8 Step Guide on How to Properly Introduce Yourself on Steemit

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I am sure this topic has already been covered many a times (may be), yet here i am trying to give my 2 cents on this matter so that new comers can take off with their steemit journey right from their introduction..

I have been visiting "introduceyourself" tag for sometime now and i am not impressed to say the least. Newbies are making rookie mistakes in introduction and they are getting shot down. Luckily, I am here to save them.

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How This Guide Can Help Newbies

I have seen steemit pros advising newbies on this matter with some rather lengthy instructions.

However new comers either fail to understand them or they get bored reading to their instructions. Why?

They are young, they are excited, they just signed up for a social media that pays them for writing content. They want to earn money quickly so they tend to ignore lengthy instructions on the matter and try to post as quickly as they can to see some $ on their posts.

Keeping in view the above mentioned reasons, this guide is going to be numbered and it is going to be short & crisp.

In my experience, people tend to remember and act on short instructions more effectively so i am gonna try this method and see if it improves the overall quality of steemit intro posts.

Proper Way of Introducing Yourself on Steemit

1. Set up your profile before introduction

Always complete your profile information including your display picture before posting introduction. You can do that under the "Settings" tab which is right next to your "Wallet".

UPDATE 1 :- There is a wonderful guide on how to setup your steemit profile by @ilyastarar
Do give it a go here https://steemit.com/steemit/@ilyastarar/how-to-add-profile-picture-and-cover-photo-and-set-up-steemit-profile-newbie-steemians-guide-2017101t0456362z

2. Provide proof of identity in introduction

To avoid being suspected as an ID thief, provide proof of identity by holding a paper that says your steemit account name and current date with your visible face.

3. Make a short youtube video

It will make your introduction extremely better and free from an any ID theft suspicion. Record a short video of about 30 seconds - 1 min, upload it on youtube and give the link on your post. I regret not doing this in my intro post.

4. Link your steemit profile with your established social media accounts

You can do that by adding link to one of your social media accounts (facebook, insta, linkedin etc...) under Settings -> Website. Your credibility will be increased by taking this step.

5. Make a little following before posting introduction

Visit different accounts and blogs. See what they are doing. Reply on their posts after reading them. Make your presence known before your introduction.

6. Use "introduceyourself" as your first tag

This tag is one of the most visited tags on steemit. Make it your first tag for better exposure. You can include "introduction" and "introducemyself" as your 2nd and 3rd tags.

7. Write well defined Paragraphs under relevant headings

Try to include every aspect of yourself in your intro in short paragraphs. Your history, your passions, what you have to offer to steemit community etc...

8. Proof read your post before posting it

Its a huge turn off for the readers to find spelling and grammatical mistakes in posts. Proof read yours 3 to 4 times before hitting the "post" button.

Conclusion : You are Ready

Now you are ready to post your introduction. Follow this handy guide and you will see your account strapped to the Steemit rocket reaching for the stars.

I would humbly request you to resteem this post to your followers so maximum people can benefit from this.



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Thanks for the tips ✌️😘

This could be a good guide for newcomers to be notice in the platform

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This is excellent work! Tremendous quality and such a service to newbies. I'm sure this will guide future streams of new Steemians.

Resteemd and upvoted.

Can you please help newbies a bit more by adding link to my post in which I described how to set up Steemit profile. I think it fits perfectly.

Here's the link.


Keep coming up with such amazing quality and in no time you'll be at the top! 📈

O yes. Thats a great idea.. i am gonna post an update on this guide right now.. thanks for your wonderful words..

Thanks for the tips! I was just getting ready to write my own introduction... and it helped a lot (that is why I'm here... commenting, before publishing! wink) ... it was specially useful because, for some reason, I cannot see the posts under #introduceyourself at the moment... I was looking for some inspiration

If it helped you, then i think i have done my job. My vision for steemit community is that everyone should know the little tricks that i did not know about when i joined in and thus, i made a scratchy start. But you dont have to go through the same process..
best of luck.. i will be following you :)

Kindly consider to resteem this post so that your followers may also get help from this.

Much regards

I will really appreciate if you can also follow me and guide me through steemit. Thank you.

I am looking forward to make my intro! I will definitely use these steps to make a better intro article

I am glad that i could be of help. I see that you have joined steemit since october yet you are somewhat inactive on steemit. My advice to you is to get out of spectator mode and start visiting blogs of other people, make connections, let them know you are here.. and once 30-50 people have started following you then make an intro post.

Also, it would be nice if you could complete your profile information in your settings.

Yeah! I had been moving so couldn't get enough time to make myself familiar with Steemit. Thanks for the advice. Stay steeming!

well waiting for your 1st post

wow thank you so much for this powerful tips sir, I will check if my friend already followed you. I told him to follow you because your posts are very helpful and full of information. Thank you po :-)

Thank you po.. i always admire your appreciation and i hope your friends will benefit from this information..

You're welcome po sir...I'm sure they will...God bless po :-)

Totally awesome! I am new here and I have not even updated my profile or written a post, this will Go a long way to helping me create my introductory post.

I really like the idea but what about if I wanna stay anonymous and still post good content, do more following and comments on more posts??

Thanks alot i'm about to make my own introduction post thanks

Well, jbn. I'm an incognito type of Steemian, so my introduction will be somewhat different than what you suggested in your article. Anyhow, I gave your article an upvote for originality.

I joined a while back and only started blogging on Steemit about 3 months ago. I've not done my Steemit introduction yet. I am convinced I can figure out how to get myself on DTube for my intro. Still not on yet... Soon! You inspired me to get on it and truly join the Steemit community. Thanks!

Thank you for the heads up. I have been on steemit for 5 days now and still delaying that intro post of mine... Now I can start on the right foot with it. Thanks once again.

This is so helpful!

Thank you!!!
Very useful and practice information

This was really helpful, keep up the good work. But instead of YouTube can I post a Facebook , I mean for the video

Thanks for this post. Now im going to do most of it ))

good work.

Follow me

Thank you for this information. I was going to publish my introduction post a few days ago but then I found your article and am trying to get a small following first. I appreciate the tips.

any tips on how to get my 1st achievement verified??? please help!!!


Muchas gracias por esta informacion tan valiosa, pondré todos tus consejos en práctica y seguiré visitando tu blog para aprender mucho más sobre steemit.

Muy buena Guia de ayuda para los steemianos que como Yo recién iniciamos en esta plataforma tan amplia. Espero poder contar con tu apoyo y me sigas. Saludos.

welcome to steemit. I hope you will enjoy your account and keep posting your original content and the nice photos :)

Did you even read the post??

Haha i already flagged two auto-commentators.. this is the third one. Didn't want people to think that this is a "make a comment and get flagged" post..

Thanks alot for the guide sir.It is really helpful

I'm glad i read this post. so much help. thank you so much
I'm new at steemit. Godbless you

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A useful guide for me... But i already posted my introduction... Can I continue editing my post to improve my content?

To be honest , i love this guide line ... The wisdom in it is so great. Thanks sir . You are really a genius and i will implement what you've said

Thank you so much, I joined the platform for some days now but I have not made my introduction post yet, I have been going from one page to another reading about some of the things to help me grow here. It's really nice crossing path with this. Let me take one of your advice now and quickly go and follow you 😂😂😂, thanks for these wonderful tips.

Hola muy buena publicación gracias me ayudó mucho a buscar la inspiración para mí presentación. No entendía muy bien pero ya me aclaraste muchas dudas gracias. Si me puedes seguir 🙏

Welcome to Steem @jbn I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to the community!