Want to align to the right or to the left in Steemit? Here's how!

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This question has been asked many times by some of my followers so I decided to write a detailed post on how to do it! Note that with the current Steemit editor, there is no super easy way to do this, so this guide will be helpful to those who really want to use these features in their posts!

I'll start with the short guide, aimed at those proficient in html, then proceed with a more detailed guide.

By the way, left or right alignment only works in markdown mode!

Short Guide

Use <div class="pull-left"> for left alignment and <div class="pull-right"> for right alignment. Each div must be closed with a </div>.

Detailed Guide

Let's start with left alignment as an example. In markdown mode, enter the following html code, which is also known as a div block:


Now whatever you put in between <div class="pull-left"> and </div> will be left-aligned up to the middle of the page, as the following image demonstrates.

Anything you write outside of the closing </div> will start to wrap around the first div block. The following illustrates.


Let's continue by adding a right-aligned section! See below that by adding another <div class="pull-right"> block, we added another section of material that is aligned to the right of the page, again with the stuff inside the block only going as far as the middle of the page.


Now if I start adding text or images to the outside of this new div block, it will start on the left and if I add enough stuff, it will eventually wrap under the right aligned material!


That about covers it! The rest is only limited by your imagination! Have fun and Steem on!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Please re-steem this article if you found it useful to help spread the information around!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I strive hard to provide quality content :)

My goal is to share with this wonderful community my passion in photography, and hopefully contribute to the awesome inspirational content on Steemit.

I read and try to respond to all comments, and welcome any photography related questions and feedback!

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woh dude, had no idea steemit accepted html, good find!

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That actually cleared up a lot for me. I knew the pull left or right bit, but the wrap around was a mystery to me. Thanks for that.


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is there any list of html classes ?

Well done in surfacing this technique.

This can only help all of us make our presentation a lot more interesting and engaging.

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Super useful. That is how you get your posts to look so dang nice.


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This sounds so stupid but I was wondering how you centre text??? I tried to use the p align='center' but it didn't work for me


It's not a stupid question :)
Just use <center> and </center> to center whatever is put in between those two :)


Oh my goodness - I'm so embarrassed: the simplest of code!

That's some awesome formatting knowledge. Thanks for sharing. Need to use it in my next post!


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Frist right alligned thanks for the lesson
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Hi @shieha...found you through a resteem in my feed.
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Thank you @cryptologyx, your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the valuable info. I've always wondered about this. Very well explained and easy to follow. Thanks for putting it out...imagine it took a while to create too.


You're welcome :)
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