My first tutorial for Steemit- drawing - step by step + GIF

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Hello Steemit friends!

Today I want to share with you my first step by step tutorial, showing how I created my ink drawing. I also made a GIF to show you the progress of the work. You can see it at the bottom of this post :)

Here's the finished artwork:

These are the forest ghosts having some kind of secret ritual. This imagined scene has often come to my mind, and the time has come to capture it and put in on paper! I created this work using pencils, black fineliners and markers. I used the most ordinary of papers, printer paper size A3 (my favourite paper medium).

This post is inspired by and dedicated to @mikepm74 for all his great advice and support he has given me so far :) Thank you!


Ok, so I started with drawing the outlines of the circle and the ghosts, using pencil. As you can see I wasn't trying to be very neat, it was just a sketch.


Then I decided to sketch my ghosts with greater detail. I love their oval shape, sweet pointy ears and big eyes. You can find these ghosts in my other artworks.


Here I drew a star in the middle of the ghosts' circle, and thought that it would be nice if the ghosts were standing in the middle of a bigger forest clearing, hence the second circle around.


You know, when I sat down to draw this scene, I didn't know exactly what I will draw. I added different parts of the drawing based on what I thought would look nice ;) At this point I decided to model some of the front. I drew big grass leaves in the corners.


Then I added some background. I love the shape of the spruce, so spruce it was.


...and I put some sweet little plants in the middle, together with small circles of (future) light.


At this point I knew that I won't add any more elements to the drawing, and I redrew all the outlines with a fineliner (ink).


After that I started to create a dot shading in the corners. I really like how the dot shading feels. It's a bit cartoonish. Also it gives some sort of oldfashioned feel (and lots of magic) to the scene.


I gradually added more shading around the circle. The markers did their work here, the fineliners would take ages.


It was extremely pleasurable to create the dot shading under the spruces.Also I thought that spruces would look nice if I filled them with some crude lines (making sure that the tips would be darker than the rest of the spruce).


Dot shading takes some time, but I find it relaxing.


Ok, so I decided to move on to the next step, meaning ghosts and the star. Ghosts were also shaded with the help of dots, but this time I did make them using fineliner. This caused the difference in texture, and added a soft touch to the overall impression.


I thought that it would look cool if: 1. the star had some more dramatic and linear shading, 2. I added shadows behind the ghosts. I sketched lines from the centre of the star (casting light on the ghosts and the forest) and made them go through the both bottom sides of the ghosts. This way I made sure that the shadows would be accurately drawn.


I wanted the shadows to have a gradient. The closer to the ghost, the darker the shadow.


Last moments with the drawing. I added couple more dots, some fine lines here and there.


Here I got rid of the pencil sketching, and added more and more dots to get more vivid, intense look.


Last take on the drawing- even few more dots and lines. Some tiny details... And I finished!


Here's the GIF version of my tutorial. I made it quite slow so it would be nice and easy to watch.

tutorialik 1 animacja.gif

Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial, I hope you liked it!

I must admit that 'I'm liking' the direction that Steemit makes me take. If it wasn't for Steemit it would take me much more time before I made my first artwork tutorial with GIF :)

Hope you enjoyed what you saw here, please let me know what you think! If you like my artwork, please feel invited to visit my Instagram, Facebook, Website and my newly set up Etsy shop :)

Thank you and all the best,


Great post!
I thought they were foxes lol cause in the forest foxes are mysterious lol
Awwww youre so cool.
I agree with what u said. Steemit turned me into a photographer, musician, singer and art teacher cause of all the challenges and posts we get to make. Ive never tried all these till i got here. I even made those art videos for steemit blogging and I would never think of doing that if not for this blog site. Haha
Super excited to see more from u.

@jacinta.sevilla yes you are right. The same here my creative forces are awakened.
so fun to be in steemit around so many creative people and all the crypto information.
It begins to bring out the best in you.

Amazing :) its a great experience!!!

