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Hello Steemians, as part of our strategy for improving the economic sustainability and decentralization of Steem, we are selectively rolling out advertisements on steemit.com. This is only an experiment and no final decisions have been made with respect to the use of ads on steemit.com.

Despite the seemingly high level of support for ads, we understand that many users might not be comfortable with the idea of ads on steemit.com which is why we are proceeding with a small test.

The Steemit Team


If and when you guys roll out advertisements, can we implement some kind of revenue sharing model for bloggers? I think that would go a long ways in attracting and keeping talented content creators much better than we have thus far. I think overall you guys would end up making MORE money with revenue sharing than if you kept it all because our numbers would be that much higher. A smaller slice of a big pie may end up being much more valuable than getting the whole pie, if it stays very small. Something to think about...

You would be super surprised at the amount of crap traffic that would be generated because of this and how many people will try to game/cheat the system it wont work.

Pretty sure people try and cheat/game the system any where this is implemented yet they figure out how to make it work regardless.

@steemitblog @ned as long you put ads that won't appear on browsers using adblock, no one will be angry at you for making some $ with ads.
Those who hate ads won't be annoyed by them. But those who are indifferent, or even enthusiastic for Steemit Inc to generate cashflow without flooding the market with coins will check the ads out, and likely occasionally click on them.

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If we get ads going, does that mean the automated steem selling can stop or at least slow down?

I support this, we also desperately need revenue sharing with bloggers.

It is the best way to get influencers over here and keep them here. They will also bring with them large audiences which will boost your advertising revenue.

The Rev share would come from the increase in steem price there's no reason to delegate it out to certain people it would honestly destroy the system. So many sites have gone into rev share with content creators and ended up shutting down over the abuse that happens from it.

Why would there be an increase in the STEEM price? Seems like there wouldn't be any connection to ads. Steemit, Inc would make out okay and be able to pay their bills. That's the only benefit I see for users.

Which sites are you referring to specifically?

Many have done this already they don't exist anymore because they went belly up from abuse and just flat out spam.
TSU would be the most recent example of this

Being able to monetize in a similar way to youtube, twitter, instagram etc. is crucial for getting and keeping influencers here. If the steem upvote model worked, we would have much better results after 3 years 'in the wild'.

Agreed monetization has to happen but it should simply go towards covering costs and increasing the value of steem itself. Not as a rev share depending on how many views likes etc I get

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My contention is that if money is awarded to better blogs, it will attract better influencers, who in turn will attract large audiences, which will in effect make the price of steem go up as the pool of people involved gets that much bigger.

How do i get a steem monsters pinned post?

Aquire a lot of tokens or buy the vote of those who did and think featuring your content doesn't put at risk the value of their investment.

You can also burn some token to the be "pinned" in the adverts section of Steemit (Promoted).

I totally agree, i think the best soulutuon should be that 1/3 of ads go to steemit inc 1/3 to content creators and 1/3 get burned so everyone benefits. Content creators, investors and the company.
Only those that never paid a dime to buy steem will complain about ads. I say F em.

Well said, but the question is...

burn sbd for the "promoted" page, that's where all the activity is

Yes all of the trending post hide there, LOL

I will turn my adblockers off for steemit.com
To me, this is progress and shows that they listen to the community.

Thanks, we appreciate it!

Yep, got to make some money to keep this ship sailing - We the creators will of course block ads - but our readers will see them, so what can I say.

  • congratulations


Now go through the other suggestions, @ned.

Cheers :)

Still here, after many a year.

