Reaching My Goals On Steemit - My Entry #Weekly250

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My Steemit Journey so far:

In the last few days I have come to an understanding that I need to increase my Steem Power. This understanding became clearer to me on my trip to Mexico at the #Anarchaforko Conference. I thank @hannilicious and the @SmartCash team for the hotel accommodation and the conference fees given to me as prize for a #smartcash writing contest. I even booked my flight using Litecoin. Meeting with other Steemians was one of the many highlights; @broncnutz, a steemian who I met, gave me a great understanding of how the numbers here on Steemit actually work together, and man did I take notes. Lots of them. I also got to learn about 'the spirit of steemit' from @kennyskitchen who took it a step further with a video interview of me on his channel and all SBD earned were sent to me as Steem Power!

Erika Harris and at Anachaforko Conference - Acapulco, Mexico


I listened to @erikaharris and @lily-da-vine speak about how they live off of Steemit. Knowing what can be achieved here on this amazing platform, I am highly motivated to create good content here. I have further need to prove the concept to my 14 year old daughter, who I have convinced to leave an interactive story writing app where she has over 100000 followers to come write on Steemit.

Why I would like to be delegated the steem power, and how I would use it:

Like every new user, there has been a challenge getting people to upvote my articles. So when @jasonshick came up with this #weekly250 challenge, I knew that this could be a grand opportunity for me to fulfill some of my goals. I am at a stage in my life where I am building foundations, not only for myself in the crypto community, but for my children, who I hope to send to university. Another dream of mine is to retire early, take a break from my life, and travel the world. I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica! For me, the #weekly250 delegation would set me on the right path to move one step closer to my hopes and wishes. This could be the start of something new and exciting. And more than anything, I would like to one day have the chance to delegate SBD to minnows and help them out, like @kennyskitchen has done for me. I want to give back to the community that has been so generous to me.

Costa Rica!


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Wow, that is so awesome that you were able to go to Anarchapulco because of the SmartCash writing contest. Well done!

I was also in Anarchapulco but for the main event a few days before you. It was the most amazing thing I have done. The people were mind blowing. I wish I would have known about Anarchaforko earlier. Kenny told me about it but by then I had already other plans.

Anarchaforko was very different and there was a great connection between people. You could tell bonds of communication, friendship and even business connections were forged. I hope to be there again next year.
Thanks for reading my article.

Keep growing man. Our small and funny SP will soon grow.

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@nitego! I am so disappointed to have missed your @mention. I never see them, for some reason, because I would have given a strong upvote and resteem. This has already paid out, so I'll do it on your most current one, instead.

I'm impressed by your positive influence upon your daughter to switch platforms. Well done! :-)

When she arrives, please be sure to share her username with me so I can follow and support her.

I too am experiencing the same. I do not seem to see things of people I follow in my feed. I have to search for them to read their recent articles. They use to show up in my feed.
Thanks @erikaharris she is already here: @allyo.stories