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Celebration Time

It's one year for me today on Steemit. I really can not say why I opened this account but I guess since it coincides with my entrance into the cryptocurrency space again after a long break. I must have found out about it in my quest for all things blockchain - a phase when I aimed to replace all systems I used with a blockchain alternative. I was not really planing on having a blog, but like a mother-hen I had to test it before I allowed my daughter to get on it. It took a few month after that for me to start writing on here. My first Post

The Journey

As I look back at my previous Posts. It is interesting to read my first impressions of the cryptocurrency space is still timeless in a space where things quickly get out-dated. It was barely read when I wrote it for obvious reasons; I did not know about resteem services and voting bots! Another interesting first was my first post on #smartcash. This too has turned out to be valid today as it was at the time I wrote it last year.

What A Difference A Year Makes

The big learning curve for me was the #smartcash sponsored event, and trip for me to Acapulco Mexico where I met with other Steemians especially @broncnutz who gave me pretty much an "idiots guide to Steemit" the panel with @lilyDaVine @erikaharris and @kennyskitchen gave me great insights and daily action items to work on. I also got to know some great authors like @terrybrock and the #Smartcash team here on Steemit.

I am still learning the ropes here and can not fully say I understand all of it, but I can say I have good sources to get direct help as everyone has been so helpful. I write this from the another interface to the #Steem blockchain. I expect to increase my scope on Steem to #Dtube in a few days.



I thank God for life and strength He has given me each day. I grateful to my family for helping me out formatting and editing my posts.

I am especially thankful for everyone who has upvoted, commented and resteemed any of my Post. I am deeply honoured that you stop by and grateful to be in a position to offer some value to you all. Thank You.

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@nevlu thank you so much. I will use this on all my post.

I have added it to this post. :-) Thanks

Congradulaion mam hope you doing more great work in of luck

Congratulations on your anniversary 😊

You’re welcome.

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