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SmartHive proposal is one way members of the #smartcash community can influence what projects should be funded. There is a good video on how to vote on a proposal by @hannilicous so I will not be going over that today. Rather my focus is on showing how to get informed on what you are voting on and letting you know what options are available to you as a member voting on proposals. For every proposal I vote on I ask:

  • Does it aligns with the long term goal of #smartcash's wide adoption
  • Do the individuals involve have the ability to deliver
  • Can the achievement be measured?
  • Do they really have any understanding of #cryptocurrency or is it just another job?
  • Is the said individual a community member or just here to get a handout?

I came about this list only recently as I read a certain proposal that started with the line that sounded like" I am an active member of the community. I was surprised as I did not recognize the name which I would have as it was unique in its own way. I went on discord to see what other chats the person had participated in and found just one entry:
"...zxy123 (ficticous name) has joined the server" only 2 days previously! This for me was a red flag as the first line of the proposal was untrue. I made sure to engage this individual on the proposal thread and forum asking questions that forced them to move from being vague to being specific and give numbers that could be measured. The proposal finally went through. It was no surprise when the same person came back asking for a white paper, and next asking on what exchange to buy and sell smarts? You would expect an active member to have picked up on the answers to these questions. To me the motive of the proposal was very clear.- quick bucks. This individual is now a node owner. Have I come to the wrong conclusions we would never know.

The point is if we do not take time to demand accountability or use our votes to stir things in the right direction then we are to blame if things go in the direction we do not like.


  • Ask questions to clarify points you do not understand
  • Visit the proposal thread on the forum and on discord and engage in the discussion
  • Put your concerns out there so the community is aware of aspects they may not have considered previously
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions until you do
  • Do not be intimidated by technical talk - It is the duty of the proposal sponsor to make it clear to you. As technically complicated #smartcash is, every part has been expressed in clear and easy to understand language.

The one point on asking question until you understand, became very clear on one proposal in particular. I personally find Telegram too busy and lacking in order so I would rarely opt into a Telegram group if there was an alternative. So when a proposal was put in for the #smartnodemonitor bot on Telegram, I had my usual misgivings and expressed it. @dustinface responded to my concerns giving me more reasons why a bot was better than an app and faster to deploy and the obvious fact more people already used Telegram. Today the #smartnodemonitor bot is on all my devices. I can honestly say I use the Telegram bot more than the discord one.

My Comment on @dustinface Post

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Do I believe every new member to the community is in for a quick bucks? absolutely not. As with all gathering of people there will always be individuals with various levels of integrity and motives. Let just do our own due diligence to ensure only well thought out proposals with the potential to solve a problem or the long term wide adoption of #smartcash actually see the light of day. To this end we all have to actively read the proposals and vote from an informed state. To make this easy @dustinface has created a bot on discord.

Add the bot to Your Friends on Discord for Real-time Updates on Proposal

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.32.37 PM.png

Your Welcome Page Should Look Like:

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.33.22 PM.png

I hope we would see an increased participation and more involvements in using our votes. Start Voting today. Let us not forget:


Learn More About Smartcash:

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I have been looking at SmartCash for sometimes and there are certain aspects of it that makes it not only an attractive asset to invest in, but also an attractive asset to get involved within its community and help promote.
#smartcash #smarthive

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@nitego always a pleasure to read your articles, I too believe that the members involved in #smartcash is in it for the long run.

@cryptoscout thanks for dropping by. I really hope we grow as a community and be ready to tackle proposals that go beyond events and downloading wallets.

It is just a matter of time before it goes viral.
It is our responsability as a cummunity to get the word out there!


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