Thank you so much @jacinta.sevilla, I think this is a very sweet interpretation, I like it a lot! :) I'm so thankful for Steemit, this is a great environment for artists and people who want to learn from each other. I'm so glad I've found you blog, you're art is incredible! All the best! :)

awww so nice, your art is just as good! we have different styles but im very impressed~ truly :D

just contact me if u need help!~ i saw the bags on instagram! theyre so nice. i hope i can get one. one day

Did you have your drawing scanned? i always use A3 paper too! cause its just the right size, not small and a good size

You mastered colours! :) I hope to learn watercoloring one day, but for now I stick to B&W. Yes, it's a scan- it was the neatiest way for me to present the artwork :)

yes great thing to scan your art. I just use my phone cause the size is too big for a scanner. Or we dony have A3 sized scanner.

This is honestly the coolest thing about steemit in my opinion. I have the confidence to try being all the things I have always wanted to be without feeling nervous, self-conscious, or fearful. I don't know if its the supportive community that steemit fosters or the potential for tangible benefit regardless of skill level, but I just feel more open to exploring and exhibiting the process of learning and trying new things freely, which is an amazing thing for art and creativity of all kinds!

I made a post about steemit and howard Gardner's 7 intelligences.
Like it develops us, right regardless of skill level we're rewarded. More like our efforts are rewarded for being more than what we limit ourselves with. Its all creative fun! Glad I found steemit!

So true. Awesome! I will read it today!

sweet! reminds me of a miyazaki film.

Thank you @torico! I appreciate your support! I visited your blog as well :) Great post on 'Sticky fingers in the Bidbot jar...'! Very interesting observations there, as a newbie minnow I'm not aware of many aspects of Steemit. I will follow you for more :) Thank you for taking a look at my work and leaving a comment! All the best, Klaudia :)

I did enjoy this post very much. I used to enjoy doing some pen and ink drawing, but haven't done it in many years. These how-to posts are so valuable for others.

Thank you @shevans for your kind words. I would love to see some of your art!

Who knows? Maybe one day! I did enjoy drawing.

Nice drawing and interesting to see the process.

It's really cool to see all the process behind your artwork, it definitely makes me think about all the time and effort you put into each of your pieces. You also gave a peek into your imaginative mind, which is awesome. Sometimes, when I am creating something (design, illustration, jewellery) the technique gets in the way of my imagination and that is very disappointing. Your post is very inspiring and I look forward to see much more. What I enjoyed most of this post was the time you took to explain everything that goes on in your creative mind @shinyforrest.

Thank you @creativista for your support! I see you've joined Steemit recently, welcome! I enjoyed creating this post very much. I know what you mean with the technique :) In my case the technique gets most into my way when I'm creating a linocut. One wrong cut and the whole work can be ruined (although I' ve found some ways to rescue such cases, meaning glue or pixels ;)). In fact this drawing is a result of my frustration with linocuts, I decided to draw for a while and come back to linocuts in some time. Also, I would love to create more watercolor pieces, unfortunately I'm not very good at it (hopefully yet) :) I'm very curious about your artwork! :) All the best, Klaudia

Wow Klaudia, thanks for replying and for your warm welcome. I am planning to use Steemit as an exploration lab for creation, even if I'm not that great at everything. I would say if you like watercolor, go for it! I'm actually a designer and do mostly computer layout stuff and I really want to broaden my skills and crafts. For now, I am thinking on brushing up my photography and digital illustration skills, lets see how that turns out. By the way, I also love linocut, so that glue tip is actually useful ;).

Before I reply, I must digress- based on how pleasant it is to read your comments and conversate with you, I can't wait to see your actual posts and artwork :) and so I'm following you to not miss anything! Back on the topic- I think that Steemit is a great environment for experiments and learning. I hope you'll find it rewarding! I myself would love to learn how to create digital art as well as watercolor :) Good luck with your plans and till the next time :)

Thank you for the follow. I better up my game soon!

