What is SmartCash?

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Hello Everyone it's good to be back home from the Salon de la Crypto event in Montreal Canada. Meet lots of people from the #smartcash community and steemit community. I will be writing more on that in the coming week.

Salon De La Crypto

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.40.40 PM.png

What is SmartCash is a question I heard quite a lot this weekend. I noticed my answers varied depending on my audience. The answer to this questionis very dynamic and changes as new features are released and take the center stage. Today smart cash released this video to answer this question and I like everyone to check their understanding with this short video.

#SmartCash Official video

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What sort of people went? Were they crypto nerds or total n00bs?

@forexbrokr from the people I spoke to it was a mix of all types. Those who had mined #smartcash from day one to those just doing their first research into crypto currencies.

Very happy to meet you at this event!

Lily is was great meeting you and I wont forget the difference between the Montreal greetings and the others :-)

Thank you for sharing the experience of the event, I will be aware of your publications

Thanks you for reading my post

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Is SmartCash team attending the Consensus 2018 anyway?

@fr3eze I know so members of the community are there, I do not know in what capacity; as individuals or on behalf of #smartcash.

The traveling pert of Cryptocurrency events is what excites me in general, but being able to earn, learn and travel is way much better.

Now that would be the dream. The reality for many is not so

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