An Epic Guide for Markdown and HTML to make your Post look Excellent

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It's so lovely how everyone is busy trying to create good content to the community and hope it gets many upvotes. When your article is formatted in a neat and profesional way, it attracts readers and allows them to more easily understand the ideas you wish to present.

In this article, i will try to point out some html\markdown syntax which you can use to beautify your work and make it more readable by others.
Note: The following html/markdown is applicable to both steemit and

Now here a simple guide to using basic syntax:


Use headers to make a title for each section of a post. Especially long posts are easier to read when there are sections and headers so it's easy to scroll from section to section.

<h6>###### using hashtags or html, it is the same effect. The more complex post you make, the less you use markdown, because markdown and html don't mix well</h6>


To start a paragraph : <p>Your text here</p>


* text here
- text here

Result below:

  • text here
  • text here
  • and here is the example in html:


    Markdown sample shown below:
    1. Your text here
    2. Your text here
    a. Your text here
    b. Your text here
    Result below:

    1. Your text here
    2. Your text here
    3. a. Your text here
      b. Your text here

    Using Html for a numbered or bulleted list is almost the same thing. Here is an example of the ordered list shown above:


    Quotation > Text here or <blockquote>Text here </blockquote>

    Result shown below:

    Text here

    For blockquote, if you are quoting more than one paragraph, you must open and close the blockquote for each paragraph. Otherwise Steemit will be confused and not render the code correctly.

    Page break

    Page break syntax: <br />. This creates a page break (space down or enter)


    Multi-column allows you to have your text in two column. html syntax to use is : <div class=pull-left> Your text in here for the Left column </div>
    <div class=pull-right> Your text in here for the Right column </div>


    Centralize allows your text or image to align to the center.

    Text:<center>Your text here</center>


    draw a line of demacation <hr />

    Result :


    Link for text [Your text in here](https:// Link here) or <a href="http link here">Your text here</a>

    Inline code

    Inline code syntax: `markdown/html code here`` or <code>markdown/html code here </code>

    Result: markdown/html code here

    Creating a Table

    First, you have to write your text using "|" to seperate the text. This "-|-|-|-" to create the numbers of column. Example:
    Result shown below :


    Now adding more text to the table, use the example shown below:


    Result shown below:


    Note: Where "Text" is written as shown in the box above, picture link can also be used which means, you can either add a text to the table or a photo.


    Videos can not be added directly so you simply copy the video url as shown in the image below.

    Once link is copied, paste it on your working space and centralise
    The youtub embeded link looks like: <iframe width="1499" height="539" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Image alignment

    If you don't care about centering or aligning images just use the easy markdown to put and image in your document.

    Image: ![Optional text](image link here)

    Otherwise you can use the below html examples for a nicer looking post!

    Copy/paste the following and edit

    • Centered Image: <center><img src=Image Link Here></center>
    • Centered Image with Source at bottom: <center><img src="Image Link Here" /><br /><a href="Image Source Link Here">Name Of Source</a></center>
    • Aligned Left of Text : <div class="pull-left"><img src="Image Link Here" /></div>
    • Aligned Right of Text : <div class="pull-right"><img src="Image Link Here" /></div>
    • Aligned Left of Text with Source at Bottom: <div class="pull-left"><center><img src="Image Link Here"/><br /> <a href="Image Source Link Here">Name Of Source</a></center></div>
    • Aligned right of Text with Source at Bottom: <div class="pull-left"><center><img src="Image Link Here"/><br /> <a href="Image Source Link Here">Name Of Source</a></center></div>
    • Align image with text and source: <div class="pull-left"><center><img src="Image Link Here"/><br /> <a href="Image Source Link Here">Name Of Source</a></center></div><p>Your text here</p>
    Practical example below:

    <div class="pull-left"><img src="" /><br /><a href="">[Image sorce]</a></div><p> It's good to see how the platform steemit is transforming, Creating a very powerful community that stands to help one another grow. Even if one is just starting today, with there good work, they could all become a whale as time goes on. People from all around the world are engaged in this community and are rewarding each other with steem.I am so happy to be a part of the community.If you aint in the community yet , consider joining now</p>

    Result shown below :

    It's good to see how the platform steemit is transforming, Creating a very powerful community that stands to help one another grow. Even if one is just starting today, with there good work, they could all become a whale as time goes on. People from all around the world are engaged in this community and are rewarding each other with steem.I am so happy to be a part of the community.If you aint in the community yet , consider joining now.

    References and Further Reading

    You may be intrested in

    It is a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge to everyone. It took me about 8 hours to set this up, trying to check for errors before publishing to the blockchain. I do hope this tutorial is helpful to you. Thank you for reading, and thank you to @inquiringtimes for helping with some editing.

    Follow @knowledges

    Please Let me know if any of this is confusing, or if there are still things I have left out. Any questions or comments will be appreciated!

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    I don't know what is so epic here, except maybe completely copy/pasted idea even the style (just a bit rearranged) from the @scrooger's

    ⇓ Original Post ⇓

    ⇒ Formatting and Editing your Blog ⇐

    whose post, in contrary to yours, has the link (at the bottom of the article) to the Cheat Sheet where from you would actually be able to copy and paste the code the easy way in contrary to most of it shown here.