First of all - my deep respect for step-by-step organised process of your work. When I'm drawing it's chaotic and those lines and dots are popping up in random places. The second anthem straight from my heart is that you make me believe that I can steemit to :)* Hugs and thumbs up!

@shinyforest you work is so incredibly fun. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

Hi Klaudia!
Amazing post. It was hard to see the first pictures of the drawing, but maybe that is only on my computer.

I do not know anything about drawing, but I find it very fascinating that you can draw a picture like that that has been in your head. And to share that with us is like sharing your mind in a very creative way. Very cool, keep doing what you are doing! I am so glad to hear that Steemit gives you that extra boost to develop and continue creating!

I'm just curious, about why do you think this picture has been in your head and if you put any thoughts of what it means for you?

Have a great Sunday!

Thank you Jonna so much for your support! I'm thankful for your kind words :) I'll do my best next time to make the initial sketch more visible, I appreciate your technical feedback. This is an important issue :) I'm really excited that you asked me about the origin of the drawing. I feel that there is some bigger universe in my head that hadn't yet fully developed and for now we can get glimpses of it like with this piece. I don't know the whole story behind it yet, but I'll carry on with the narration in my future posts and hopefully you'll like it :) My dream is to create a game one day that is set in a forest, and this scene could be a part of the game. There are other scenes like that coming to my head, I'll keep on drawing them :) As for the meaning, for me this scene's themes is primarily initiation, feeling of belonging, and trusting each other. The ghosts have a secret bond and share some great power. Perhaps I long for more friends ;) I wanted it to be a little mysterious.

Thank you Jonna again, it was a pleasure to answer your questions, have a nice Sunday and hopefully till the next lost! All the best :) Klaudia

That sounds really exciting! Interesting to see where it takes you. Best of luck to you ! :)

i love yhur art work and i love how yhu gave a detailed explanation on how yhu drew it

Thank you @ewuoso, I appreciate your support! I must tell you that writing this explanation was really enjoyable. I had no idea how much fun I will have creating this progress post! I think that more will come :) All the best to you! :)

well done

As someone who has done a fair amount of pointillism myself, I know how time consuming it is. The end result is so worth it - really lovely feel to this whole piece. A dreamy, fairy-time feel. Followed :) Cheers - Carl

Thank you so much Carl for your kind words! Such a lovely description. I hope you'll like my future creations ;) And I would love to see your pointillistic works here on Steemit, you got me curious! :)

So cute! I love the plants and the gradual shading. Wonderful progress shots and the gif was the perfect way to end this post. I hope to see more posts like this from you!

Thank you so much @vermillionfox for your support! It means a lot to me. I agree with you, I will definitely stick to this formula for similar incoming posts :) And I'm looking forward to more of your cool digital art progress posts! :)

When I was in high school I would love to make art using stippling (dot shading). I agree, it was very tranquil and soothing, not tedious. It does take time, but I am a patient person. I never thought about making a GIF showing the steps. It's very nice. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you and your art!

Thank you @jamesartville! I've visited your blog, you're a pro! Following you, I would love to learn from you. All the best! :)

분위기가 아기자기하고 귀여워요~^^ I love this work~~ !

Thank you @designkoi for your support! All the best to you :)

Wow, I love your artwork!!

Thank you @marc5, I aprreciate your support. I see you've joined Steemit recently, welcome! I hope you'll find Steemit inspiring and rewarding! I myself should have read FAQ and visit PAL earlier haha, I was a bit disoriented, and sometimes still am :) There are also lots of useful posts by Steemians with great tips. I wish you all the best and good luck! :) Klaudia

Thank you!! The fact is you have inspired me. From now so on I'm going to put more energy to steemit like you did. Remember that: "All the effort has her reward."

