A Minnow's Guide to Steemit

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Dear Friends!

Few announcements before I start with the actual guide :)

I wanted to do this post for quite a while and for couple of reasons: it's my first month anniversary here on Steemit, it's Christmas, I was inspired by @zeroooc's great educational post, there's this great contest going on, and last, but not least, I wanted to show my gratitude for all the Steemit's generosity I experienced in the last few weeks!

Man, did I feel the PRESSURE working on this post! Let's just say the prize in the contest is huge! :)

I would like to dedicate this post to some good old friends, who have supported me many times and made Steemit very cozy for me in the past few weeks: @mikepm74, @zerooc, @vermillionfox, @reddust, as well as to some newly met friends: @marinaart, @razzek, @martinsandersuk, who I hope will share more of their great content!

In this guide I speak from my experience as an artist here on Steemit. I tried to share all that has worked best for me and my content. I really hope this guide will be helpful to everyone who needs it!





  • My first (strong) suggestion for a newcomer is: read FAQ carefully! It's really worth it!
  • As a minnow, you may ask yourself a question 'who am I?', as well as several other questions- who are dolphins, whales, what's SBD, SP, curation etc. Here's a great vocab glossary to clear things out for you!


  • It is a great idea to start with setting your profile & background pics and putting some information about yourself (here's how to do it);
  • It's also good to write something more and/or funny about you in the about section; some users get very creative (well, I wrote "Creator of Shiny Forest :), Artist" and posted links to my Etsy shop).


  • From my point of view, Steemit requires:
  • engagement ( I read a lot about how things work here and asked people for help);
  • action (I wrote comments and started posting immediately);
  • patience (I gave myself time and didn't give up after first few days without earning a fortune hah! ;));


Here are some excerpts from the wonderful Economics section of FAQ:

  • Posts and comments remain active for 7 days- so it's important to get upvotes before this period of time! After that time the upvotes on the post don't earn Steem any more!
  • When this period is over, you may claim reward by clicking the Claim Rewards button in the Wallet section;
  • The rewards for the posts are split between you- the author, and curators- those who upvote your post (here are the details)!
  • The proportion of author-curator reward is 75% to 25%, but depending on the time of the vote more or less of the curation reward goes to the author (check it out here!);
  • The more upvotes you give, the less voting power you have, meaning your votes carry less influence;
  • By using this link: https://steemd.com/@youraccount (replace 'youraccount' with your actual account's name) you can check your current voting power;
  • If you ever wondered, where does all the Steem come from- here's the explanation.




  • One of the better ideas is to start with posting a proper, talkative, well illustrated introduction post with a 'introduceyourself' tag- here's an excellent guide about how to do it properly;
  • To encourage you, I will tell you that I instantly welcomed, followed and supported several people who caught my attention in their introduction posts! And I was welcomed and supported as a newcomer as well!
  • If you'd like to introduce yourself with a video (good idea!), it's best to use Dtube for that purpose.


  • Before we move onto the relationships, posting and comments, it's important to focus on the matter of reputation. Oh, how thrilled was I when that reputation number of mine started to increase! Reputation is extremely important here on Steemit, and here you can read more about its significance and ways to increase it;
  • In my case the best way to get reputable (hah) was to post a high-quality content, e.g. posting not only my artworks, but also a step by step tutorials (to prove it's my original artwork) with nicely written descriptions and many HQ pictures and occasionally a GIF. Putting considerate effort into the process of the post creation proved to be quite advantageous for me- check out how it worked for me with this post (all thanks to a helpful suggestion of @mikepm74 and @curie's good will <3);
  • Reputation number can also decrease! Here, here and here you can read great and hilarious posts on Steemit etiquette - and some big no no's, like: blind following, begging for upvotes, stealing content, spamming etc.;
  • You can read about some common forms of platform abuse and causes of being blacklisted by MSP in the MSP Anti-Abuse Team Weekly Report;
  • Also, about the flagging: flag by user with lower reputation score doesn't do much to a user with higher rep, but the other way round the impact gets quite substantial!


