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A while back I entered a contest set up @jasonhick for the weekly250. This was my entry to the contest -Reaching My Goals On Steemit - My Entry #Weekly250

The object of this contest in @jasonshick's words :

If you have been following along with the #weekly250 project, you'd know it was supposed to be a weekly contest where a new minnow is delegated 250 SP for a week in order to spread some love to our minnow community.


I am glad to say I have be blessed with this kindness and opportunity. I want to use this opportunity to thank @jasonhick for creating this opportunity. Thank you you selecting my entry as the winning one for that week and thank you for reading my previous post and upvoting my posts. I assure you will not be disappointed.
My gratitude goes to the #smartcash community for its support here on Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.47.58 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.37.27 PM.png

I encourage everyone to participate in this. Acts of kindness like this should be amplified and hopefully we can create a culture of kindness here on #Steemit.

On the other hand if you are in need of this kind of boost you may want to enter this weekly250 contest. The Rules are:


As I previously stated, this will be an ongoing competition with an ever growing amount of SP so if you would like to be eligible for the contest, there are a few simple rules to enter:

  • You must have under 1000 SP to be considered for this delegation.
  • You must make a post explaining why you deserve the delegation, and use the tag #weekly250
  • You do NOT have to resteem this post to enter, however it is in your own interest, as the more rewards this post earns, the higher the delegation will be.
    That's it, pretty simple to follow rules to enter.
  • Make sure to use the #weekly250 tag as I will be monitoring that tag.
  • Anyone who makes a post for this contest will receive a 100% upvote from me, plus the potential to earn that coveted 250+ SP delegation.

Once again thank - you

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Hello regards, If I dealt well, if I do a post and use the tag weekly250 and I explain in order that it would occupy 250 sp You are going to monitor and vote for this post ? Can it be for the one who speaks in Spanish? TKS

@cyb3rmixao the contest is not run by me. It is run by @jasonshick. You can ask him this question on his page. I really do not know if he speaks or reads Spanish.