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If you have been on Steemit in the past week or you've read any of my previous posts here and on Twitter then you would already know about SmartCash. The next question you may be asking your self is how do I buy SmartCash or get some as I have never owned cryptocurrency before. This guide will help you overcome that fear.

  • The best place to start is always One of the first thing you would notice is the name is always SmartCash without any variation. The short name SMARTS tends to refer to the coins. Well done you have now officially conquered your fear of the new.

  • Next you need to get a wallet to securely store your SMARTS. If you have a computer then you should go on to download the right version for your operating system here: Wallets

  • There are several wallets available on the SmartCash site. If you have access to the internet on any device the web wallet would be an option. The SmartCash web wallet can be accessed here: WebWallet

  • For those who own Android phones you can install SmartCash web wallet on your phone from: AndroidWallet

  • As SmartCash is all INCLUSIVE for those for whom none of the other wallets seem suitable there is the option of the PaperWallet and BrainWallet

  • Next question to answer would on which Exchange can I buy SmartCash

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.37.31 AM.png

On each of these Exchanges you would be required to sign up and provide some details. Details required varies depending on the laws in the Country you live or are from.


Do not forget to use strong passwords and always add a second layer of security. Enable 2FA using Google Authenticator or Authy both are available for Apple and Android devices. Authy has the added advantage of being available for desktop computers. Well done you have now created your secured Exchange account how do you start the actual purchase?

  • This is the point at which many people give up. You have signed up to the Exchange only to find out they do not accept debit cards or wire transfer! they only accept Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. This is where the Bitcoin ATM comes in handy, if its not too daunting you could buy Bitcoins there or you could visit Coinbase.Com one of the few places where you can buy Bitcoin with your local currency using Debitcard, Creditcards or Bank/Wire transfers. You would also need to signup with Coinbase which you can do here: Coinbase.Com

  • Buy some Bitcoins on CoinBase which is as easy to use as Amazon. Please do not be scared by the price of Bitcoin you do not have to by 1 Bitcoin, you can buy fractions of Bitcoins as 1BTC is really 1.0000000 satoshi.
    Well done you have now made your first purchase of Bitcoin.
    Next we need to get the Bitcoin from Coinbase to the Exchange you would be buying your SmartCash from

  • Log into CoinBase and go to the Accounts Tab. Select you bitcoin wallet, you would see the buttons to 'Send' and 'Receive' remember this as we will be using the 'Send' button to get your Bitcoin to the Exchange to buy SmartCash

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.37.00 PM.png

  • Go to the CoinExchange or the one where you created your account. Most Exchanges have wallets for each coin they deal in. Find the one for Bitcoin(BTC) (its usually the first one on the list of all available wallets) Ensure it is NOT BitcoinGold(BTG) or BitoinCash(BCH). Next to the Bitcoin(BCH) wallet, there would be various icons next to it. One withdraw/send and another deposit/receive (wordings would be different on each Exchange but the uses are the same). To get your Bitcoin here we need a 'Deposit' or 'Receive' address. Click on the icon to bring up your deposit address. Carefully copy this address.
  • Go back to Coinbase and enter the copied 'deposit' or 'receive' address from your Exchange into the "Send " address field on Coinbase and click on send. You would be asked to confirm your transaction. Confirm to complete the sending of Bitcoins to your Exchange account. Bitcoin transaction may take few minutes or a few hours depending on activities on the network. Do not be alarmed you are able to track the progress of your transaction on coinBase by clicking on the transaction.

To be continued in Part 2

If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit:

  • Nitego

My Smart address: SZuD6sbjBwToeYcuU6Td4MAqU5H5SWi9MJ
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awesome - great no fuss guide for beginners :)

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