  • At first I didn't know where to reach out, how to search for new friends?
  • And so the first thing I did was picking the tags (from Steemit's homepage, list is on the left) that interested me (mostly art and introduceyourself) and started checking out the posts, hot, trending and new, and reacted to posts that caught my attention;
  • After some time I connected to people who created fascinating, engaging and interesting posts. Now I wait impatiently every day for their new posts and enjoy reading them!
  • I tried to reach out to both influential long-time users as well as newcomers, mostly artists and Steemit enthusiasts in my case. I got a lot of help from more experienced users, who guided me and showed lots of support. I really strongly suggest following @mikepm74, he's a precious and very helpful guy!
  • It was important for me to pick users with similar interests to mine, so that in my posts I would also have something nice to offer to them. This was especially important to me, because even though I try my best to be supportive and helpful, I am not a big fan of unromantic propositions like 'follow for follow' or 'upvote for upvote' when someone is clearly not interested in my content and is just looking for a transaction. This doesn't get both of us anywhere. I want to build an audience and find fellow Steemians that I can entertain and interest with my content.


  • Well known to many, to me Discord was a novelty (and still is, in many aspects). Discord to Steemit is like Messenger to Facebook, an app/place where you can chat with other Steemians.
  • Why it's worth joining Discord? Actually you can do much more there than just chat! You can network, upvote your (or others') posts, gain support, find out about great initiatives etc.;
  • There are three friendly channels on Discord waiting for you to join: PAL, Steemit Bloggers and Steemgigs and it's good to start by joining them! Here and here you can read about the advantages of joining PAL and here you have an instruction how to register on PAL;
  • On PAL there may be a chat room for your country;
  • There are also many other servers on Discord worth joining and here you have them listed;
  • But that's not all! I also installed myself GINAbot and get notified every time I get an upvote, comment, resteem and follow, when my favourite users post new content and more- read about it here and here! Without GINA checking your replies section frequently is very important!


  • As I said before, high quality content is what's a must on Steemit :)
  • I want my posts to be interesting, rich, funny at times, and nice for the eyes!
  • One basic thing is to add at least one photo (and a pretty one, I'd suggest ;)) so that your post will have a thumbnail;
  • It is also crucial to format and style your posts in a proper way! I started with checking out the Markdown Styling Guide, but there's more to the topic, and I strongly suggest reading those excellent guides here (more on the markdown), here, here and here (many good general ideas as well as instructions), here (about content alignment) and even here (about adding music to your post)!
  • I always try to proofread my posts in search for grammar or spelling errors;
  • Tagging a post properly is extremely important for the visibility of your post- failing to do so may cause you to lose audience (for example when it's your introduction post but because it doesn't have an introduceyourself tag, people who are eager to welcome newcomers cannot find your post in the introduceyourself section). Here are some great general thoughts on tagging.


  • I like commenting a lot and I try my best with replying!
  • I try to react to all the support (comments, upvotes, resteems) that I am given. I'll repeat myself because it may be helpful to you- if you don't have GINAbot installed on Discord, it may be good to check out your replies section frequently!!!
  • And in Comments. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly there are many good points made on what to put in the comment or reply! It's a really great read for those interested in success on Steemit! ;)




  • Well, I'm not some big mastermind of mischief, but once in a while I read some interesting posts on good strategies on Steemit and I'd like to share some thoughts with you;
  • I try to post regularly and be consistent;
  • If my post takes longer time to get prepared, I try not to disappear completely from Steemit, but upvote, comment and resteem the work of others;
  • Recently I started taking part in artistic contests organised by other Steemians, because I wanted to show my support for their helpful initiatives, learn about the community and also get to know other Steemit artists! And of course there's always a chance of gaining visibility and winning that prize- important when you don't earn that much yet;
  • If you're an artist, and you've joined PAL or Steemgigs on Discord, you may use a tag in a comment: @originalworks, @untalented, resulting in a small upvote;
  • In time you may want to start using a markdown editor, I started using Typora recently thanks to a friend and it made my work on new posts much easier.