Yeah I just mentioned adblock and its funny that steemit inc doesnt realize just how many people use adblock who use steemit.com, its like come on , why doesnt steemit inc embrace their niche, and stop trying to act like just another ordinary startup..... its not and steem needs to FIGHT for their coin on the blockchain leaderboard and bring back our #3 place we had in 2016 at one point.... we need to get back to when we were in the top 15 , we need to stop letting Ned make excuses about how we cant grow untill we can fix the account creation faucet, when that has nothing to do with steem traded on exchanges, we should be pushing binance users to buy steem as an investment, large bitcoin investors should be buying steem as an investment, we need to get new users into those simple websites that let you delegate your steem to sp and earn passive income, i mean theres way sto do that without even needing an account in a non decentralized way like binance or bittrex with memos, so anyway theres so much potential in steem... makes me angry that steem is so cheap... so angry i have to go back to Vaping

maybe they will do like youtube/google and share 50/50 with creators :)

Yeah but other than that Im grateful for steem and i know when bitcoin goes up steem goes up, and also the code for hivemind and SMTs is all done just has to be tested and i know it will be finished and we will have some incredible stuff when community and developers flesh it all oiut

Would have made sense before the bidbots. Now I'm not sure it would help.

Brave ads? and why cant we use Brave browser to earn some rewards when YT and twitch accounts can?

That would be my thought. I'm tired of every single decentralized project wanting to reinvent the wheel and not partnering with other projects who have already created a robust solution.

Of course only ~10M people use Brave monthly at the moment so it's a very niche user base, but Steemit could at least partner with Brave so those users who want to be rewarded by Brave could collect ad revenue and share some of it with the Steemit platform. It would be like an ad-bonus to the STEEM rewards, it could even be paid directly in STEEM once they receive BAT from Brave. Users could select how much to share with the platform from 0 to 100% (I'd be happy with a minimum > 0%, more like 10 to 30%).

This would be a great way to extract value from non-Steemit users who visit Steemit posts. If one day Brave is at least as popular as Firefox, which I think is definitely doable, it could be a big deal.

most viewers of the content on Steemit are non-users (google SERP)

Source for that? Cause I have a feeling that external traffic has probably plummeted and continues to do so. Alexa seems to agree with me with the plummeting part and also indicates that external traffic sits at around 30 %.


similarweb showing traffic from searchengines 54%

Oh, that's just me searching "[Steem handle] Steemit" to get from place to place while on mobile.

Navigation isn't this place's best suite.

Yeah that's another thing I didn't even think. I have probably used google hundreds of times to find users that I don't exactly remember their nickname, mentions of me, old posts of mine I made a year ago etc etc. I would bet that a large % of google hits are of this nature.

how about a marketplace for Steem/BAT change? So i could use brave browser and steemit.com could change their BAT into steem so demand stays higher for the Tokens? Ad Networks pay in Fiat, i suppose.

Ideally, BAT should just become an SMT, swapping from Ethereum to Steem. It really makes way more sense for Brave's token to be an SMT, it just fits their model best.

Is there a way for us to optin or out of these ads? or be part of the initial testing?

Great idea! I believe I suggested this long time ago... If you had put on ads eariler maybe you didn't have to lay off 70% of the engineers.

It's clear you have no idea how adsense ads work which is ok. Perhaps in the past ads would have generated lots of money, but with their history, it's safe to assume they would have used the ad revenue for crack, whores and the occasional expensive haircut.

As for today, at the current state the site is they will just make the website look more shitty, make many of the few users that sticked here even more angry, fuck the serp rankings even more and perhaps generate enough revenue for a pack of cigarettes.

Yeah... As you said, great idea... Actually it's shitty which is a good thing cause they will keep dumping their stake for dirt cheap prices and sooner or later they will be a thing of the past.

P.S.: Now let me seize this opportunity to shill one of my favourite pieces of software, Brave Browser which is integrated with the BAT token. Among other things, it's super fast and blocks annoying ads, including those of Steemit.com.

Learn more at:




I think the "occasional expensive haircut" comment needs to be addressed. They are not occasional. They are daily and we have a team of highly trained beauticians that make sure I am in pristine condition each and every morning then also halfway through the day. It is literally a full-time job to look this good.

I'm surprised that Ned has any hair left after what has been going on.

Oh, he would never pull me out. I have seen him freak out and "air choke" someone across the room in a meeting like Darth Vader though.

Yeah tokens are nice but does it stream porn?

