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If you asked anyone about a hardware wallets for crypto assets the names you would be told of are: TREZOR, KeepKey and Ledger. Depending on how long the person has been in the cryptocurrency space you may be told about Opendime (hardware wallet for Bitcoin or Litecoin.)

Well all that is about to change. In a previous article I wrote the Kaspersky Lab's hardware wallet, yet to be released and for me it's best feature is the fact it will be a multi coin hardware wallet with several of the popular coins including #Monero. To my knowledge the are a number of monero hardware wallet projects collaboration yet to go live.

Today I will be writing about a new hardware wallet with a different use case. My initial reaction was to ask why would I want .... and they got back to me and I can see how it would be a priceless wallet for many others.


The product promises to be the kind of hardware wallet you take shopping with you. When i first heard of it these were my concerns:

My Comments to Hodler

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Hodler's Responses

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.13.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.09.32 PM.png


  • Built-in GPS Tracker easily locate your HODLER 24/7

  • Supports Sim Cards And Wifi pay and accept payments worldwide

  • User-Friendly lightweight and ergonomically designed, incorporating 2.4 or 5.5 inch colour screen

  • Automated Secure Backup we think about your security so you don’t have to

  • Total Independence no connection to a computer is required
  • A Completely New Idea combining the benefits of current solutions with our bespoke security

The Big Question

If you had to shop for a hardware wallet would you consider one of these newer products? which set of features will aplea to you? would you go for the above Hodler or below Kaspersky's


  • Secure Element with NFC support
    Tamper-resistant microcontroller that securely hosts the wallet application and private keys, supporting DES, 3DES, AES (up to 256 bit), RSA (up to 4096), and ISO 7816 standards, with dedicated storage for encrypted data (up to 1MB).

  • Two-factor Authentication
    Authenticate yourself securely with your device.

  • BlockVault™ (premium option)
    Store a copy of your cryptowallet in a secure offline vault as an emergency backup option.

  • Currently Supported Currencies
    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, ERC20.
    Ready to support: Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Dogecoin

My Article Kasperky Wallet

Both vendors appear to have two price points. This brings me to the next question; when choosing a hardware wallet are your influenced by prices or features?


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 4.06.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 4.14.36 PM.png

These two are potentially new players in the hardware wallet market. I have only just got a new #TREZOR T, I can not say I am looking for another hardware wallet. That being said the first hardware wallet company that implements #SmartCash would certainly be my next purchase if it's not the TREZOR. If by some special grace all the vendors implement #SmartCash, then the deciding factor would be the hardware wallet that allows the hosting #SmartNodes.

As a Certified Software Tester the product I am most intrudged by is Kaspersky's. I am keen to see how is it they are the first hardware wallet to implement any #Cryptonight coin? I want to see how the vault works and I want to see how the two factor authentication has been designed. Hey this is just me!

This is not a recommendation just a statement that technically I am more interested in the Kaspersky wallets.

To find out more about these products visit the vendors websites:

I will like to know your thoughts on the Hodler and Kaspersky wallets. Please Upvote. Leave a comment, join the conversation.

Have you wonder why the reference to smartcash and what I think about the #smartcash project, read my older articles.

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built-in GPS of where the hardware wallet is? That is kind of scary because it can be likely that the company that sells the wallets can also know where it is physically. Not to say they can have access it but just knowing where it is may not be ideal.

@mawit07 Exactly my point! why would I want my wallet tracked? I guess we all have different habits. That is not one of mine. It sounds to me like a glorified cell phone just for your coins. I do not like the idea of having two devices to take around.

True the phone is basically what this wallet can do and more. Now starting to look silly how people are trying to sell crypto products.

@mawit07 just imagine how much more easy it is to target a known crypto wallet device as big as a phone. You can not hide it. I also have some doubts about the other product offering to backup your private keys for a fee !!!
Really if you need a company to backup your private keys of your hardware wallet .... maybe you should not buy or own any crypto

I’m not sure whether it’s my fault for not directly contacting you or just the fault of the platform for not giving you proper notification, but last week I delegated 270SP to you and it seems like you didn’t even notice.

I think this speaks volumes to how overwhelming steemit can be and also how unaware we are of our own page and the transactions that are happening.

I hope this will be a learning lesson for both of us, as it seems like this contest that I am running is not having the desired impact or awareness that I was hoping for

@jasonshick thanks for the delegation. I had no idea. I got not notification. I am so sorry.

Think that is a flaw with steemit. When one vest in unvest there is no blockchain message on the steemit platform to make user aware of the change. Only through third party site like does one see this. Not sure if this is an easy fix to have it directly on steemit?

Agreed, you can see it in your wallet that you have been delegated a certain amount, but you don't know who it is from or when it came. I like to use @ginabot on discord to keep track of things like this

I did see it but did not understand what it was. Steemit is very new to me in terms of how the delegation works (no surprises there) Thanks again for the opportunity.


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Thanks for the post. I hope they put smartcash on a offline wallet one day. But to be honest that would probably mess up the rewards. So probs best they don't.

@newall #smartreward is given to any smartcash address on the #blockcahain which qualifies. There is no way it messes up #smartrewards. As the wallets are just a view into the blockchain controlled by the relevant private keys.

Nice Post! I have my eye on the new trezor wallet for a while now, hopefully it comes out soon

@crytoroger thanks for visiting me. The new Trezor had a pre-order late last year and those orders are being shipped out in batches they were ordered. Follow TREZOR on twitter to know when new orders become available.

The Kasperky Wallet also looka cool too, but do. opt for this. holders wallet, has great features i like, but sadly is way toooo expensive 😔

@mashalllife, yes it sounds cool. I would also go with them because they are a big software security company.

for sure, expensive but yeah i think they deserve it.

Again, I wanted to thank you for a very informative and helpful post. I have been loving my Ledger Nano S and have my Trezor stored safely away with some old coins that I was stacking up on. I agree think that a GPS on one of these wallets is a fantastic just makes sense! Sure they are small and easy to misplace around the house perhaps (unless you treat it like it has the value that it does) but the fear of someone taking it or having it truly lost can be a major crisis. Thanks again for the post! -Respect

@steviecrypto I agree finding it within the house could be great (like find my iPhone). The flip side is others can also track it and then you. It does not seem safe. I use my hardware wallets within my home if i have to use crypto outside my home I use it on a wallet on my phone. Holding my phone is no big deal its a phone. Imagine holding a device that is clearly for "Bitcoins" that makes you an easy target.
There is no doubt each device would fit someones life style.

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