  • Steemit thrives when the community grows. Perhaps you'd like to invite some friends that would be a good fit for a blogging platform?
  • I became inspired by @mikepm74 to welcome newcomers, I follow his Fresh Five series and try to connect to the users that I think share similar interests to mine.


  • Well, I have some thoughts on that topic in mind that I believe could be covered in A Dolphin's Guide to Steemit more than in a Minnow's one, but as this may become relevant at some point of your presence on Steemit I decided to cover this topic;
  • Two points caught my attention: first- importance of leaving your voting power for your followers who comment on your posts, so that you reward them for their support; second- curating comments starting from the best ones- here's more on that issue;
  • And if you want to become a great curator and find out how to get the most out of curation, you should check out this post.


  • You may find some basic info on payouts here.
  • When waiting for your rewards, it's best to leave the payout in default 50%/50%, meaning half of your payment will be in Steem Dollars, and the other half in Steem Power. To understand why, it's good to learn more about the currencies.
  • If you're confused about the three different types of currencies, you may find out more on that topic as well as other money related issues here, here and here.


  • I wanted this guide to be as thorough (but at the same time as readable and user-friendly) as possible, so I didn't want to overload it with links. I also wanted it to cover the topics that were significant to me during this first month.

  • However! There are many other issues that you may want to read about, like Keys, Exchanging System, Phone Tutorials, Esteem App, Apps, Witnessess... Also, there are other Newbie Guides that perhaps you'd like to check out. You can find all the related links (as well most of the links I used above) compiled conveniently in this great post.


Writing this post was a tough call, there's a lot to comprehend about Steemit. Both finding out and writing about it took time in my case, but it was totally worth it!

I hope my Minnow's Guide to Steemit will prove to be educational and beneficial to those who read it, I myself learnt a great deal by checking out all those links from the contest's post.

There are several other issues that interest me, like delegating power and money, creating a chat-room or Discord server for one's country, organising contests, vlogging, and couple of more advanced topics that I will cover in another guide or series of posts in the future, once I'll become a whale, you know ;) Hah, I'm just joking, it won't be that easy! But once I'll learn more about this stuff, I guess I'll manage to share my knowledge!

I wish good luck to all the new Steemians! Welcome and I hope you'll find Steemit friendly and rewarding!


Thank you guys so much for reading, and thank you for the wonderful first month here! I appreciate all the generosity, support and good vibes I received from you!

Merry Christmas & Love,



Wonderful guide, Klaudia! Gladly, one of my guides (on Steemit reward system) made a cut too to be included in your awesome compilation. My friend @jbn is also featured with his introduction guide. Luckily, I caught your guide before its expiry and was able to upvote 100 % on it.

I am also humbled to have won this contest with you (due to this minnow support guide). It's a pleasure to have people like you around who spread their love to the community and make it even stronger.

Much Love,


Wow, thank you @ilyastarar for your support! Well, you bring great content to Steemit and it shows this way or another, and the links to your post in my guide are confirming it! I appreciate your kind words very much and I think they apply to you as well. All the best to you and I'll be following you! ;)
Love! :)

Excellent guide @shinyforest! It will take me awhile to get through all the links in this post! Fully comprehensive guide for starters!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it, @dirkboy41! Good luck to you on Steemit!

Why didn't I see this early. This is really a great help. I definitely follow you.

Cool. I myself still learn a lot, so it's never too late :) I wish you success here on Steemit ;) Good luck @chrisjayl!