Wow, you have a great talent. Let it be your weapon of success. Keep it up:)

Thank you @tessalonica, I appreciate your support! Cool words :) all the best, Klaudia :)

This is so cool! Yeah I've tried pointillism and it's indeed very time consuming, respect! A beautiful result.
the final image kind of reminds me a little bit of the art of Tove Jansson, author of the Moomins. (Google "Park Keeper And Hattifatteners", not sure if I'm allowed to post urls here.) :)

Thank you @stahlberg, I love black and white illustrations, I've checked out the Tove Jansson art you mentioned, it's amazing! I love moomins, I read the books many times and I've watched the cartoon, however I didn't know the illustrations that much. Great stuff. I will definitely search for more. I've visited your blog and saw your art, it's stunning! Hope to see more of your works here on Steemit :) I would love to see how you make a piece step by step, the one you posted is so realistic and detailed. All the best, Klaudia :)

Thank you @shinyforest, I will definitely attempt to do as you suggest soon. I'm still new to Steemit and each time I dive into it I discover new depths and layers of complexity. :)

very nice :)

I love the progress and the gif. Nice artwork!

Thank you @wandrnrose7 for your support! I'm glad you liked it! I'll do my best to create more posts like this. Have a nice Sunday and all the best! :) Klaudia

Very cool B&W :))

Thank you @foxkoit! Oh I love black and white sooo much! And I see you like it too :) Beautiful photography, following you! :)

Thank you!! Yes I try a lot B&W ... but same time I make color too :)

I'm looking forward to see more of your photohraphy, both B&W and color! :)

Thank you!! Soon I have more snow...and I try more winter photos :) I hope you have lot snow too :) And Hi from Estonia :)

Is this Totoro-inspired? I love Ghibli films! :D
Great work @shinyforest!

Hi @lires, thank you! I'm also a huuuuuge fan of Ghibli Studio! Yet in this case I wasn't trying to refer to Totoro. Perhaps my love for Ghibli films transpires in my artwork on its own :)

I really love the dot shading! It reminds me sorta of the moomins if you know it? I think that the lines in the pine trees are a little sharply defined, compared to the dots. If it were me (I don't draw anywhere nearly as good as you), i would have made it a bit more blurry, i think it would fit better.
But thanks for the tutorial, it might be what starts me off drawing again :)

Hello @emilclaudell! Thank you! Interesting point with the trees. It's nice to hear that you might start drawing again, hope to see your artworks here on Steemit! I myself am inspired and motivated by the Steemit in this matter :) all the best, Klaudia :)

I am really inspired as well! However, i'm completely new to this, so for now, i think i'll keep a focus on stuff like 3d printing, laser cutting, and my bachelors project about growing fake leather ^^ So also artsy-ish i guess :)

Sounds cool! And advanced! Good luck :)

Thank you @smileplease for your support! Have a nice Monday ;) Klaudia

See my art if you interested

It looks like Totoro 😃
I've always admired the artists and the pictures they produce in their head at first and put on the paper as a final piece of art. I don't have that talent, so I'm glad to see how you do it 👀

Hi @sun-flower :) Thank you! :)

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Rather educational.
I admire your talent in craftsmanship, keep the tutorials coming!

Well done Klaudia! Very nice piece. I like the way you put all the images into a gif at the end! This was definitely an awesome piece!

Good to see you get a Curie guild vote for this work! I was hoping to be able to recommend a post from you next week, but another curator beat me to it. hahaha.

Keep it up!!

Thank you @mikepm74, I'm sooo thankful to you for all your support and advices. Don't think it's the last post dedicated to you :)! You are doing great job helping other Steemit users and I would love to make you feel appreciated! This post is an example of how supportive you've been to me. I hope I'll be able to be as much help as you to other Steemit users. I'll do my best! :) thank you Mike and till the next time :) Klaudia

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

Thank you for your support @muzakirpb! :) I'll do my best to create posts like that in the future :)

Wow... this is super amazing :)

Thank you, @knowledges! I appreciate your support! :)

Thanks ,, this is a very useful post for me, i am a newcomer in steemit and will try to learn ,, please support @mardani

Try PAL if you hadn't before. Good luck!

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