Yes, and from my experience its the best browser for porn.

!tipuvote 0.1

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD or STEEM to @tipU to use @tipU services :)

Many of us have been suggesting it for oh I don't know 2.5 years.

Well, maybe they are talking about ads for open employment positions. Let me just tell you how hard it is to keep good help around nowadays. I mean I have employees dropping like flies. Seems like every time one of them gets a little dirt on me they go and shoot themselves in the back of the head 5 times.
Now if you are talking about the actual advertising of products and such I may be in contact with you. Keep it under your hat but let's just say I may be running in 2020. Well, maybe running is a bit of false advertising on my part. It may be more like my security detail will be dragging me around like the latter part of Weekend at Bernies. I feel pretty good about my chances this time around. Nothing can stop me now except for maybe a set of stairs or a gradual incline over 3 degrees.
So keep an eye out for a "Hillary for prison president" banner coming to Steemit soon.

I honestly don't know anyone who's shot himself more 4 times at the back of his/her head but I guess its the American factor. The right way to win an election is by telling the masses about your plans and policies but 80% of them are drunk and the other 20% will most likely spend the entire time wondering how it'll be like to have sex with you(my offer still stands like my genital by the way). The second best way is subtle rigging, you basically sleep with bribe every delegate and everyone stupid interested enough to come out and vote. For good measure, you should also bribe the police, armed forces and all the weird tech guys that count votes (they'll sleep with you). Bribing is way easier than running.

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I can only think this is going to backfire. If the steemit interface level starts banning controversial topics that other platforms do to appeal to their advertisers, its become another reddit... except less popular and worse design. Obviously the content will still be on the blockchain regardless.

I'm sure the views of the three people on Steem without an adblocker will be very lucrative for you.

three people? is it that bad?

Steemians have come to enjoy a world without ads over the years. Maybe it's the final push they need to start exploring other front-ends. :)

Thanks for the update and warning. ;)

I would suggest to give users an option to view ads (default off) but also an incentive to to turn them on by maybe in part buying back Steem and rewarding the most active users or some better ways. Who knows, some could decline the rewards and choose to just support Steemit to keep their main dapp alive.

That will take time to develop. They can start with a simple solution and improve it later. The most important thing now is to make steemit.com sustainable.

I was thinking about an ad / reward system a while ago but the thing is rewarding viewers is an infringement to the Terms and Conditions of the ads providers. At least for the major providers I ve checked

hey stoodkev when are you gonna get rid of your Steemplus chrome plugin's affiliation with the massive ponzi scam known as adsactly that goes around investing into the "community" as a sort oif bribe to make themselves look good using their victims money

its bad to have software affiliated with such a massive ponzi scam like adsactly, steemplus could have malware

Ah, that makes sense, maybe the users can settle for some burned coins instead. :D

I have thought the same as it could also demonstrate to those that are buying the ads that there will be traffic due to the incentive. I relate it to what BAT is trying to do within ots Brave browser.

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I agree. Have some of the ad revenue pay the people who turn on the ads.

Are you OK with it, that they use your content to make money, even when you use another UI?

That's exactly what should be done: either

a) pay user a flat-rate for viewing ads
b) pay them a flat-rate for allowing ads to be posted within their feed or
c)let them participte in pay-per-click for ads on their feeds/posts

Then it's a win-win-win situation for advertiers, steemit.inc and user

How about a Premium subscription for users who don't want ads? Akin to Reddit Premium, perhaps with further bonuses / gamification. Maybe they can pay in BTC or fiat directly, so as not to impact Steem/SBD price. Or better still, the subscription can be spent in Steem but burned. (More of a long term benefit for Steemit Inc. and the Steem economy.)

There's going to be a lot of FUD about how Steem now has ads, be prepared for clear communications and clarifications that Steemit.com is only one dApp on Steem.

PS: In fact, I see some in this comments section - imagine the form they'll take outside of Steem.