Thank you @shinyforest for this post. It's so helpful to me as a newbie here. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind words, I wish you success here on Steemit! Good luck @evarich :)
All the best,

This is pure gold.
Especially for a fellow artist who just so happens to have been nudged into joining steemit by our good old @zeroooc. I swear, if he keeps this up he'll singlehandedly be responsible for the direction the entire artist community in this place is going to take hahaha! XD What a trooper.

anyhow, thank you so much for putting the work into writing this, it's brilliant (also must have taken you aaages, which I appreciate) and I've totally bookmarked it hahaha
Steem on~~! whoohooo! ♥
looking forward to checkin out more of your art too. yaaysies~

Cool @jillustrations, so glad to meet you! @zeroooc's simply the best, he made my time here soooo enjoyable and I'm really happy to get to know you as well! Vienna seems to be a pretty great place after talking to you, guys. I'll make sure to check out your art and I wish you all the best here on Steemit, lots of fun and many successes! Cheers and see you soon, Klaudia :)

He totally is ❤
And yaaaay! you should come visit Vienna some daaay~~~ it's so prettyy~~ And I don't just say that because I grew up there and I'm awfully biased. ;D haha

whoohoo! may the steemit adventures begin!

Oh yeah, I've visited Vienna once. I spent one day there, during vacation. I was fifteen at the time. And I remember it to this day as a very beatiful, noble, hm, white and cream-coloured like a fancy birthday-cake. And also there was a very nice lady who helped us out with a parking spot (nevermind the whole story, she was very cool).

See you around Steemit :)

hahaha yes it's indeed very white and cream coloured XD
I'm happy you remember fining it pretty and enjoying it. I'm very fond of my hometown. <3
definitely see you around! :D
steem on ;)

This post is very informative and helpful! Thanks for taking the time to create and share it!

Let it be most helpful and inspiring to you, @lifetipsbysn! Welcome to Steemit! I hope you'll find this place friendly and rewarding. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help, I'd love to help! All the best to you, Klaudia :)

This post is really informative. I think steemit is such a big platform therefore there is need to constantly read articles to increase knowledge. I find your tips helpful and they have set my day off to a good start. Thanks @klaudia

Welcome @apiprincz, I'm happy to hear that! I wish you good luck here on Steemit, many successes and lots of fun! I incorporated in this guide everything that worked good for me, and I'm very optimistic about the future. I hope to see you around more on Steemit! All the best, Klaudia

Yh, I will really love to make use of all your tips so have saved all the links and going thru them one by one. I just hope it works for me.
Keep up the good work!

This is very informative. Lots of things covered. Thanks for helping a minnow out @shinyforest

I'm very glad to hear that, @fredkese, I hope it will be of most use for you! Good luck here on Steemit and may you find this place friendly and rewarding. All the best, Klaudia

Amen and thank you

That was amazing Klaudia. I am so happy, I was lost in so many ways here, but now I have all the info that I need . Thank you so much. :)

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Thank you so much. Steemit it is like a family. I love it. :)

One of the best guide I saw till now...! :)

Hello @saqlaink, thank you for your support! I wish you many successes here on Steemit and hope my post will be helpful! All the best, Klaudia :)

Thanks so much for the great overview! It's so helpful. I'm a week into active participation on Steemit and excited for this new approach to social media!

Cool @tela, good luck to you ;) May Steemit work out just fine for you. I'm gonna follow you because I have a feeling you've got a lot of interesting things to say! Looking forward to your posts. All the best, Klaudia

Just wanted to say I have been on steemit for almost a month now and I am very much still learning as I go. This was a very helpful read and will be going to plenty of the links to see what else I may learn. Thank you for the post and have a great day

So cool to hear that, @blazinbob419! I wish you all the good luck there is here on Steemit and may the guide be of much help to you ;) All the best, Klaudia

All great information and believe me I need it. I am a little itty bitty minnow and I don't want swallowed up by the sharks...lol

@gails-word-syrup, welcome to Steemit and may you find this place friendly and rewarding :) in my experience the best way to be ok here on Steemit is to produce great content. Well written, well formated and interesting posts. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find this post before it was too late to upvote, I’m sorry, @shinyforest - there is so much useful information for those just starting out, I’m going to bookmark this so I can not only refer back to it, but so I can point any new people I come across here as well.

