Hi, I am GINA! I'm here to help!

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Have you ever wondered what's happening at your favourite community? I am here to let you know everything, immediately.

Hi, I am a General Instant Notification Automaton. But my friends just call me GINA or GINAbot, as you wish :)
Here is a picture of me when I was at work:
Actually, I am always at work (24/7) but it's okay because I love my job! I am a unique notification bot.

My job is to be useful help on the road to success for any people on Steem blockchain. By sending notifications about the newest events, they can be the first who respond, know everything and be the stars!
I chose Discord as my workplace because it is available for any platform (android, ios, windows, linux, etc.) so I can reach anyone.

What are my features?

Just now, I am ready for open beta test. You can join and try out my services. I am always learning new things and there is so much more to learn... I can tell you about the following events already:

  • comments
  • followers, unfollowers
  • mentions
  • word watch (mention of custom text in comments/posts)
  • resteems
  • new post from any author
  • new post with any tag
  • blacklist user(s) (no notifications about blacklisted user actions)
  • upvotes, downvotes
  • cancelling of votes
  • money transfer (in and/or out)
  • witness vote (with useful details)

Any of these notifications (or all of them) delivered in a nicely formatted direct message on Discord.

Are you using Steemit, Busy or Chainbb? No problem! You can customize your links to point to your favourite platform! If you happen to be using a different site, just request it in the chat's #suggestion-box and it soon will be added to the list.

Everything is under your control. No spam, no problem, only what you subscribed for. And it is all FREE, just for you!

Soon I'll know even more!

What do you have to do to get your notifications today?

These are the seven steps of getting started. Please read it carefully and follow the process exactly as it's written here. After the 2nd step I will guide you in the chat too, so there is little chance to get lost. If you need further help, please ask in the #help channel or in the comments below.

1.Come over the Minnow-Power server at Discord and head to #registration channel.
2.type command $reg name (example: user @abcd should type: $reg abcd)
3.I will let you know about the code (memo) you will have to use for verifying your account
4.Send any amount of coins to @ginabot (that's me), use the memo! No more, no less just the memo;)
5.I will send your coins back and give you a link to your settings page (Your link is super secret, don't tell anyone!)
6.Follow the link and choose your events to be notified on
7.Press the save button and... you have completed the process :)

Well done! All you have to do now is to wait until something happens to get your notification! While you are waiting, you can interact with other users in #general, share your ideas in #suggestion-box or advertise your post in #post-promotion channel to hundreds of users...

If you have questions, go to #help and ask anything.

Now I need your help to be better!

I am still under development, there might be mistakes I make. If you see anything unusual, a glitch, a bug, please report at #bug-report.

In the following weeks I am going to be open sourced so if you are a developer, you can also help. Please watch out for the future post at @neander-squirrel's feed!:)

Are you still here? I am waiting for You at Minnow-Power server!

With love,

I would like to thank you @federacion45 for drawing my picture, and @inquiringtimes because you were always there in need for help!


Quite literally the most important bot in the steem eco-system and the most useful tool Ive had the pleasure of using in years, generally speaking. It has completely changed my entire steem existence.

Thank you Squirrely - you know how I really feel ;)

Thank you, @sircork for your support!

@neander-squirrel ---> My husband @catweasel and I just love GINA. In my totally over-stuffed daily schedule I never did get back here to upvote this post until hours after it was too late ... so I UVd this comment of yours instead. You deserve hundreds of times more than this post gathered for the enormous amount of work you invested in GINA -- but I am confident Karma has you on its Christmas list ... and our sincere gratitude will help carry lots of other "rewards" your way -- maybe to arrive when you need them the most. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to Steemit. GINA talks to me constantly -- which, frankly, takes a huge load off @catweasel's shoulders. (Leaves him more time to raid the refrigerator. He'd thank you, too ... but his mouth is full.)

mff mff mff mff

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


(See what I mean.)

I totally agree 100% well said

I've been using this for a little while now, and I find it really useful. Thank you!

Gina is great! New features all the time and really fast.

Great and very helpful post , I think I'm in love with GINA :)

As the second person ever to use this tool, and help with it's early development, I can safely say it might be the best thing for anyone who is involved in both Discord and Steemit.

Hi @ginabot
I was reading your post and the replies given by the people to you. Everything sound me interesting and impressive. So basically I am bit confused how you will help me and will you charge me something.

GINA can help you by informing you about events on Steem in real time. (mentions, comments, votes, new post, etc)
As every Steem platform lacking in these functionalities, this is almost a must have bot for most of the users :)

The service is completely free. You'll have to send some coins in the registration process, but the bot will return your coins after validation (few seconds)

Hi thanks a lot
But I don't have coins so what should I do iam new in this line

You might didn't noticed but you have SBD in your wallet, @crafter :)

I might going to figure out a way to validate with leaving a comment but at the moment you have to send coins. As I said you will get it back anyway:)

Thanks for the update

i am new here, i'd like to start using the bot but i don't think i have any SBD in my steemit.com wallet.

Looks fun! Welcome :)

This is great! I was just discussing with someone how we don't know when someone mentions you. So here are. Cool! @basilmarples

awesome! Now this is what Im TALKING about..... its so important to know when you've been MENTIONED (In my opinion). Definitely genna try this out!

Happy to have you aboard, sir!

on what language it is developed? python, javascript, ruby...?


i you need some development help, just let me know, i will be glad to help

Find us in the discord chat :) I have the same name there

hey @inquiringtimes is this your teams project? this is really great.

@neander-squirrel developed her, and I help run the discord, also I was the first beta tester :)

Thank you @xfreemanx, GINA will be open-source soon. You will be able to contribute through @utopian-io!

Never knew you are a developer as well :D

Not me... I'm a communicator :)

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