Brilliant idea. Of course there are some free solutions like ad blocker, brave browser or simply using another GUI but yeah, I'd take a premium subscription every time, especially considering the good track record of Steemit Inc at handling money.

None of those solutions help Steemit, though. The Steem network needs them to survive and thrive.

That's a great suggestion actually. Premium subscription for users who don't want ads.

As long as they don't like the money and start charging every single user ;)

Adding ads might be a good idea, but I wish you might not add pop up ads and will monitor them like FB does!
Small suggestion, some times you could add ads based on topics of the blog! I think it might be a smart way to attract more advertisers in!


Go ahead. We can use busy, steempeak, esteem, partiko, ... when we don't like ads.

Wait a sec, we are using those frontends already. So, good luck with ads.

A reminder ...

Then keep using them, but stop saying to any other client what should do or shouldn't do.

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Did I say anything like this?

Let me quote myself:

We can ...


We should ...
We must ...
We will ...

The decision is always yours to make. Always!

The thing is that platforms like Steem separate themselves from traditional platforms by three aspects:

  • no ads
  • no selling / using personal data
  • no censorship

With the first aspect gone ...

This is purely my personal opinion, of course.

Adding ads doesn't necessarily mean Stinc will be selling data. And Steem still doesn't have any ads nor censorship. They are talking about adding ads on condenser not the Steem blockchain.

Thank you very much for the downvote. It shows that you care for ... I don't know what.

So, I am not allowed to have my own opinion when this differs to yours? Great approach, congratulations!

My fault. Let me apologize for it as I misinterpreted what you wrote.

No problem at all. As long as we talk and let each other talk and listen to each other :)

Have a great weekend.

no ads
Steem do not have ads. Steemit has.

But actually, I would say, that ads appeared on whole Steem network, when people started selling votes. If someone will pay $200 to buy votes and to put some content in front of my eyes on trending page... then this is an ad.

It depends on how you define what an ad is. I guess that in this case Steemit are talking about selling ad space in a form of marketing campaigns. These could be targeted to content and profiled.

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Would you propose a better business model that is sustainable? I mean, that at least generates 2 million in revenue annually?

I am not in their skin. At the same time, I don't sit on the mountain of Steem Power like they do.

This all leads to one of basic flaws the company made which is a lack of proper financial and marketing plan from the day one onwards.

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Maybe that's what they want. /shrug

I don't know what they want? Do they?

I'm just guessing, that's why I said maybe, so how would I know

It's about time Steemit.Inc - should have happened 18 months ago. Only question - how is the revenue shared with the bloggers?


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If they don't share the advertising revenue with the bloggers then we have gone full circle back to the Facebook social media model. And we can't compete with Facebook in its own game.

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Seems the STINC doesn't have any good idea how to earn money on the blockchain technology itself. Steem is your baby, maybe you should try to find a way to monetize blockchain instead of putting ADS on the UI.

Car factories earn money on making cars and not printing other logos on them...

What will be next? selling our emails and phone numbers to 3rd parties?

Happy New Year! I really wish you the best!

Great idea ads are every where and long as they are done with class. It would be a great way to add some cash flow to help things out.

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I suggest ads in videos and ads in the article
increase the power vote decrease price to make many votes in aday

forget those people who dont want ads. I want a profitable steemit inc that can halt the selling pressure on the exchanges just to stay alive

Is this because the incentive scheme inside Steemit is not sustaining the value of steem enough to keep a dev team on board?

Or is this a function of a bear market in the Fiat value of Steem forcing the Steemit team to cut back?

Both are probably true, to which I say: let's play this experiment in community based social networks. Steemit is still in the early phase of the new decentralised digital world. It may not be the standard bearer in the long run but its successes and failures are the stepping stones on which the next free and decentralised social networks will be built.

Remember we had Myspace, and now we have Facebook. And with the latter we can already see the success of their operational model is inversely proportional to users awareness of the exploitation of their privacy.

This leads me to say: "Ads, go ahead if you think so"
Ads are also a vital part of the market forces that make up a healthy economy.

The users will decide in the long run.