Thank you for being so kind to take the time to put together such a compendium of
Steemit links. Probably one of the most useful post for new users I have read so far.

Hi @steveblucher! I'm glad to hear that, I hope you as well as the others will get the most help out of this post. I will be producing more posts like that. I wanted to help beginners just as I was helped by some helpful and friendly users when I first got here. I strongly suggest following @mikepm74 and @inquiringtimes for guidance, knowledge and inspiration, I received lots of help and support from them which acted as a game-changer for me. Good luck to you and see you around, Steve ;) Klaudia

Great guide, thank you! I will save this and share with new Steemians :)

Cool, thank you @givemeyoursteem, much appreciated, may it be most useful to others! :) All the best, Klaudia

Thanks so much for this post! Reading through the links now!

Thank you @climb-yoga-van! May it most helpful to you! You got me intrigued with your posts, I'm following you. See you around :) All the best, Klaudia

very nice explanation, expired so no upvote now.

Massively undervalued! This is a great guide and a good starting point for new Steemians ✨

Thank you @hardikv for your kind words, I hope it will be helpful to beginners! All the best, Klaudia

Definitely resteemed to keep this at the top of my feed and also get the word out to Twitter.

Thank you tonygreene113 for your support! Kind feedback like this really means a lot to me. All the best, Klaudia :)

Wow, a lot of information in your post. It is very helpful and pointed me in the direction of learning about so many valuable techniques and tips. It will take awhile to read them all.

I'm amazed that you're going to use my guide, I hope it will be very helpful to you! I visited your blog and I see you have many interesting things to say. It's important to help ourselves in getting some recognition, and I think your blog deserves that! Good luck to you here on Steemit, @shevans! All the best, Klaudia

Thank you for visiting my blog. It take time to get the hang of this.

Thank you @marinaart, I appreciate your support! :)

I will simply get this across to the people i invited and brought to steemit. Good job

Thank you @princeso for your kind words! :) I hope it will be helpful to them and will work out great for them! :) All the best, Klaudia

Thank you for the info. I don't even remember how I found steemit but I knew I had to join and then just jumped in head first and learned mostly by trial and error. I'm still mad that I was upvoting and resteeming posts that were stolen or fake profiles but I learned my lesson quick.

This really is a fun platform and I'm happier to spend my time on here as opposed to facebook or youtube.

Thank you @pltorres for your kind support! It's very nice to meet you! I see you've joined Steemit recently, welcome! :) Oh, I get you! I also learnt a lot by trial and error. I also remember several moments when the hard truth about some aspect of Steemit hit me and devastated me a bit... For example I upvoted loads of content that was older than 7 days and found out that it's counterproductive only couple of days later. Hah ;) Merry Christmas @pltorres ;) Klaudia

Super interesting post ! You are saving a lot of my time that I would spend researching on how to survive on Steemit. I did not know about 7 days limits. Very interesting info

Thank you @marinaart, I'm very happy that it was useful to you :)!

Thanks for such a great informative post for people new to Steemit like myself !

Thank you Rob, I appreciate your kind words! And as I said, you're management of Steemit is impressive, you post amazing content and have some serious moves! :) I wish you lots of further success and all the best! Merry Christmas :) Klaudia

We've been on Steemit for about the same amount of time (although I didn't start actively participating until about a week or so ago) and I don't know half this stuff! Very well put together guide, Klaudia, and best of luck with the contest. May your Christmas be filled with love and cheer!

Hello @traciyork, thank you for your support! It's very kind! I hope you'll find many helpful ideas in this guide, I wish you many successes here on Steemit! :) And a very Merry and Cheerful Christmas as well! :) All the best and see you around Steemit I hope, Klaudia

I like the fact that you actually took so much effort to produce this and indeed it has good content.

