencies were reviewed to ensure that they are documented appropriately.

Issue #402

Some useful rake tasks were added mainly to improve the process for keeping up with continued changes to the devportal over time.


This task outputs all known ops, except virtual ops. We can use this to find undocumented ops. Using rake ops_dump # we can save the output to the project and run it later to find differences in new runs. rake ops_dump[true] will include virtual ops in the results and rake ops_dump[true,true] uses appbase naming.


This task checks the HTML generated by Jekyll and other assets to find problems. In particular, it locates issues in HTML like duplicate IDs. This is most useful for avoiding issues that can impact dynamic features. The html-proofer gem is used and can be configured to be more or less opinionated. Currently, it is configured to look at:

["ImageCheck", "HtmlCheck", "ScriptCheck", "FaviconCheck", "LinkCheck"]

rake test:proof

Database API Details

Documentation on database_api has been expanded to include previously missing details with PR #404. Examples were added for each method in database_api. This is very useful because it includes some of the newer methods available in Steem.

Improving the DevPortal

The devportal is an important resource for developers who are interested in leveraging the Steem blockchain and we are excited to continue making improvements. For a complete list of all of the PRs that were merged, go here and be sure to check out our devportal at

The Steemit Team


Is it true ned is leaving?

On one hand, it shouldn't come as a surprise - he made it abundantly clear that he was not feeling at ease with He said he wants to focus on Destiny (a new application on the steem blockchain that should leverage SMTs for ICO and focus on asset transfers, like other blockchains, rather than content)

I'm not sure that is a great idea (sounds like "fighting the last war" to me) but hey, he's a free man!

On the other hand, if we look back at the leadership he has provided here for the past 2 and 1/2 years, would you say that he'll be missed?

Ned stays with the steem blockchain. For the rest, whether he keeps focusing on or not, I don't see a big issue

@sorin.cristescu Not a big deal if he left but a bad impact for him that he abandon what he starting.

I don't think it would necessarily be bad, as long as he stuck with the Steem blockchain @kennyroy.

It might actually be better for the Steem blockchain and the price of Steem, especially if @ned is creating a Steem-based Dapp to launch SMT's.

Then there would be two major companies working on Steem and both founded by @ned.

That was great if ever... Go power!

probably not. it wouldn't make much sense would it?

In the section about Issue #371 you link to

if you follow the link you get a 404

Thanks! It's fixed

What happened to @ned?

Omg 😮 there you are

Should I take down the posters? Copy of Missing Dog Or Pet Wanted Template - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

No really like are we going to come here one day and find steemit just down forever? You don't comment in a month it's not good for confidence in the price of the coin, what the fuck is going on? I have lots of memes, like a simple yeah this is whats going on


Hi @ned, what a surprise :) Please update some more. Happy new year!

Updates are vital for credibility and confidence, ty

곰돌이가 @blockchainstudio님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.015을 보팅해서 $0.008을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 2449번 $30.490을 보팅해서 $30.520을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Happy New Year @ned
I would like Pewdiepie to join Steem.

Why are you powering down?

his incompetent but overall a charlatan, who fools people. that's why.

yeah but in what context, spectating or part of?


I support your idea of creating a new Steem-based Dapp, one where everyone will have an equal vote.

If you notice, most of the people that rated your post upvoted it, but one person with enough SP was able to hide it with a single downvote.

The same thing has happened to other people too.

You have a lot of supporters and the Steem community is a positive one, but we all need to be able to vote equally on a Steem-based Dapp.

@steemit can remain as it is and it will be the Exhibit A for all developers. Thank you for your contributions and please don't forget about the Steem community.

~ @chrisrice

P.S. I love writing for @musing.

Could someone put this in English lol ;)

@ned, is there any chance that equality will be part of the equation?

Or will steemit stay as backwards as society?

Many people have mentioned equality in the past. but to deaf ears.
Now that a number of people are gone I wonder if Equality can get a chance?

As todays society is the result of long term inequality created by the corporate elite we need a system that is build ON Equality...
Equality as the MAIN system AT THE CORE. not as some patch on the bleeding wound.