I only ask one thing! Do not abuse the privacy of the community.

Ads on my words? That’s why I use steemit because I can make a few pennies WITHOUT the ads.


What nobody sees :
You post something on the blockchain, via any interface, steemit takes it and puts ads on it.
They make money with our content.
This is like Facebook taking your pictures and sell them. Oh wait, they don't do it?

At least it will be interesting, what ad service they will be using. And what companies will be advertising..

Who says they will place ads on posts of Steeminas? Nobody.
They will place small fakebook like ads somewhere on the front end like the trending page (highest post) where it will not disturb user experience at all. Even Reddit does this.

They will place small fakebook like ads somewhere on the front end like the trending page

So monetise the bid bot abuse.. hehe 😁

You can see the PR for yourself, it will indeed put ads below all comment sections, beside lists of posts on trending/hot/new/promoted/feed pages, and interspersed in trending/hot/new/promoted/feed pages (unless they decide to change that).

I can't read this code on github.
Below all comment sections, really? That sounds a bit extreme right?
The other places I am fine with as long as they are not bigger than the preview of an article.

Yep, below all comment sections. However, not everybody will see ads, as right now only logged out users will see ads. You can logout and try it yourself, as the ads have recently been enabled.

I tried logging out but I still can't find any ads. No adblocker enabled on steemit.com

Might be a caching issue. I see ads at the bottom of this post:

should this post be pinned?

I really wouldn't mind seeing ads here, that's the best way for Steemit to make money and don't fall apart. Just like on Youtube, I don't use adblock because I want to help them grow up and make content great.

I think that testing this is a good idea!
It is better to take decisions with some data!
Thanks for the update.

Good move from a sustainability stand point. Is it possible that this ad revenue can be shared with bloggers?

Also, will this slow down the automated steem selling you guys have to do?

A proactive step to generate revenue which is always a postive. I think they should really look at not just network ads but selling that space to direct brands which is how you really make money on ads, I've seen this from personal experience

I really think a big opportunity is the promote section of the site it could be revamped to be more intuitive and auction based so it keeps changing based on impressions and users can bid for top spot based on CPM or CPC using SBD/STEEM. While it may serve to recycle steem and SBD back to steemit it may also result in other cryptos being sold to buy steem just for better promo opportunities on the site

The one thing that made Steemit better than Facebook was I didn't have to scroll through ads.

I don't really care that much about the tech that runs the site. I don't care all that much about the money I could potentially make (but never seem to do).

This was the one place that hadn't sold its soul to the advertisers.

Bitterly disappointed.

relax, it's just a test. should data be checked and it works, then it will be fully implemented.

I'm going to turn off my adblocker for steemit.
As long as it stays at a normal ad.

About time we had this, however is it possible we will be able to monetise ads on posts and videos?

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What is this? Looks like a scam.

What kind of ads are we talking about? Will it be google adsense? A built in ad system?

This is what I want to know. I can't imagine Google would be very welcome in the Steem community...

The "@ned special", obviously.

Great news.
Finally more and more users will move away from Steemit.com to other ad free frontends.
Anyone who love watching ads online, rise your hand.

Is this targeted? I find it hard to believe I just randomly got an ad for some Canadian weed related stocks. Muh privacy
bandicam 2019-01-08 04-14-29-574.jpg

I will stop using Steemit if it shows me ads.
I’ll simply use the websites or apps that show the same posts on Steem blockchain, but without ads.
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That is your right to do so. However, it costs money to run these websites and steemit.inc needs revenue in order to keep operating. Currently they are the largest sellers of steem in order to keep things running. That is not a sustainable model. Would you rather they continue to sell steem and help drive prices down or would you rather there be some ads from time to time? I know which one I would rather have...

No. They should be raising money just like other businesses do, by going public and through small amounts of debt (if needed). In crypto space, going public is equivalent to an ICO. If they want to raise money from stock market, they should go for IPOs. Then, they can offer their own retail products or charge companies for their services (they can offer them support for integrating a few services with Steem blockchain or promote their posts, which would have the same effects as advertising, but it won’t collect personal data like google adsense). I oppose online advertising only because of privacy concerns. I don’t want my data to be fed to AI and governments/terrorists/hackers.