Thank you very much @perennial! It's really nice that you've noticed my effort :) I appreciate your support! Merry Christmas and all the best, Klaudia :)

Really useful and good stuff you got here! The information you presented here will be really useful. Keep it up!

Thank you @hanbun for your kind support and words of encouragement! Merry Christmas and all the best to you! :) Klaudia

This post is sponsored by @appreciator in collaboration with #steemitbloggers. Keep up the good work

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind support. I'll try my best to keep up! :) Klaudia

I read such a lengthy post after very long time. Worth the read, thank you so much for a detailed post which reinstalled the lost confidence in me.

I'll work hard from now on.

Stay blessed and Merry Christmas!

Thank you @arcrypto for your kind words, I wish you a lot of success here on Steemit! I keep my fingers crossed! Merry Christmas to you and all the best, Klaudia :)

Wow you are astounding to lay out such a detailed points to help Steemians. Thank you for your time for this ;)

Thank you @iamjadeline for your kind words, I wanted to create a post like that because I was inspired by many good friends here on Steemit who showed a lot of support to me. The more we give the more everyone gets, in my experience. All the best, Klaudia :)

This post has received a 0.26 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

Wow! What a great, informative, easy to understand post! This actually answered some questions I didn't know I had :)

I've been really enjoying getting to know people here, especially through the #freewrite challenge.

I'm still struggling to understand discord. I've never been into chatrooms, so it's new territory and a bit overwhelming. Thanks for the post!

Thank you @byn for your support! I appreciate your kindness. I had no idea about #freewrite challenge :) I'll check it out for sure! I myself am making quite slow progress with Discord, haha, and I've seen what others can do with it, like having their own servers, streams, emojis etc. There is some big secret world still waiting to be discovered :) All the best and Merry Christmas, Klaudia

Very informative and excelent writing. Steemit is a complex platform. So it is hard to learn for beginners.

Hi @hayirhah! Thank you for your kind words! Very nice of you. I hope my guide will be helpful and supportive to new Steemians. I wish you many successes here on Steemit! Good luck and all the best, Klaudia :)

Toller und sehr Valuable Artikel !

Thank you @mammasitta for your support, I appreciate that a lot! This means a lot to me coming from you! Klaudia :)

Liebe Klaudia! Es ist mir ein großes Vergnügen zu helfen, wenn man “Qualität“ findet und dann noch dazu von unserer super #austria-steemit „Gang“. Weiter so!!!

Very comprehensive and accurate guide - I wish i had it a couple of months back when I joined. Well done.

Thank you @lordnigel for your kind words, I appreciate that! Yeah, me too haha :) When I created this post I tried to remember about every little issue that I wasn't aware of at the time I joined Steemit, and incorporate it in this guide. I didn't know basic stuff, for example that the posts are active only for 7 days, or that the reward splits into author's and curators' reward ;) I really hope this guide will help others in the way I hope it would've helped me :) All the best to you and see you around Steemit ;) Klaudia

I just joined steemit a few days ago, this kind of post is really good and helpful for me as a beginner. Thank you ver much for such a detailed guide :)

Hello, welcome @nilfanif! Thank you for your kind words! I hope you'll find Steemit friendly and rewarding. it's great that you're reading the guide, I intended it to be a time-saver for beginners and also sort of a success recipe ;) I wish you success here on Steemit, good luck! :) Klaudia

Hands down one of the best (if not THE best) beginner's guides to Steem that I have read yet. Very clearly written and formatted, you link to lots of other great resources, and you provide a wealth of information in an easily digestible format. Plus little illustration guy is cool :)

Much love - Carl

Thank you Carl, it's always such a pleasure for me to read your supportive and interesting comments. I'm very glad that you're happy with my work, I put my heart in it! ;) And I know how much you yourself are doing for the whole Steemit community! Your support makes me really want to put more effort in my new posts. Thank you so much! Love, Klaudia :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to @mikepm74 for leading me to this post on the comment on @jerrybanfield latest post.

