What Is In A Name?

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The recent announcement of #BitcoinConfidential generated lots of reactions all directed at a the name! This is particularly remarkable as the name took all the attention there was hardly any of the usual questions you read being asked with the announcement of new coins the annoying "when moon" was however present. Question on algorithm, supply and technical features paled into Insignificance as more people reacted to the name - Bitcoin Confidential

This has made me think of the level of understanding people take in their investments when a name is the deciding factor and not features. I asked myself what level of influence has the name of any project played in my investing or the name of any company's stock. I truly can say I almost do not see the names rather the names to me are associated with benefits provided by the features or the coin or growth potential of a stock.

I ask myself if a name of the project was all you had to decide on a project, what project would you invest in?

To answer that question I have to try really hard to pretend this was day one for me in the world of cryptocurrencies. I go on coin market cap and have to choose based on just the name! The first set of names that appeals to me if I tried was #MONERO #DASH and #SHIELD #VERGE #CARDANO, they all have dramatic or exotic sounding names to me. On the flip side projects with names like #TRITTIUM
would not be given the light of day. What's with the spelling? how do you pronounce this? #ETHEREUM though nice sounding will not be in my portfolio because its hard to spell. #INSANITY is another one I would never invest in because of its name. I must say although names are not important factor for me, a name with an outright negative meaning will never get my attention. #EOS is one name everyone is still deciding how to handle. Some attempt to pronounce it others like me just spell it out.

I just realized my intense reaction to #INSANITY is based on nothing but its name and I have never read anything about the project only because of it's name. Analyzing my list of great sounding names I noticed I have actually been on these project sites, forums and read roadmaps and white papers, joined their Slack and forums, and downloaded the blockchain wallets of all of them at one time or the other. All of the coins I have mined or attempted to mine are also in that group. This is a very remarkable observation for me as I am performing this exercise as I write. I am seeing patterns I was not really conscious of. The group of not so nice name has got less involvement from me.

What will your portfolio look like is names were the only factor to choose your investment? Which coins would you not invest in because of it name.

Is it possible that we unconsciously filter out things because of their names?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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okay this is it-
in the beginning every was good-then Lucifer disobeyed and the name Lucifer /satan becomes bad, once some hear ANGEL-they wont care to know what can of angel she is - either a good or bad angel, or life angel or a death one-

the name angel rings a bell to us that good things she is.

but hearing demons 😁 😁 😁 nobody associates with that as we know what we are in for.

when starting up a business or a project - naming it is the major key as it makes people automatically grasp and imagine what the project is all about even with out reading it-why creating my project Atlas - i was looking for a name that sounds exactly what we do-( Project-atlas) maps( spreading infos to other platforms)

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It's quite funny but true. Technically speaking, the name has nothing really to do with the project. However, there's something with names. The sweet sound of a name can induce some kind of believe or trust in the bearer. Probably one will just think that if such name could be given, then it show that those behind it must be creative and must have something good to offer.

Looking at names, I will not think twice to invest in coins like Neo,
stellar, Ripple, Verge, Tether, Waves, Ethereum. Coins like Zcash, dogecoin, bytecoin, siacoin and their likes will never be on my list.

@temitayo-pelumi thanks for participating. I think I agree the name #dogecoin would make my do not invest list.

What will your portfolio look like is names were the only factor to choose your investment? Which coins would you not invest in because of it name.

Bitcoin and only Bitcoin. It is the name that EVERYONE knows when it comes to crypto.

This is not due to it's tech being superior, but simply because of the brand reputation that the Bitcoin name has.

@forexbrokr You are still being technical. You are to imagine you knew nothing of Bitcoin and Bitcoin and pick what to invest based on your their names. lol

There are a few coins that I chose not to buy into at one time or another just because of the name but that’s just because it was a super corny, obviously useless token name.

But I try to stick to things I can use for the most part. I figure if i can use it and it works well, it’s only a matter of time before the project is picked up by a larger group of people.

Honestly the name kinda threw me off too though until I found out it was an actual bitcoin fork and not a smart cash thing

@bigtakosensei thanks for dropping by and contributing to the conversation. I just did not seeing it coming. After the initial shock. I got over myself. As one who has been around many development teams. I like this team and have confidence that they will deliver, and usually more than what has been promised.

I would for sure Avoid KIWI ... I am allergic to that fruit! hehe.. I think I would like the name Pure .. and still like SmartCash because I like the project but also like the name.

@doc-momo sorry to hear you are allergic to kiwi. It's actually a nice fruit. I really did not know there was a coin called kiwi I wonder how long it would take for a coin to be called coconut?

😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 oh dmann you are always hilarious 😂

This has made me think of the level of understanding people take in their investments when a name is the deciding factor and not features.

Nailed it! It should be the attributes of the coin that determines the popularity, not the name. But of course, words mean things. And yes, many people speculate on coins knowing nothing about the coin except the name! Lazy investors are often sad investors. @ironshield

So glad to read an article that is accurate on the information about the new sister coin as a whole lot of speculation is doing the rounds.

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