    And yeah, as you are calling yourself "knowledges" than please, acknowledge that code for opening links in the new Tab DOESN'T work on Steemit (anymore, and for quite some time by now), what you would know if you have written and tested all of these by yourself!


    opening a link in new tab works properly in go try it out @ana-maria. You took me by surprise when you said this article is a "complete copy/pasted idea". but i think you are wrong.. My intention was to write a complete markdown information all in one place. Also, you will find some html/markdown here that isn't in @scrooger's article. and at the bottom of my article, i made reference to @scrooger's article and other articles relating to markdown. I still don't understand your point here.


    I said it doesn't work on "Steemit" - and it doesn't!
    And my point is that you shouldn't blatantly copy/pasted @scrooger's Tables (from his Cheat Sheet) and by a slight rearranging them showing them as your own, just because you posted a reference link to one of his posts about MarkDown! It's simply not fair if nothing else!

    This is amazing! @knowledges

    wow! yes!! perfect!!! EXACTLY what i was looking for!!!! i write political stuff and want to link to external sources to corroborate my article without exploding the word count. i couldn't find how and then you came along, @knowledges, you beautiful deity of formatting, you! ;-)
    have a great weekend,

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    God, what I wouldn't have given for a guide like this when I started out. This is especially true about aligning images with text. This is an absolutely fantastic guide, and I give you all the props for putting it together. Keep up the good work!


    It's good to know that it's helpful to you
    Thank you

    Great guide @knowledges - There are a few snippets here I was unaware of. Best Markdown guide I've seen so far here on Steemit. Good stuff :)


    I am glad you find it useful.

    Great job here. I'll be bookmarking this!


    glad its you render it useful

    Exactly what I needed! Added it to favorites :) Thanks!

    good topic and useful guide

    I think this is one of the first things anyone new to the platform should learn. I actually posted a similar article a couple of weeks ago that's more of a general overview, but I might reference this post in the future.

    Great job covering the basics. It makes a world of difference in how a post appears.

    Keep up the good work!

    Dang that is some info there, adding this to my favorites for sure!! Great work!! I think even I can get this figured out for future posts 😉

    This post contains very useful information, I think there are many of us that needs to improve the formatting on our posts. This is a lot of help!


    I am glad you found it helpful, hope it is to others as well and in the future.

    I gathered all these information from various posts 2 months ago. That's a very comprehensive post about markup, media embedding, very well done and great for everyone who looks for get the most out of his posts! Thank you!


    Thank you too.

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    Just what I was looking for and found it in @qurator congrats on an excellent concise explanation on how to get properly formatted here @knowledges


    hey @joanstewart thanks for the compliment :)

    Very well presented.

    But I've heard that use of html is not preferable as many old browsers do not display the text & images as intended. So what do you prefer, html or markdown?

    Do we have alternatives to all the html code you explained here in markdown? I'd prefer to use markdown as much as possible.


    you are right, but its more recomended that you keep your browser updated to run the latest apps online


    Well, it's not about my browser but all the browsers from which my blog is being accessed.

    follow back . thanks for post @knowledges


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    Very good post! I will definitely bookmark it for later usage ;-)
    See ya in @qurator discord ;-)


    glad you found it useful ,, see you there too

    This was such an amazingly helpful guide, thank you so much! I'll be able to use this information to format my posts and make them more visually pleasing to readers. I still have some confusion about the Centralize/center aspect though. Do I just type Centralize before the text? I couldn't for the life of me find what code or symbols to use to centralize the actual text. Every time I've tried to do some sort of align="center" thing it always messes up my post and some of the image code string is visible in the body. Further assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again soooooo much!


    To centralize your image, simply use the following syntax: <center><img src=Image Link Here></center>
    example <center><img src=></center>

    Result below:


    Thank you so much for your help!!


    you are welcome

    This is fantastic!! Thank you so much!!!

    nice work! still looking for something on columns, and how to get numerous smaller photos on one line (say a three column spread with photos and subtext below.


    I am not very sure what mean but i suggest you add the pictures in a table
    just create a table, and then add photos in the columns.


    1|Image link or Address|Image link or Address

    2|Image link or Address|Image link or Address

    [Image sorce]

    [Image sorce]
    [Image sorce]

    [Image sorce]

    If this is not what you mean then kindly comment with a screenshot here so that i can understand more

    Brilliant! This is just what I need to improve the look of my posts, thanks for taking the time to put this in a post. I think a lot of people will appreciate your efforts, upvoted and resteemed. Thank you

    Thanks so much for this!

    Another excellent tutorial!

    HTML is the way to go! It gives you way more formatting options. Only downside is that the Markdown text-area has no GUI and inserting all the html tags manually is a pain! The solution:
    Get HastyMarkup

    Great work dude. Thanks for in depth info. Im sure it will help to make awesome posts. Cheers


    it will of course help you with creating a good article. glad you found it useful and hope others will.