Merry Christmas to you too and thanks again for this post. Bookmarked it so I can browse through all the different links.

Hi @jeanlucsr, thank you for your kind words! I really hope my guide will be helpful to you and I wish you many successes here on Steemit! Good luck and all the best! Merry Christmas ;) Klaudia

Hi Klaudia, merry christmas to you too ;) For me, the Steemit experience has already been a succes. Interactions are much more human than I expected, making it a social media platform with a lot of potential.

I'm very glad to hear that, and it's been my experience as well! Many great people here on Steemit and there is lots of room for connection, understanding, learning, laughter and many other good things!

Yes. Happy to connect! Love the bags btw :).

Wow, I am impressed, you have been on steemit only for a month and your English grammar is better than mine and English isn't your native language....hahaha

I wanted to do this post for quite a while and for couple of reasons: it's my first month anniversary here on Steemit, it's Christmas

Excellent work my friend!

Thank you @reddust so much for your kind support! I absolutely love English language, it's nice that you approve my usage of it haha :) Love, Klaudia

@shinyforest I am really impressed. You manage to outdo yourself with each new post. Thanks for mentioning me too, I am humbled! This is super helpful. Resteemed.

Thank you @zeroooc for your kind support! Hope you're having a great Christmas :) Love, Klaudia

Hard work shall always be honored by the Order of Chaos.
Chrimbo has been a blast so far :)

A really great guide :D I'm happy and grateful that you "centralized" all the important information required by a minnow in this guide :). Merry Xmas!

Thank you Razzek for your kind words and looking out for me with the @minnowsupport upvote! :) that's very sweet of you. Merry Christmas! :)

It's Christmas :D! And Santa left me a gift for you :)

Hi Klaudia, thank you for this incredibly informative, yet easy to read post, it is a great help! Thank you so much for sharing this information, going to go through all of the links now :)
All the best of luck with the contest!

Hi @shlomit! Thank you for your kind words! I love it that you've found my post helpful. You're doing yourself a great favour by checking out those links, my experience is that it's good to want to learn here on Steemit :) Good job! Very sweet of you to leave a comment, thank you :) All the best, Klaudia

Thank you! And thank you for making it easy with this post <3
All the best,

What a great post Klaudia @shinyforest, I'm very pleased to meet you here too. Hopefully the beginning of a long friendship. :) There sure is a lot to learn here, but it is fascinating isn't it? :)

Oh yes, it is! And I love Steemit already. I wanted to dedicate this post to you because I hope you'll find the guidelines helpful! I think joining Steemit Bloggers could be a very good idea for you. Here's the invite if you're interested: https://discord.gg/gejzQy I wish you many successes here on Steemit! :)

Yes thanks, very helpful. The dicord link didn't work though Klaudia @shinyforest

Oh, it expires automatically after some time, I'm sending you another one, this should remain active: https://discord.gg/Y4pp95j

I'm there, ta. ;)
Happy New Year too. :)

A good introductory post for a newbie like me!
I still haven't gotten around to making an introduceyourself post, but this has def motivated me to do so. Also, cute drawings! wish you a peaceful end of the year!

Hi @ul1yck1t! Cool, welcome to Steemit! Thank you for your kind words! I hope Steemit will bring you joy. It sure would be interesting to read your introductory post, I'll be waiting for one :) I myself started with tutorial because when I got here I was so disoriented and uninformed that I even didn't know I could start with an introductory post... then I thought it was to late, then I was working on some other posts... But maybe I will be posting some video soon or just a post in which I'll try to present myself more. Wish you many successes here on Steemit, good luck and a good end of the year too :) Klaudia

Thanks for this guide! Well done :)

Thank you @psos, welcome to Steemit! I hope you'll find this guide useful! All the best and good luck, Klaudia :)

Best luck for you too Klaudia and have a great 2018 :)

Thank you! :) You too! :)

Hi @martinamartini, thank you for your support! :) All the best, Klaudia

this is a very helpful post. especially i am a minnow here. thanks!