Many people say crypto is "THE SOLUTION" but they fail to see that steemit has the very same problem as society. A problem that goes by the name of GREED.
So by making equality the core of the system then we should at least have a chance to have a fair system.

instead of surfing along on old capitalism (the capitalism that is running full speed into a brick wall in slow motion.)

Crypto is all about inequality. Every single crypto token has rampant inequality with GINI coefficients >95. Makes even the most inequal countries (GINI ~50) look egalitarian. It's what pure capitalism looks like. The only way to balance inequality is taxation or wealth/income caps. (These take many different forms, so it need not be traditional taxation.) Which is the furthest from crypto and infeasible due to sybil attacks. (I.e. if there was a limit to how much each account could hold, they would just split into multiple accounts. Same goes for taxation.)

I have some good news for you, though. Ned and Steemit Inc. have been working on SMTs + Oracles with identity verification, which will offer each person the same vote. Not for the common Steem reward pool, but as an option for SMTs. No one knows when it'll release (a long time away), but if any major SMTs adopt the one-account-one-vote algorithm, that'll be the closest you'll get to equality in crypto. Of course, even with such a system, there'll be rampant inequality with token holding.

Read about SMT for more details -

I'll let Jimmy Dore to the speaking to show the point:

Identity Verification is not the solution either. As it completely undermines PRIVACY.

BTW I just discovered how 2 factor authentication is being used to hack all kinds of accounts. And it shows that the use of a phonenumber as ID is broken by design.

Thank you for this @liberosist.

TAG: @gadrian

I definitely want the world to be an equal place, but sometimes, I just really get annoyed with the people that are "poor" around me. I explain to friends and relatives how money works, how to build capital and how to use it, but they just go blow every cent of their paycheck on the new Xbox.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to politely listen to friends and relatives talk about being a slave to their jobs when I am very aware that their regular paychecks barely touch their pocket before going to something really fun. I can tell people how amazing all this stuff is and how just $50 in Bitcoin could potentially become a nice sized retirement after Russia buys in and a bunch of other countries and banks follow. But no, they hand over their money gleefully at Radioshack, but just $50 into a crypto or some other investment vehicle causes them to shake in their boots.

I'm also sick of hearing these same people complain about the inequality when they buy all kinds of junk like there's no tomorrow, but for some reason when the guy that lived off ramen noodles and cheap beer to fund his business achieves incredible success we're all suppose to think he should not have any more stuff than anyone else.

I want equality and I hate when systems are rigged for failure, but sometimes I really do think that a lot of the time people cause the inequality just by choosing not to save anything, invest anything or push themselves at all. So many people choose not to control spending and exercise willpower. Should the people that do wise things be hated simply because they are wiser?


Happy New Year to you too. I thank you for your excellent post.
Steemians 2019 has started and we need to remain ever positive. is a very good site and we need to appreciate the good things we have. We need to remain positive and we need to start looking after each other. Happy New Year to all Steemians, and a Prosperous 2019.

It’s getting better day after day.

steemit will be a great success in this year

What happened to @ned's guitar?

Good work, keep em coming!

Can anyone clarify the rumors about Ned's leaving ?

Thanks for the hard works @ned , I had a request, I want you guys to add more features to steemit, for example, I want to pin one of my posts to the top, It will be useful for us.
I also think if you can create archives of what we posted, then we can find our old posts faster, and a search bar for the archive section.

Thank you so much.

Information = Communication = Transparency = Decentralization = Success.

Thanks for Update

wouldn't be bad to get some insights in the steemit money flow somehow.

how many people powerd down and how much value is in the system .. and who are the people holding that value, whales or plankton?

Every day I’m online I’m grateful my wife is not trying to be a YouTuber or Instagram chick.

Great work. Thanks for docs update @steemitblog

Btw: redirects to "" and still show 404

You add values!

i think many more come for us in the year of 2019. And guys any one play games any kinds like PUBG or Pokemon Go tell me and don't forget check latest daily gameing update here- UI is a disaster.

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