How To Vote On A SMARTCASH Proposal

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How you can vote on a SmartCash proposal in the QT wallet and WebWallet:

If you also want to learn more about submitting a proposal: Watch my video on the SmartHive and how to do that

Text post step by step on how to vote on a proposal:


If you want to rock a SMARTCASH shirt (or another clothing item) check out:


Thank you for watching!

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@hannahlicious Great presentation as usual. I wonder; have you tried out the new bot that allows you vote from all addresses at once. I guess this would be from the qt wallet.

thank you @nitego, I have heard of that recently but haven't tried it yet, would be interested to here from someone who has! :)

Fantastic work! Go SmartCash!

I am aggressively promoting stake SmartCash right now!

yes @sequentialvibe thank you - I agree 100% :)

Very good, keep working like that to let smartcash grow.

Great video. I have resteemed and upvoted. I also commented on youtube. I learnt alot from your videos. Thank you 😀😁

I wish there was a way to bookmark posts with lots of info and reference. Being a smartcash holder, there is piles of good stuff here.

SO nice to be able to have a direct link to the dev team via the proposal system.

Smartcash rocks! Thanks for sharing.

@zekepickleman Come on discord the good stuff have been pinned to the related channel

Nice informativ video! I never voted yet, but after this video i will ;) When i find the time to really read into the proposals

awesome @cryptoroger1 thank you :) cool I hope you find it easy to vote if you find a proposal you like (or one you really don't like haha!)

I always vote using web wallet. Just simply login then cast a vote, very easy than before.

yeah this is the simplest method, and not as stressful like voting from portal.

yeah I love that you can vote in the web wallet so easily, web wallet is awesome :)

very awesome i must say.

What is the use of voting?😂

lol is this a serious question @sumsum007? 😐 People who own a particular cryptocurrency have an interest in the future of the coin and want to vote on projects that they think will help the coin grow and succeed

hi fella steemit i want to introduce myself my name @romyjaykar i beg in my post vote and follback y :)


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thanks you for inf have nice day 😱😱😍😍

Nice....information... Upvoted and resteemed.
Am a super fan of smartcash myself. Go #smartcash.

Thank for nice information... Upvoted and resteemed.


excellent post, I like and help a lot, I can not find anything on the web to do what you explained in so few steps, I take the liberty to translate all the copyright to your user, I hope it does not bother you ... and again thanks for the support and contribution