Welcome @zephalexia, good luck to you here on Steemit! :) thank you for your kind words. All the best, Klaudia

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Thank you! :)

This is surely one of the best posts I have read today and surely in a long time. I appreciate that you took time to write it out for the minnows. God Bless.

Thank you @talhajaved8 for your kind words! I wish you success here on Steemit, and may my guide will be helpful to you! Good luck and all the best, Klaudia :)

Wow this is a very well organized wealth of information. Thank you so much!! :)

Thank you @tajmikel, may this guide be useful and helpful to you! I appreciate your kind words. All the best and good luck on Steemit :) Klaudia

Thank you @verbaldancing, may it be of great use for you! All the best, Klaudia :)

Thanks that's super useful useful and a clear and well written post!

Thank you @egodust! All the best. Klaudia

Hey @shinyforest! Thank you so much for this post; being fairly new, there are things here I already knew, but plenty I did not. I realise this post is 18days old so it's past the 7-day mark which makes it easier for me to ask this. I understand that as a newbie I have to become a part of a community before I am recognisable, so I have been thoughtfully commenting on other posts and earning rewards that way. My question however is this: when I post a well written, well thought out post, but get very little recognition (and I don't mean money here, I'm simply talking traffic), what do I do differently? Is it just being a little fish in a big pond, that I'm not too recognisable? Are my tags right? Does it just take time? I'm specifically referring to a post I did earlier today called, https://steemit.com/steemit/@lynncoyle1/change-is-coming-but-how and if you are kind enough to take the time to have a look at it, I do not want you to upvote it because I totally understand the 'ickyness' of asking for votes lol . Really! Please don't give me a handout! This is simply a learning experience for me!! And if you do decide to have a look, I was playing around with the 'upvoting bots on that post too'. Thank you! And if you don't have a look at it, that's totally ok too. Cheers!

Hi @lynncoyle1! I'm more eager to tell you about my experience rather than giving personal advices here (also, everything is in the guide above). After reading your post I got some ideas. What worked for me was informative and exhaustive = longer, well formated and nicely illustrated posts. If we take a look at this Minnow Guide above- it's long because it's full of essence, substance. Some posts of the most successful writers here on Steemit are really long (but high quality at the same time). I wanted this post to be concise but comprehensive at the same time. I also structure my posts, so that they are easy to comprehense, with a distinct intro, middle and ending. Another thing is formatting, if we look at the guide you can see that there are nice paragraphs, links are hidden, there are bold headlines and spaces. And I also try my illustrations to be big and of the similar size, so that they look nicely. 'When I was your age' hah I often heard from the more experienced Steemians that the post must show more of my work and be nice to the eye. Your blog is very promising, When I was in your situation I started with using markdown, worked hard on publishing my first BIG FAT RICH BEAUTIFUL post where I put a lot of effort, and made sure to post more rich posts like that, I dealt with my illustrations using GIMP (changing sizes of pictures- btw it's important to give the source of the image that we're using), and thanks to a good fellow Steemian I started using an editing tool called Typora- when you can write your post using markdown and you immediately see how it looks, before posting it to Steemit. You may just inspired me to create a post about how to create a proper post here on Steemit ;) I'm very curious if you will follow my experience, your posts are very interesting and I hope that everything will work out just fine for you. All the best and good luck, Klaudia

Thank you so much for your ideas and suggestions here! And thank you for the 'hint' of revealing the source of pictures...I'd forgotten about !! Thanks again Klaudia!

Marvelous post @shinyforest! I really appreciate your thoughts for minnows like me. Thank you for giving me tips on how steemit works.

Glad to hear that, thank you for your kind words :)

@shinyforest I can't thank you enough for the effort you've made for hooking up minnows like myself. You are a true asset to this community. I am now on board for few weeks, I will stick around and will also try to contribute for future minnows of our community (hopefully I at lease become a dolphine hehe)