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It's that time of the year - my favourite time when I celebrate my birthday. I often wonder why it's my birthday seeing it was my Mom who did the "birthing" (that's a conversation for another day).

I have got to the point in my life where I see a reason to be thankful for all I am, all I am not and all I have. This year I am especially thankful to have been exposed to crypto currency and having the God-given capacity to comprehend it's complexity. As I interact with people who believe everything they see on TV or whoever shout's the loudest, I am even more appreciative of my being able to think for myself. In course of my day I interact with load of people and have come to the conclusion the blockchain technology is still too complicated for many to get involved. Once they really understand it they are cautious. I actually rather they understand the risk and think about it till they are ready than those who just jump in then ask on Quora "where is bitcoin's customer service" or " where is the website to get my bitcoin private keys"

These questions and many more are very scary as it shows a very high level of mis-information, trying to fit round pegs in square holes.

I am thankful for the friends I have made here on #Steemit and in the #SmartCash Community. I started to write this a few days ago and only got the previous lines down. I woke up today to a colder and cloudy looking day. I am not too bothered by the weather seeing that when I grew up there was almost always a heavy down pour of rain on my birthday as its was (still is) the peak of the rainy seasons. It makes the air clean and fresh. Seeing I no longer live in that part of the world today's cloudy and cool weather is just perfect as it was almost 30C degrees just yesterday.

Looking back to the last few year I can say my life has taken a significantly new direction. I never thought I of myself as a people person I actually prefer being on the computer because there is no drama there. I find in recent years I have more to give and I actually enjoy helping people in whatever way I can, especially with directing them to the right information both online and in everyday life.

My family would asked what do you want for your birthday that is not crypto-related and I had to grudgingly say Ripple(XRP)
My usual answer for Christmas, Easter any celebration is #smartcash #bitcoins HashTank, to avoid my standard answers I >have been pushed to a corner.

The good thing about every junk coin out there is you can exchange them for a quality coin and just keep what you want. So it's bye from me until my next birthday and I will tell you all that has happened in between, maybe smartcash would be $10+ by then.

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Happy birthday @nitego. You are a smartcash gem. You deserve every good success you are acheiving with smartcash and every other endeavour.


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Happy birthday to you and a more blissful years ahead

Happy birthday Nitego!

Enjoy your day :)

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Happy Birthday!!! thank you for being awesome

Thank for the birthday wishes.

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@hannahlicious Wow! I am stunned. Thanks so much.

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