Hahaha, I am really not up to date at all with latest releases, will be tweaking my next contest track today. Festival season is coming and I can't wait man!

I'm always ready, but already retired since... this:

Never heard of it.^^ 2012 is the year I really got started ;)

There won't be many dates for me this year in summer, but Antaris will be totally worth it. 25 year anniversary, last year before management change, and it was a totally surprising pleasure to revisit it last year - best festival last year I went to. Who would've thought^^

Let's meet there... and maybe @ MO:DEM near us in Croatia ;)

That would be awesome!
Experiencing Modem has been calling me for a while, though i am not sure I can make it down there this year as I am in a rather drastic transition phase in my life for where I am going, August will be somewhat busy here the way it looks right now.

That said, I will be totally free in 2020, will likely be "in that neighborhood" anyway and Modem would be a majorly awesome location to aim for on my travels. It would be a pleasure to come visit you for it.

I have very fond memories of my travels to Croatia in my first psy summer 2012, went to the lost theory afterparty near Split after Ozora before it got... "dissolved" ahahaha.

Just saw, Modem is sold out already <3 so good to see the tribe is alive

I will volunteer I think, Always wanted to help make the festival a great experience and they would pay for my ticket.
It seems you have just helped me develop a part of my masterplan ahahaha.
Thanks brother <3

If you want listen my music :)

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