Steem And The Crypto Winter - I Am Not Going Anywhere

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


@flauwy in the words of @mpassio "The Universe respects action and intention"

This years Anarchapulco and our undertakings there will resonate in the etheric heart space of the Earth, and be an integral part of bringing crypto truly to the world!

Yes, let's bring the enthusiasm and intention to Anarchapulco and make it even greater than last year - just with our energy alone!

As soon as I saw all mainstream media telling everyone that blockchain was a fad that was not going to amount to anything, I noticed it began this recent dip. Also, the instigating event that dropped crypto values to their current level was a crypto-miner in South Korea that was hacked. And in that hack several million dollars of some obscure cryptocoin was stolen. I do not remember the name of was stolen.

And the mainstream media ran with the story as if Bitcoin was stolen. From that piece of dishonest journalism, we went from $7+ Steem and almost $20K Bitcoin to where we are now. Granted, it is ramping up again, so I am very appreciative of your attitude as it is also mine. I am not giving up.

One of the things that I think will allow crypto to flourish worldwide actually happened in the USA recently. That was Trump signing the Farm Bill that legalized the cultivation and selling of Hemp. Hemp was outlawed in 1937 just 8 years into the Great Depression. And, as we can look at history now, we all know the Great Depression was created by the central banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

The reason Hemp was made illegal was that , in the USA's Southern states, hemp was being grown so successfully it was negating the efforts of the central bank to depress their economy. Fuel, plastics, fiber, and textiles were being made from this plant. And also the latest discovery is CBD oil for a host of medical conditions has made hemp the new cash crop in the USA. Also, it's grow cycle is somewhere between 3-4 months. And that amount of natural easily replenishing resource works against central bankings model of scarcity.

The reason this will help crypto, is this new law allows growers in the USA to produce enough resources, (fuel included), to offset the petro-dollar ruled world economy. And of course crypto is perfectly poised to step right in and fill a need for world commerce. And looking at Steem, imho, as it is tied to a real service and community, I feel the valuation will go up drastically in the next year.

Yes, it is all tied together. We are living at a moment of the upmost profoundness for mankind. We are seeing a massive change all over the place in consciousness. Let's see where this is all leading to. Exciting times to be alive.

Great post @flauwy, I am one of those new steemians that joined in 2018. I remember all the euphoria in the posts when I first joined.

I never got to experience a crypto bull market here on steem. Whenever it does happen, I am going to make sure I stick around long enough to see it.

If it all goes to zero, I will buy 21 witness nodes and run the blockchain myself if I need to ;)

All the best for 2019 and make sure you keep posting. It's always nice to hear from the more seasoned steemians.


Stick with Steem and you WILL see the next bull run in your favor. I remember that I used to think how great it would have been to be on Steem before the price went to one/two Dollars. Well here we are. ;)

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you and illucifer were the first people i met on steem or should i say looked at your blogs and articles .
i wish you two all the best and i dont think i will be making it to anarchapulco if i had to decide now
was looking forward to meeting doug casey jeff berwick the people at exodus and definitley you and illucifer you guys sound like a blast
dont give up flauwy whenever things look really bad theres something good around the corner bud
your first message to me was i wasnt meant to be at anarchapulco last year since i couldnt make it well i will be trying hard to make it there to meet you guys
if my house sells i will be there
dont give up seems like you two have a lot of people that support you here

Good luck with your plans and I hope to see you there. Please say hi if you do.

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I wish you all the best @flauwy that you will find your personal financial stability soon. Steem is still a good way to earn "some crypto money" from at home, but as you said its not really reliable right now. On the other hand the crypto winter is good for the ecosystem to get rid of all the malfunctions on the Blockchain and Users who just came for speculation.
Even will be forced to let down the pants when we hit price bottom. IMO, there needs to be this financial pressure so that only good business decision survive in the long term. I only hope that at this point some Blockchain Developers will see the opportunity in Steem Blockchain to finish the work that wasn't able to do.
Steem On, community support is still alilve!

It might indeed the best what could have happen to the Steem project (and cryptos in general). We have to be patient. We are still super early in the game and I am grateful for being an early adopter.

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Hey @flauwy I hope you will make it to Anarchapulco and I hope we will survived through this moment. I really want to offer my help in real life if you need me.

I appreciate your support! And I will certainly make it to Anarchapulco. After all the intention work over one year, this is kind of inevitable.

glad to hear you are not going anywhere @flauwy, I am in the same boat as you, steemit has been m only means of income, but in one way we are now being forced to be more creative and trust that all will be well. xxx

Good luck in your efforts. I haven't quite found the answer yet but I trust the universe will provide.

We'll get through this... ;)
I wish you and your family all the best of luck!

Thank you so much!

You're welcome.
Pay it forward, when the time comes. :p
The sun shines bright on dedicated people. ;)

Viel spass in aca leider sind einiger Bitcoiner ziemlich verbort was andere Coins angeht. Good luck!

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Du meinst, dass die Bitcoiner nicht an Steem glauben?


Alles ausser bitcoin ist shitcoin

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Naja, die werden sich noch wundern. ;)

Das denke ich auch

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Thank you for sharing a bit of your STEEM story and life with us. The struggle is real - I know it all too well. One step in front of the other....

At least we are able to make something here, which is much better than controlled and manipulated Facebook and Co. And at some point things turn around again. I am sure of that.

All the best @flauwy, I hope you will dinde the moral and financial support from your close ones. Just for a while before you will be able to provide again for them.

Take care,

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Thank you, I am already working towards that again. :)

Cryptocurrency winter will be over Q2 2019. Buy and hold now,

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That corresponds with Uranus (change, revolution) moving into the sign of Taurus (money, finances, technology) on March 6th. I like it!

Steem now is up at 32cents compared to .23 before
SBD too.
These are very promising although am wondering on how you guys will be persuading investors to get on Steem? Best of luck and enjoy yourselves.

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Well the up's and down's in crypto keeps coming and this experience was for the first time for most of us but now we are more stronger and smarter than ever :)

Hi Flauwy! Most everything in our existence is temporary, that's not to say that the ride is always comfortable and cushy. I've always admired your flexibility and resourcefulness- it seems that you have your priorities in an alignment with what you hold dear. The universe has a way of knowing what's best, I've always trusted that. I'm truly hoping for the best best for you and do reach out if you need anything - we are here with you! Peace~

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Yes! That s what I wanted to read!
I Am Not Going Anywhere
I am glad you changed your mind!