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Again, so by putting downward pressure on the price of steem by selling more... no thanks. It's time to generate revenue from business activities.

Wow! You totally understood it. You should be the CFO.

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Then stop whining :P

Why do you whine when your government pisses you off? It’s to let them know about it. That’s exactly the reason for this blog post. They want people to express their opinions on the issue. You could have understood it, but then again, it’s not uncommon these days to find an idiot online.

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You are one of them :O hahahahaha. Im just a troll, lmao.

Wow! So insightful.

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Im lovin' it! :D


how about fixing steemit. There is absolutely no way ads will improve anything

I'd like to know the line of thinking behind the incorporation of the ad system. Will the user base be apart of benefiting from the ad system or is this just for steemit?

  • If you have 500SP it would give you the option to block ads or x amount ads? The more sp you have the more ability to turn off the ads.?

  • If you leave the ads on while you're above the 500sp mark would you earn a % of the ads revenue?

  • The more upvotes or comments the more % of the ad revenue you earn?

I know people on both sides of the fence and I think maybe the way it's incorporated is just as important as it being incorporated to the system.

a bit slow, I tested an ad already and got no clicks from steemit.com lol
but it wont stop me doing it again, have a look in this post and you will see the add. Rights its not AI driven, but it works well on my own site :-)

I just clicked on it. So you at least have one. 😉

I'm not a big fan of ads as well. I just hope that it will only be for the short-term until a long-term solution emerges.

About time! Good move!

Great news. I look forward to the implementation.

Yes. We've been talking about implementing ads for ages. It's not that I'm in favor of ads by default, but they are great way for us to earn some extra revenue. We need that right now.

Shame they aren't tracking my account in the server logs, I see a lot of abuse on their website they would benefit removing. 😂

No worries, I know how the Internet work ;-)

I’m afraid only about 3rd party companies because this is something I do not have any control.

Anyone dumb enough to not have an ad blocker by this point, is probably dumb enough to click on them too. So go for it.

Just do it... Pursue SMT development.

I'm not too big on the idea,,, but it's not a deal breaker i guess

can I watch porn on your site?

Glad to see progress.

I guess if that will bring more traffic and a way for creators to get a slice of it. Sounds good to me.

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Great news. Steemit could rely only on the price of STEEM. By adding ads, Steemit could become more sustainable...

Outstanding! Looking forward to this test. Let the community know what you need. Teamwork!

Go💪😁 I'm sure this will work!!!👍😉🍀😁😁😁

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Thats great way to generate revenue for steem platform

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Please, put some more emphazis on promoted posts, maybe share more of the rewards from promoted posts with the people who interatec with it, maybe every 10 posts on the feed or new/trending/hot show one of the promoted posts.

I am not against ads, I am against tracking the user, the promoted posts can be a neutral way to display ads, and maybe somehow, like youtube does, share a bit of the price paid from the promoted posts with the users (though the idea of burning the promoted fee is also not bad, maybe do a midterm)

Good luck either way though

Finally we can have ads now on steemit and I guess that many would not mind it too @steemitblog

Thank you.

I would much prefere it if you would do reward sharing. This would be much more sustainable and provide real income for operational support.

It would also allow a revenue model for other skins of steem

Yes very much this!!! We need revenue sharing if we are to attract and keep influencers here on steemit, which will bring large audiences with them.

This does sound like a good idea, but like everyone else, I don't want to have ads shoved in my face 24/7.

I think it is very good initiative and consultation carried out. I support it, being part of the Community means to collaborate on sustainability, resulting in improvements and permanence in time. Long life to Steemit, improve content to contribute from our part. Well, the fate of one helps the progress of all. Please consult others simply changed without consulting the community, I congratulate you for us, for my with this form of management make the difference. Thank you!