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News Flash

A lot has been happening in the #SmartCash Community from the new SmartElectrum wallet which I wrote about in my last article Introducing SmartCash Electrum Wallet to the latest feature on the WebWallet "Send to SMS" The SmartCash Team has created a video on how it works which I will be sharing here:

You may be wondering with all the many wallet types why the need to Send to Text? especially with the recent Send to Email service recently added to the line up of cool features of #smartcash. Please see video for more details on Send to Email @hannilcious video

Now back to my original thoughts when would I need this feature. Imagine you are at a meet-up or just talking about smartcash for the 100th time to friends and family, how cool would it be to send them some smarts by text!

Action always speaks louder than words.

SMS (short message service) is one of the most widely used technology with significantly more reach than any other. SmartCash's move to mass adoption has got even closer with this addition to it's line up of features. A big well done to the team at #SmartCash.

I hope you find this useful! If you have any issues please visit our support channel on discord. Please also feel free to share any hints or tips you have on how you plan to use this new send to text feature.
Thanks for reading!

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Nice work pal, keep it up

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The easier it is to send cryptocurrency to non crypto holders, the more mainstream SmartCash will go.

That is the end goal afterall!

@smartcashau very true as soon as end user does not have to be technical to use #smartcash we are home.

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